Dies Domini 27: The Day of Christ-Light

Catholic Sensibility

It seems appropriate to restart our series on Pope John Paul II’s document on Sunday … on Easter Sunday.

Christianity’s everlasting ability to inculturate, to adapt, and to utilize other traditions to further the Gospel of Christ. The day of a pagan sun god? Who cares? It suits, and besides: it has been totally overtaken by the Christian understanding in the West.

27. This Christocentric vision sheds light upon another symbolism which Christian reflection and pastoral practice ascribed to the Lord’s Day. Wise pastoral intuition suggested to the Church the christianization of the notion of Sunday as “the day of the sun”, which was the Roman name for the day and which is retained in some modern languages.(Thus in English “Sunday” and in German “Sonntag”.) This was in order to draw the faithful away from the seduction of cults which worshipped the sun, and to direct the celebration…

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