A Special Week(added video)

 I believe it’s going to be a special week. One of our neighbors came over today to return a container. We sent peanut blossom cookies and some chili for our neighbors this week. She lives with her son and his wife. Her name  name is Mary.(my mom’s was Marie) Ironically, she lives about the same distance and the same angle as my mom did when she was living.The only difference is i can see her house from our little front porch.Where mom’s i could see from our bathroom window.We lived in a 2nd story apartment kiddy corner to mom’s at the time.

They also have a white  gas  lamp in the front yard.Just like mom and dad’s. I am going to ask her if i can plant some tulips out front for her. Like i did mom. I could see the beautiful tulips from our window every day. Mary has COPD so she can’t get out very much.Our aide will help me across the street to visit and then help me back when it’s time to come home.She used to do that to get me over to mom and dad’s too. I can’t wait to see her in person.We’ve talked by phone.We’ve waved at each other. It’s a hop,skip and a jump but it may as well be 100 yards for both of us. i love that her name is Mary. She is Catholic too. It will depend on the weather. I know they’re calling for rain but if it stays as nice as it was today and my husband doesn’t keep the aide tied up all day we can do this!

Even better the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary the aide found for me that needed painted-well,i have decided to give it to Mary because it looks very much like the statue i redid for mom and dad. Dad had it painted but the weather had beat it down over the years in the backyard. They took out the grotto he had in the back wall so i repainted it and put it out on their front porch.Oh,if Mary would only decide that is where she wants it. 🙂

I can hardly wait. We’re also going to Mass this weekend for Divine Mercy Sunday at 11:00. Then i signed up for a half hour visit to the Blessed Sacrament. The aide will have to assist or husband will have to go with me. One or the other. In the morning of Divine Mercy Sunday i am going to sit up and watch the live canonization of Blessed John Paul II or catch the encore that evening. I’m hoping i can make the live broadcast.

better to cry

Blessed John Paul II Crying


This is my favorite tribute to John Paul II (and usually hard to find)


A Post Script: Open Letter to Sean Hannity(edited version)

The day before my mother passed away she was fine. I can’t say perfectly fine because she was battling cancer. The last some of her friends saw of her she was out front and was in great spirits. The last time i talked to her by phone-the night before she died-i sensed some stress in her voice. I wish now i had gone over to see her and make sure she was ok. As far a everyone knew she was coming along and was her old self.

The next day i got the phone call.She sat down in the living room chair and there(i THINK)she passed away from sudden cardiac arrest. A friend of mine lost her mother(she is far younger than me)thinking she was ok too. She had last seen her on her front porch,went out of town and came back to find out she passed.

Both of these instances show us how fragile life is.I often sit out front on our porch and  those 2 deaths come to mind. The lesson here is to be prepared at all times and trust in God.  Meantime, we ought to live life to the fullest never taking it for granted.


An Ancient Prayer to Saint Joseph for a Happy Death
O St. Joseph, whose protection is so great, so strong, so prompt before the throne of God, I place in thee all my interests and desires. O St. Joseph, assist me by thy powerful intercession and obtain for me all spiritual blessings through thy foster Son, Jesus Christ Our Lord, so that, having engaged here below thy heavenly power, I may offer thee my thanksgiving and homage.

O St. Joseph, I never weary contemplating thee and Jesus asleep in thine arms. I dare not approach while He reposes near thy heart. Press Him in my name and kiss His fine head for me, and ask Him to return the kiss when I draw my dying breath.

St. Joseph, patron of departing souls, pray for me.


love life

Miracle Attributed to Blessed John Paul II(Costa Rica)



TRES RIOS, Costa Rica (AP) — On a warm spring day, Floribeth Mora was in her bed waiting to die from a seemingly inoperable brain aneurysm when her gaze fell upon a photograph of Pope John Paul II in a newspaper.

“Stand up,” Mora recalls the image of the pope saying to her. “Don’t be afraid.”

Mora, her doctors and the Catholic Church say her aneurysm disappeared that day in a miracle that cleared the way for the late pope to be declared a saint on April 27 in a ceremony at the Vatican where Mora will be a guest of honor.

For Mora, the church-certified miracle was only the start of her metamorphosis from an ill and desperate woman into an adored symbol of faith for thousands of Costa Ricans and Catholics around the world.

via Costa Rican a celebrity after certified miracle.

what to do,what not to do

Wrestling with a lot of baggage this week.I remember my friend at Kaiser’s West. She called it having peas under the mattress. It’s my turn. My problem is that i just don’t know how to deal with it.I don’t want to dredge up old stuff.Pointless. I went to confession. i could say i’m sorry to the people involved.Doubt it would be accepted;not saying the people involved are bad. They have their baggage too.

Decided this

1. i can’t worry forever. Grateful to get up on this side of the dirt.

2. can’t say anything that would be detrimental to the people involved. Not necessary

3. Anger. Wasted emotion.

4. Go to confession again and see what advice father would give me. Father knows best.Whatever he advises-that’s what i will do.

5. Understand all the dynamics of the situation? No. Some of the dynamics? Yes. Know how to handle it? Not a bit.




Beautiful Easter

Our aide took us to Mass.She brought over a little Easter basket for us and then we left. She came back here to do a few things. She’s not Catholic. Picked us back up and i made breakfast for all of us.Eggs(over easy)bacon and wheat toast. This was the first Mass i was able to attend in a long time.Our new priest has a tremendous voice.We responded in song.I do wish there were SOME Latin.

His sermon was short and to the point. Very good points. He mentioned Satan,the evil one and relativism. He mentioned how fortunate we were to be Catholic and the connection to traditions and rituals going back 2k years.

We’re going to Mass for Divine Mercy Sunday too but i mentioned to husband that he ought to let our aide know she’s welcome to come.Doesn’t have to but it is going to be a very special day. The priest that baptized my son is going to be here that day too!! It’s the day Blessed John Paul II is going to be canonized. I signed for a half hour visit to the Blessed Sacrament that day as well.  I took a leap of faith today and contacted grand daughter ( via Twitter).Boy,that  did not go very well. I tried anyway.

 I talked to husband about it. He was very realistic.Also calm. He seems to know people well. Although i think he’s a little short with them when he shouldn’t be.

  Husband’s friend is here to visit so I’m going to give this up and head for the living room. Watched the Last Samurai this afternoon.Not exactly an Easter theme but it was good[.I’m not even crazy about Tom Cruise. ] The ending was hokey but i guess it had to end that way. There were only 2 people that survived the whole battle and one committed hari kari.Another words, just one man standing.What were the chances of that? About as much chance as Rambo not being hit by one single bullet in a rain of fire.We have the movie Son of God but husband asked if we could watch it another day. We have Gravity as well; with menneire’s i am going to skip it. There is a car commercial on tv i can’t handle either.The Ultima where the 2 women float out of the car. Can’t watch. Now the KIA commercial with Laurance(spelling) Fishburn in character. That one is fine.Very clever commercials(not that we’re buying a car).

How was your Easter? Will you have any special devotions for Divine Mercy Sunday? Excited about the Canonization of JPII too? Till Tomorrow,God Bless all of you and

beary good night





On the lighter side

husband says i remind him of the character ‘Ruffled Feathers’ from his favorite cartoon growing up,Go-Go Gophers. If you remember the Underdog Show you will remember these 2. Sorry Hubby,my favorite cartoons were Mighty Mouse, Rocky and Bullwinkle,Sherman and Mr Peabody.Ruffled Feathers is the one that the Col. can’t understand.


Christ is risen! Indeed He is Risen!

Father Christopher Zugger

The Descent into Hades (or Sheol)

The Feast of the Resurrection is our Feast of feasts and the basis of our faith. St. Paul says that if Christ is not raised from the dead then our faith is in vain. (1 Cor. 15:14). The dominant icon for Easter is not of the bodily resurrection of Jesus, but rather the “Descent into Hades”. The Descent into Hades is not an event that was seen, it is a “painting of theology,” as Father Alexander Schmemann says, which corresponds to the meaning of the event, and is based on the bible’s account of Jesus descending into the abyss to deliver the souls of the Just.

The icon of the Descent is very simply an image of Christ, the Victor”. . . Trampling down death by death, and upon those in the tombs bestowing life.” It is an icon rich in meaning. It takes…

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