An Open Letter to Sean Hannity

First of all i want to wish you and yours a

ImageI also wanted to write to you about your special last night.The power of faith. I see you had the nun on a bus on. Sorry Sean,but if you hadn’t mentioned she was a nun i’d have had no idea. You also have to know this is a very liberal group that probably voted for Barack Obama and thinks the Catholic Church is a democracy. Maybe these nuns should get off the bus. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way have to say it was a very good discussion. Fr Morris and  Fr Murray(spelling)were excellent.

I never miss Fr Morris when he’s on Fox. I’ve heard some great talks from him on You Tube .Both priests were terrific though. The nun on the bus? Topic for another day.

I heard your concerns about death. Yes,we all want to be here as long as possible.  Jesus said,He came to give us life more abundantly. Nobody should be in a hurry to die. We also have to know that we’re all heading home.

I know that’s scary. It’s a home we’ve never seen and we have to die to get there.

Let’s think about this for a minute though.

There were billions upon billions of years Sean Hannity was non existent.  You weren’t even nothing. You just didn’t exist at all.

Then your parents met and because of that event taking place in human history you were conceived.

That one remarkable instant of one particular sperm meeting egg and you became a real human being.

Now you have to go through a passage. It’s probably the most dangerous time for an infant in their whole life.

From the comforting, nourishing, breathing,all encompassing womb of your mother you have to leave in order to be born.You have no idea what this is about,what it’s going to be like-no concept because you’re an unborn infant. A baby.

Talk about going into the unknown and you have no cognizant ability to understand what is taking place.

After all those billions of years of being non existent you are now Sean Hannity.

You’ve been given your life.

You had no say, no choice, no input,no involvement.  You didn’t ask God for your life. You didn’t have to.

Death,like birth,is a passage.

 Sorry,but i feel a nap coming on. Back soon!

Part II Death and Birth,the Similarities and the Differences

nap  timeDeath,like birth,is a passage we have no experience of.None of us have any memory of our birth. We have no idea of what the passage from here to eternity is like. We have an idea from scripture but no real experience. We don’t die-come back to tell the story-and then die again.Normally.We’ll get to that. So neither experience-birth or death-has a memory for us.

The difference between death and being born are obvious. We know what life is like after someone is born. We also know that the second we are born we are destined to leave this life.

Birth is a passage into this life but it has an end. Death is a passage into life but it’s ETERNAL.


We know what life is like after someone dies based on scripture. It is where the power of faith and reason comes in.Scripture tells us some truths about heaven and death;what our finite mind can comprehend.God(i noticed) never reveals more than we can handle.So what we can’t understand,we accept. For instance,the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. The disciples walked off after He emphasized He meant this teaching.Jesus looked at the ones who were left. He asked if they also wished to leave. They didn’t understand  the teaching but they accepted it as truth. They said,to whom would they go(if not Jesus)? We ask,to whom would we go? We accept Jesus teaching on the Eucharist even if we don’t grasp it. We accept His teaching on heaven and eternal life even if we can’t grasp it. Even if we don’t know from experience. The point is,there are teachings on death,heaven and eternal life we can take to heart.

Let’s step back for a moment though. Do you realize how remarkable it is that you,Sean Hannity,exist? Do you know how remarkable it is that you were born at this time,at this moment in history,to your particular parents  and that you went on to marry the particular woman you did? Sean Hannity was non existent for billions and billions of years and in one moment he was conceived?

So before you get too scared of death remember that God wanted you here in the first place. In fact, consider that there must be a reason you are here at this time and in this place with certain people.

 Further consider that we’re wired for eternal life with God. We’re meant for immortality-but we we’re meant for a life of beatitude with God eternally or a life of misery in hell for eternity. It’s not simply that we’re meant for immortality-it’s immortality based upon the life we choose HERE. We wouldn’t be given the desire for eternal life unless there were some way to fulfill it.

What do you do if you’re scared of death? Pray for perseverance.Take St Joseph as your patron. He is the patron of a happy death. Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? It’s very  likely he died with Jesus and Mary at his side.Your guardian angel is with you every moment of the day.  Finally,have gratitude that you exist at all. Keep in mind how remarkable  your life  is and remember where it came from. I am convinced,beyond a shadow of a doubt,that there is a heaven and a hell. PLEASE get a Catechism of the Catholic Church.Read it,study it and use it for a reference. Every Catholic should have it,read it and study it.(The nuns on the bus need a refresher course.)It will help you on your faith journey. Be grateful we’re Catholic. What a gift. We  have to keep that faith nourished. The sacraments,the Eucharist and all the treasures we have in the Church. There’s the Catechism,the encyclicals (Humanae Vitae is a gem), the writings of Blessed John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict the XVI.


Someone is bound to say  hold on,what about scripture. We hear it proclaimed at Mass every week and the Catechism is based on scripture-there are footnotes .Of course,read scripture.There is no way on earth Jesus didn’t rise from the dead.Every single one of the apostles ran off,got scared and hid out. Something happened that totally emboldened them to risk their lives.They didn’t go from being totally despondent,lost and crushed (believing Jesus failed)to fulfilling His commands unless some extra ordinary event took place.   We weren’t made for this life,given faith and reason,the freedom to choose between  good or evil and NOT be made for an immortal life. Think about that.It’s just not possible. One of the attributes that separate us from animals is animals have no idea they are going to die.They don’t have the intellect or the emotions.  We do and our life has meaning.They make no choices between good and evil-we do.

Ever hear of Father Robert Spitzer? If you haven’t, hear ya go. The man is phenomenal.


including near death experiences


There will be a part III AFTER Easter.Separate entry 🙂 It’s definitely a tough topic.





Imagehave a wonderful day as we await Easter Sunday. I have cookies to bake, a statue to paint and time to start getting ready for Mass tomorrow.Yes,starting today. With menneire’s it’s a good idea to have a head start.God willing,back tonight unless i plain ‘wimp out’.

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ImageBunnies are cute

Wishing ALL A Blessed Easter!


The Risen Christ by Ambrogio Bergognone

“These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33


Icons of the Ressurection

Resurrection Icon-2


Resurrection of our Lord


Slava Isusu Christu,Slava Na V’iki!

easter tomb


St Michael the Archangel Byzantine Catholic Church

Bunnies are cute but it’s not about bunnies.

4 questions about missing Malaysian plane answered

Travelers at Asian airports have asked questions about the March 8 disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Here are some of them, followed by answers.

Samuel Rogers, a 20-year-old German on a backpacking trip, in Bangkok and on his way to Malaysia.

He asked: “Why did the Malaysian military see the plane on their radar but not report it immediately?”

A: The Malaysian Air Force’s official line is that its radar operators spotted the plane but didn’t have any reason to suspect it. This is why they didn’t attempt to contact the plane or scramble jets to intercept it. Many aviation and defense experts say there are grounds to doubt this. They speculate the air force failed to spot the unidentified plane entering its airspace, or if it did, didn’t respond to what could potentially have been a national security threat. Admitting that would be a highly embarrassing and sensitive for any air force, and could be the reason for the delay in publicly confirming that the plane did turn back.


Aylen Meir, 25, of Munich, Germany, in Bangkok and on her way to Australia to work as an au pair.

She asked: “Why was the transponder switched off?”

A: Investigators have not categorically said the transponder was shut off deliberately, allowing for the possibility that it malfunctioned or was damaged in an explosion or some other incident. But there are strong grounds to think that someone on board did switch it off. The most obvious reason why a pilot would turn off the transponder is to make their plane invisible to commercial radar or other nearby planes. This would be consistent with the actions of someone on board who wanted to make it hard for anyone to track where the plane was headed, and strengthens suspicion of foul play. It would be very rare for a pilot to turn off the transponder in midair, though if it were malfunctioning they might do that.


Yip Royal, 29, a Hong Kong man at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport.

He asked whether the families of those who had loved ones on board will be compensated.

A: The Montreal Convention governs the amount of compensation airlines must pay when a passenger is injured or dies aboard an international flight. Currently that amount is around $175,000. Relatives will also be able to file suit in their home countries against Malaysia Airlines. They might also try suing Boeing in their own territories. They may get more money if a court rules that either entity were negligent.

Non-American citizens will find it very difficult to sue either the airline or Boeing in an American court, which could award significantly larger payouts. The Montreal Convention stipulates plaintiffs can file suit in five locations: the domicile and principal place of business of the airline, in this case Malaysia; the end destination; the country where the ticket was purchased, and the place where the passenger lived.

The Montreal Convention’s rules about where suits can be filed apply only to airlines, so relatives could also try to sue the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing in a U.S. court. But federal courts there have tended to dismiss cases in which the crashes took place overseas and the majority of plaintiffs are foreign.


Skander Aissa, who works in the finance industry in Connecticut, at the airport train in Hong Kong. He and his wife were traveling to Taiwan after visiting a friend.

He asked: “Why didn’t they install GPS on the plane?

A: The tracking of airplanes is almost entirely radar based, either commercial or military. Some planes have global position systems to help with navigation but they are not tracked on the ground. Since Flight 370 went missing, many people have asked this question and it is likely that tracking systems will be upgraded to ensure a plane is never “lost” again. However, who will pay for the changes and coordinate their implementation remains under debate.

via 4 questions about missing Malaysian plane answered.

Time Flies, Got Involved

I was going to post the notes from Jewish Roots. However,i started painting the statue and hours went by. The next thing i knew it was 2:30 a.m. A little late to be starting the entry. Will post it tomorrow. I watched Sean Hannity’s special tonight.The power of faith. Interesting. Fr Morris was on the panel. The nun on the bus was on the panel too. When i first tuned in had no idea she was a nun. You could have fooled me. Sorry. If someone didn’t tell you,you would have no idea.

Maybe they need to get off the bus for awhile.

Anyway,Sean brought up some great questions. Like to reflect on those tomorrow and write him an open letter.In between baking cookies. I’m going to put the statue up for the time being.Let it dry completely first. Then i have to find a gold paint. I used a paint that looked more bronze than gold. Don’t care for it. It’s going to take at least 3 days to get it painted and touched up. Will have our aide take a picture when it’s done. I may work on it Sunday.It depends. We’re going to Mass. i can hardly wait. Then I’m going to fix a nice breakfast for us.Husband plans to take off fishing afterwards.I plan on watching the canonization of Pope John Paul II on EWTN!!!

Waited years for this and thankful to have lived long enough to see it! Till then everyone have a good night though I’m sure most of you are in bed by now.


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