Patient’s Rights Information(DO NOT MISS)

Last night i watched Living Right With Dr Ray on EWTN.His guest was Rita Marker of the Patient’s Rights Council.
When i’m done posting will put up a link where you can order this particular program from EWTN on DVD. I will also include links to the patient’s rights council and priests for life.

Here is what i took from Rita’s talk.

DO NOT SIGN A LIVING WILL. It’s not only a poor document but a dangerous one.

If you are willing to sign a blank check to a dr  you do not know,who may be treating you,  is tantamount to signing a living will.
Ask yourself,would you do that? In case of an emergency you can’t be sure who you might end up being treated by. It may not be a doctor you actually know and knows you.If he doesn’t share your values you are at his mercy.

Instead Rita recommends what is called  the Power of Attorney Health Care Directive. It’s legal.It’s binding. Have your spouse sign as an agent and then have a couple back up agents-in case both you and your spouse are incapacitated-such as your  children. You  would want someone you could  trust to be tenacious and knowledgeable. Someone you know will stand up for you.

As Rita pointed out; most people ASSUME because Terry Schavio’s husband did not want her to survive he had that right because he was her husband at the time of her death.NOT SO.He was appointed as a guardian.Nothing to do with being her husband. Had Terry Schavio had her parents or brother assigned as her agent she could be alive today.

Keep in mind there are now states in the United States that permit(legally)doctor assisted suicide. Don’t take for granted that it is against the law.

Here is a link to the show on Living Right With Dr Ray. PLS order this and watch. Get as much information as you can!

Link to the Patient’s Rights Council

Priests for Life Legal Document, Will to Live.Order free at this link:

This might be a good time to sit down with your loved ones and talk about the Power of Attorney Health Care Directive. Whatever you do, refuse to sign the living will. There are holes in it the size of the Grand Canyon. Give a Copy of either the Will to Live or the POAHealth Care directive to your hospital &doctor.Keep a copy for your family. If you have an attorney give one to your attorney.Whatever you do don’t take anything for granted. People in the health care community(or courts)will not respect your wishes,values or beliefs if you do not have it in writing.

I never sign a living will when i am at the emergency room but having nothing else in writing is not a good plan either.However,signing the living will is the biggest mistake you could make.I make it clear to them i will NOT sign it.It’s better to stand up for yourself and your family now than to wait until your incapacitated and can’t. PLS get these directives in writing for your own benefit.In this day and age you can’t risk it.

Catholics take note especially.Euthanasia is intrinsically evil and one of the 5 non negotiable issues.Anyone who opposes euthanasia and cares for their family,Catholic or not,pls take note!!




if the weather permits it should be visible almost anywhere.Will post reminder again on Monday.You may have to get some sleep first. Think it’s going to take place at 3:00 to 4:00 a.m.EST

Also found this interesting(Jewish High Holy Days)



We are approaching the only Blood Moon Tetrad in this Millennium. Four lunar eclipses occurring on the Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles in two successive years are phenomenal. But add to them two solar eclipses on the two days that open the Jewish year is uncanny. Jesus said, “There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars…When these things begin to take place, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.” {Luke 21: 25a, 28}

st john of the cross


Pope Francis put it this way

how good it is

message to husband’s son

Read your FB page and heard from your dad. Sorry that it happened to you. Now you know you have a soul.

There are ppl-sociopaths-who feel nothing. There are even people who would get a ‘thrill’ from doing what you did.What you had to do. It was so the animal wouldn’t suffer. It would have died anyway-you did the RIGHT thing.

You’re not going to feel good about it. You can at least let it go because you did the right thing.i  hate to be dark but people who get a thrill or feel nothing when killing an animal or tormenting them is a pretty good sign they’re disturbed and would do it to people too. It’s good that you felt terrible but doing the right thing means you can let it go now.

If it were me-and it wasn’t-i would be more concerned about having one drink too many someday and accidentally killing someone’s mother,daughter,son,husband or wife. Maybe not even knowing i’d done it and waking up the next day to find out.It happens all the time.When  we hear about things like that in the news or read it in the paper we always think but that’s the other person,not me. We could end up being the ‘other’ person. I’m sure they thought that too.It wasn’t us that time-what about the next?

It’s a guilt that would be impossible to live with. Seriously. If it’s that difficult to face having to kill an animal imagine what it would be like to ACCIDENTALLY kill a human being.Although if you choose to drink it’s not exactly accidental.It’s always a possibility.

Anyway,food for thought.Now we move along to the future:


Dad is just hoping you do well.You’re smart. We know you are. You’re ambitious. Definitely. Your business should take off.If you need any help getting it off the ground let him know. This may seem cruel to say but wish you’d pick better friends. I know you have a big heart and want to help people but sometimes when we think we’re helping,we’re actually enabling and taking ourselves down with them. Been there,done it,did that. When i married your dad there were a ton of people i had to get out of my life especially because it wasn’t just my life anymore.It was our life. These people were detrimental to me,even if we’d have never married.Would not have been good for our marriage  either. i knew it,but hated to admit it at the time. I stubbornly gave it up at first then realized how right the decision was. Even if  your dad and i wouldn’t have married, they had to go.Most of them are long gone now because of the choices they made. I feel spared. I could have gone with them.At least now i know if my time comes it won’t be that i wasted my life getting there.I’m 100% certain that drinking destroys relationships. I know guys i dated that probably left me [in part ]because it’s all i cared about.They weren’t stupid. It wasn’t  the only reason but i bet it had a lot to do with it.People think twice when someone is into drinking like that.Or drugs. Marriage is too big a responsibility to be that irresponsible and people know it. Your dad wants you to be happy. I sometimes feel like you’re trying very hard to do well-really,you’re one terrific person who sells themselves short-but it’s so laid out before you there that it has you spinning your wheels. I get that there is family involved. Agree with you.If it were my mother and my grandmother i would do the same thing.Not that. Family comes first. Glad you feel that way.

It’s the kind of lifestyle that seems to be part of the area.Seems like a lot of  people there get involved in it .Maybe it is holding someone with your ability and talent back(you are very smart; you just need to work on it).

You do have a soul though and that’s why you care so much about different things.Anyway,you did the right thing and there’s no need to fret,k? As a parent i know that we don’t want our kids to make the same mistakes we did. I know it sounds like” do as i say,not as i do.”Probably is. Maybe it’s because people know how harmful it can be because they’ve done it.Sometimes it takes us longer than it should to figure out we made big mistakes. Better to figure it out eventually than never at all.Unfortunately some of the damage is already done and can’t be UNDONE. At that point,we live with it.Sometimes the consequences are deserved.Doesn’t make them easy to live with either. Grateful that you gave your dad a second chance. It means a lot to him. Everyone deserves that if they are honestly making an effort.I’m not your parent but i do know both your  mom and dad are hoping for the best for you. They also know  you’re a grown man who has to make his way in the world.It makes it difficult because they can only advise;or put another way.You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink it.They just hope for you.

Post Script:beautiful day up here. Same tomorrow except for rain.Then on Tues;rain,wind and SNOW.Yep.snow.

lost and found

Good morning sunshine :)

Later on today,possibly tonight,i am going to post some info re end of life issues. I will post [from] a few notes i grabbed while watching Living Right With Dr. Ray on EWTN. Hope it will be helpful. For details will post a link to the dvd re this particular episode. Good info.Worth watching.

If you didn’t make the vigil Mass last night there is still a chance to attend Palm Sunday Mass today! If you’re a shut in there is Mass on EWTN,including Daily Mass.

EWTN channel finder,Just type in your zip code->



The Pleasure Bubble and life after the bubble

I had to ‘steal’ my husband’s notebook just to have a place to write the notes down again. Next time around have to get a bigger notebook. Watched a good movie on EWTN tonight. The best religious films it seems are foreign.This one was Italian.They always have subtitles for these movies.

When the movie was over went out to the palace(husband’s name for my spot on the front porch)and enjoyed a cup of coffee.Good spot to gather thoughts.

coffee understandsTwo things crossed my mind. One was on a personal level.The other is information i’m going to pass along. Should be helpful.

i remember back in the day when my world view was that life was a ‘pleasure bubble.’

I pursued the bubble  with much enthusiasm(understatement).You live as if this is it.Period.End of story. i think we all know deep down that God exists. We just live like He doesn’t.

Today it’s that husband brought home a pro life sticker to put on our window.

It was today, when a little boy i had never met ,put a life saver candy on the stand i use for coffee. The aide spotted him.The next time we make cookies I’ll have to have her point him out and send some over for him.

The things in the pleasure bubble were fake and fleeting.

They were harmful to myself and others.  The sticker from husband and the one little lifesaver from a stranger …that’s called joy.

There are things in life that are meant to be enjoyed. Let’s not get silly. It’s when we abuse the good things we’re given and turn them on their head that we start having problems.We can get it all wrong.Here’s a meme that says it all:

sin assasinates

 There’s usually collateral damage too.

So the way we choose to go matters.

It matters a lot.

Mace is over here snoring. He reminds me of how tired i am. Tomorrow I’ll post up the info i got from Living Right With Dr Ray.  It’s about living wills(not just a terrible document,a dangerous one)and directives. From the Council on Patient Rights. I’m also going to throw in a few words about fearless leader Obama. We can’t let him go unscathed for too long.

As always,


 and it’s Sunday.MASS.