The good news,the not so good news and the news

Good news or bad news first? Ok,the good news.

Our strawberry smoothies were delishus. My husband came home with aide and gave me a pro life sticker for our front door.Made my day. Two more days and we’ll have husband’s credit report pulled. It can’t be bad news. 🙂

Ok,now for the bad news. I read one of the Fr Z’s blog entries and follow a news story re same.

The news article went like this:


Prout School principal apologizes for comments about divorce, homosexuality made by guest speaker

and i quote

On Prout’s Facebook page, one participant, Mary Beth Hanley, called for Carradini’s resignation:

“The Prout School family is reeling from the comments made by Father Francis Hoffman of Opus Dei.

You  mean Fr Hoffman reiterated orthodox teaching that is part and parcel of the Catholic faith and the kids had a hissy(parents got behind them)?

The article goes on,

“Opus Dei is a conservative institution of the Catholic Church that teaches that everyone is called to holiness and that ordinary life is a path to sanctity.”


No kidding.

Good news: i worked up the nerve to contact grand daughter through a reply on Twitter. Huge leap of faith.


Bad news: either she doesn’t know who it is because of the username(@boxerpaws60/BoxersRBoss) or more likely the other possibility; angry enough not to contact.  (Alexa selfie)

One of many Alexa photos here.Scroll through the blog.

I am not sorry i made the leap of faith.I do not control the outcome.

Bad news:husband is terribly depressed. He doesn’t seem to think things will work out here. I’ve  had that nagging feeling somewhat myself. You begin to believe that there is no reason that things can work out for you in a positive way. On the other hand,it’s like my dad used to tell me about football. The final 2 minutes of a game are the longest and you never know what will happen. A lot can happen in that last 2 minutes. As we watched a Steeler game go into sudden death then OVERTIME.

The Steelers won. (back in the day of Terry Bradshaw,Franco Harris, Robert Patrick “Rocky” Bleier and Lynn Swann.)

Good news;the feds backed off the Bundy land. The bad news is;this is the Fed. They do worse things quietly.

“THE BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT aka BLM announces that it has ended its mission to remove cattle from a rural Nevada range after a tense week-long standoff with rancher Cliven Bundy and militia supporters. “Buh Bye BLM. One for the people this time.

The really bad news is the Plout school. When a priest speaks about what the Church actually teaches and people go into a rant something is wrong.

I also read a blog entry about Pope Emeritus Benedict not being humble(something along those lines). Yet, another comparison to Pope Francis. I happen to think highly of both men.We have been blessed with 3 Popes of great caliber.John Paul II,Benedict and Francis. We do not need to continue with the comparisons.

I have reason to be in good spirits today though. We planted our lupine seeds. Wouldn’t you know the weather report calls for 30 degree weather again.Winter has not quite left.

Monday we’re going to clean up the yard and get the fertilizer in. Dad’s recipe. Better than miracle grow. 🙂

Tues the cold weather returns. We’ll have to chance it. If the lupine doesn’t come up we’ll just have to get more seeds.

More good news;the strawberry smoothies taste even better after they’ve chilled in the fridge. The final good news(almost forgot)is that husband’s friend Gordy came by with weights today. His Newfoundland dog was in his car.I had to see up close. Huge. Black and white coat. Gordy told me he had to keep the window down to keep the dog cool.I believe him. The dog was friendly. i asked because you do NOT want to go up to a car with a dog in it.Dogs are protective and been known to viciously attack from a car. The dog was super friendly.I could not get over how gorgeous the dog was.  On the other hand i would not own one. Too large for our home and property and the food bill would be outrageous. IF  we had the home,income and property maybe another story.Happy with our boxer. Can appreciate the beauty of another dog though.

God willing,i may be back tonight.We’ll see. For now,need some rest. ONE MORE THING; I wanted to pass it along.

YOUR means possession.Ownership. Belonging to you.It’s your house. Your car.Your picture.

You’re is a contraction meaning YOU ARE. You are coming to my  home.You are going to your car. You are having your picture taken. You’re is YOU ARE shortened 🙂