A Great Find(husband went yard sailing)

Dad must have been looking out for husband this morning. I didn’t think we’d find one of these in a zillion years. I told husband how i’d love to make pizzelles for Christmas like dad used to do. Dad always let me taste test them to make sure they were coming out right. Sure thing! Husband found one for 1.00. Good shape.Almost like new. I had to pass that along. The news this morning on tv was so bleak. We’ll do a separate post with a few comments on some of the stories they’re covering.

Husband has now gone off to physical therapy, another yard sale after and a stop at our friends to drop off an electric heater and fan they let us borrow over the winter.Spring is coming. It’s more like fall,than spring now, but at least it’s not snowing anymore.

I found our lupine seeds this morning as well as some marigolds and sunflowers. We have to order the rest from Johnny Seeds.

I think we will have to wait a few weeks to plant though. Not quite warm enough.

Four more days and we get husband’s report re the house. It will take at least another month to do my repair. I wish we could get it done sooner but this company was terrific.They were right on it. We checked with one other credit repair company and their initial fee was astronomical. 700 to start. We went with Cure My Score and they are super. I can’t say enough good about them. Price is right too. Very nice people-personable. Great website and love the way they work with us.


We saw our seller this morning.Told him it’s like home here now.He came and got all his tools out of the shed. Now we can store a riding mower and our tools. We want to move the shed though. It’s all the way to the back of the yard. There’s another spot that would work better. We have to get the back deck jacked up,buy new bolts(the right kind this time)and get it treated. Husband’s son is coming in May so we’re going to try to get it done before then. I can’t wait until we get the word on our financing.

I think husband has a guardian angel on over time. He tripped on the steps going to garage yesterday.Fortunately the aide just happened to be at the door as she noticed and grabbed him.She hurt her hand(it’s swelled pretty good)and he landed on his butt. It could have been way worse. It’s a cement floor. It’s one thing i don’t like about the house. Those steps are too steep and there’s no rail on the one side. We have to do something about this. It was sort of his doing. He put a radio on the steps,forgot it was there and that’s what tripped him up. He is very fortunate he didn’t get seriously hurt.The steps still need replaced though.

in the last couple days i finally worked up the nerve. Took a leap of faith and tweeted Alexa. Asked; permission to follow? One of 2 things:
1. doesn’t know who it is and is not responding(being safe)

2.Ignoring the request.

I can’t follow back unless i take off some followers. Gone to that (stupid)twitter limit. OR get the word to her about my secondary account.Yes,have 2 accounts. This is because i was sent to the Twitter Gulag a zillion times. I can get around it if i have to.

Have questions. How is son? How is Matthew? I think she graduates this year. What is she going to do after school? Has son retired?

I didn’t get a chance to post the usual good morning.Made chili last night;the aide,hubby and I sat down to have a bowl this morning . I  use the crock pot. Cooked all night.One day this week I’m going to make egg tarts. Have the pie crust, canadian bacon and shredded cheese.

Before i take off (till tonight)PLS PLS PLS vote for Fr. John Zuhlsdorf .The whole story here->http://wdtprs.com/blog/2014/04/action-item-nominate-the-next-archbishop/