EMPIRE STATE REBELLION: Hundred of Thousands of New Yorkers Refuse To Register So-Called “Assault Weapons” Ahead Of April 15 Deadline

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EMPIRE STATE REBELLION: Hundred of Thousands of New Yorkers Refuse To Register So-Called “Assault Weapons” Ahead Of April 15 Deadline .

Poor Andrew Cuomo.

gov cuomo

Due the the tyrannical actions of Andrew Cuomo and his allies in the state legislature,  New York residents are required to register an estimated 1 million firearms designated as “assault weapons” under the NY SAFE Act by April 15.

1inguncontrolUnfortunately for the Governor and his allies, it appears that the open revolt of most of the state’s law enforcement leaders against NY SAFE—who correctly view the law as a blatantly unconstitutional assault on the state constitution and the Second Amendment—means that noncompliance is overwhelming.

While NY State Police refuse to publicly share the number of firearms that have been registered (citing a provision of the NY SAFE Act itself), leaks purporting to be from within the agency suggest that compliance might be…

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Update; Resigned Mozilla CEO

“The Mozilla/Firefox firing of a CEO for donating to a proposition that marriage is between a man and a woman”
This man also a Catholic who homeschools his children. A good source who knows his family told me he had received death threats and people picketing at his home.

Source: http://wdtprs.com/blog/2014/04/2-priests-1-sister-kidnapped-in-cameroon/#comments



My husband’s friend stopped by Sunday. It was his first visit to our new home.He liked.Surprised to hear we think there are a few needed repairs. There are.Minor,thank God. Yep,just the right size for 2 people and a dog.It’s a plus having a fenced in back yard.For us and dog.

We are comfy here and I am so thankful.They took off to check out a property his friend has come into. He’s considering building a place there for his wife and 6 kids. The taxes have gotten so high anymore he can hardly afford to live in town. They appraise his home on the high side for an astronomical amount of money so the taxes are way up there. Yet,the house isn’t valued even remotely close to what they’re saying.Everything is going up and families are having a difficult time.I wouldn’t blame him if he did sell his home and move.

Come the 14th we’ll have some idea of when we can dot the i’s and cross the t’s. I will feel better when that’s done.Let’s be honest though. No matter what we have-though a place to live is almost a necessity-it can all be gone in an instant. Thankful to God for our chance to buy a home but we have to remain detached.I’m thankful we live in a country too where we don’t have to worry about some terrorist group blasting into our churches and committing mayhem just because we’re Christian. Yes,we are persecuted in the United States.More so under Obama than any other POTUS. Given that our foundation was Christian-Judeo and the founding fathers were very religious men someone has forgotten what we came from.I’m going to write a blog entry in the near future on the persecution of Christians and Jews world wide.  I find it very disconcerting that we try to dialogue with Muslims. Pray for the Christians abducted in Camaroon.It will take a miracle for them to be released unscathed. Here is the information:

Officials say two Italian priests and a Canadian nun working as missionaries in northern Cameroon have been abducted.

Italy’s foreign ministry said the abduction occurred during the night between Friday and Saturday about 30 kilometres from the border with Nigeria.

The ministry identified the priests as Giampaolo Marta and Gianantonio Allegri, but declined to give other details, including the Canadian’s identity, to avoid compromising efforts for the missionaries’ release.

A Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Ciro Benedettini, said Pope Francis was told early Saturday about the abduction, was praying for the three and “expressed hope for a solution.” Benedettini said the priests were assigned from the Vicenza diocese in northeast Italy.

The Italian news agency ANSA quoted diocesan officials as saying the nun is 80.

Armed gunmen are reported to have pulled up to the building where the nun and priests were staying at around 2 a.m. local time. The place was then ransacked before the three were taken hostage.

Locally police have blamed the Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram. Its violent attacks are blamed for more than 1,500 deaths this year.

Read Full Article Here: http://news.ca.msn.com/local/montreal/cameroon-abduction-involves-capture-of-2-italian-priests-canadian-nun-1

An 80 yr old woman.Can you imagine?

I will say this;i would never insult their prophet Muḥammad and i would NEVER call for a burning or desecration of the Quran.Both are considered sacred to Muslims. I would never insult what someone considers sacred. Muslims however are not some benign group.Islam gained ‘converts’ by violence.Spread by violence. A couple weeks ago i was reading the Fox News Ticker about the magazine called Inspire. They were calling for jihad in the “Crusader countries.”

When we think of inspire, bombing and killing is not what comes to mind. We think of people down through the ages who have been models for humanity of heroic virtue. In our own day and age Mother Therese cared for the poorest of the poor.She spent years in service to the most vulnerable and destitute. She inspired many to answer this call. When we think of inspire that is exactly what we think of.Inspire magazine calls for bombing and killing of innocent men,women and children and sometimes even other Muslims get caught up in the carnage.

I found it peculiar though that they would call for jihad in the “Crusader Countries”. Europe is a secular country. The US isn’t far behind. There is no such thing as a Christian, let alone Crusader country, on the planet. The Crusades were DECADES ago at a specific time in a specific place. You could hardly call any country a crusader country in this day and age. Someone needs to get them up to speed.