Childhood Dreams

As a youngster i remember that mom created a costume for me. Think it was Halloween.Not sure but it had to be some kind of holiday or occasion. She was a terrific seamstress. She would make our clothes to save money. Mom was very talented and creative.

The costume was a Carmelite Habit and maybe I was supposed to be St Therese of the Little Flower. A long time ago so if this isn’t recollected very well that’s why;but i am certain it was a Carmelite Habit.

You could not have persuaded me to get out of the costume for anything and the thought of becoming a nun did pass through my mind now and then. One of my closest friends came up to me that day and for some reason said something along the lines of “just because you wear a habit doesn’t mean you can be a nun.”  It might have been jealousy. Mom was really talented and she did a super job. Whatever the reason didn’t matter. The words cut like a knife. Kids can be cruel. I think back now and wonder…what if she hadn’t said those words? We had the good example of a convent at our parish. The nuns taught all the grades and one taught piano in the convent itself.

They were wonderful. The next thing i knew the convent was gone and they had moved into an apartment building or house. Then there were fewer nuns and finally one sister who remained as the school principle. The next thing i knew she was gone too. A shame.

Word;if someone is considering the religious life encourage them.

Image St Therese of Lisieux

“When I die, I will send down a shower of roses from the heavens,I will spend my heaven by doing good on earth.”

What We Can Do( while our country goes to hell in a handbasket)

1. Pray. Especially the rosary and the divine mercy chaplet. Mass.Confession.

nun praying the rosary


2. Read a good book-you pick

3. Bake. We’re going to make egg tarts,Easter Cookies and strawberry smoothies in the near future. I get all our recipes from

Fantastic site.

Unfortunately you will be tempted, just like we are, to use every recipe you see.

4. Stay Informed and vote in Nov. Forget the media. They have their own agenda. They’re good if you like the WH talking points and propaganda.

If the women of Afghanistan could vote in record no at the risk of being bombed or shot there’s no excuse for us.

wake up america


St Zita

ImageSt Zita was my confirmation name. I think i picked it because there had to be no one on earth that would pick the name. The other reason was probably because it was so unusual. It wasn’t until adulthood-as a Catholic ‘revert’- that i actually did any research to see what my name sake was about. It was astounding to me because much of my own life was spent housekeeping as well as domestic service. It was a perfect fit.

Here is her biography for anyone else who has no idea who this saint is.Her Feast Day is just around the corner,April 27th.

St. Zita was born into a poor but holy Christian family. Her older sister became a Cistercian nun and her uncle Graziano was a hermit whom the local people regarded as a saint. Zita herself always tried to do God’s will obediently whenever it was pointed out to her by her mother. At the age of twelve Zita became a housekeeper in the house of a rich weaver in Lucca, Italy, eight miles from her home at Monte Sagrati. As things turned out, she stayed with that family for the last forty-eight years of her life. She found time every day to attend Mass and to recite many prayers, as well as to carry out her household duties so perfectly that the other servants were jealous of her. Indeed, her work was part of her religion! She use to say: “a servant is not holy if she is not busy; lazy people of our position is fake holiness.” At first, her employers were upset by her generous gifts of food to the poor, but in time, they were completely won over by her patience and goodness and she became a very close friend. St. Zita was given a free reign over her working schedule and busied herself with visits to the sick and those in prison. Word spread rapidly in Lucca of her good deeds and the heavenly visions that appeared to her. She was sought out by the important people, and at her death in 1278 the people acclaimed her as a saint. She is the patroness of domestic workers. Her feast day is April 27.


Romney’s return to public life stokes speculation about potential 2016 run | Fox News

Former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney has sworn off running again for elected office, but Americans have certainly heard that one before.

Speculation that Romney might run again has largely been stoked by the reunion he planned to host last month in Park City, Utah, for members of his 2012 campaign and debate teams and a string of recent public appearances.

He has appeared on TV news shows 12 times in the past six months. That’s essentially on pace with Michigan GOP Rep. Mike Rogers, who led all national politicians last year with 26 appearances over 12 months.

Romney has repeatedly said he won’t run again, saying infamously in the Netflix movie “Mitt” about a nominee who loses a White House bid: “They become a loser. It’s over.”

And a few weeks ago, he gave CBS “Face the Nation” host Bob Schieffer a flat out “no.”

Still, no potential 2016 presidential candidate has yet to say whether he or she will run, including presumptive Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, who up until last year also said she was done with public office.

“He very well could [run again,] but it doesn’t seem likely,” Republican strategist Ron Bonjean said of Romney. “You’ll likely find that he’ll be most effective using his political and business savvy on the outside, rather than the inside.”

One possible exception, Bonjean argues, is Romney getting a Cabinet post should Republicans win the White House in 2016. “He’d be a prime candidate for Treasury secretary,” he said.

Top 2012 Romney advisers Kevin Madden, Eric Fehrnstrom and Stuart Stevens also have stayed mum, not responding earlier this week to requests for comment by

Surveys by the group found Romney’s favorability among Americans has climbed steadily since his November 2012 loss to President Obama, with his February 14 rating at 47 percent.

Beyond just tallying Romney’s increasing public appearances, including last month at the Conservative Political Action Conference, political observers say the former Massachusetts governor certainly is talking like somebody mounting a comeback fight.

“There’s no question [about] the president’s naiveté with regards to Russia,” Romney also told CBS. “And his faulty judgment about Russia’s intentions and objectives has led to a number of foreign policy challenges that we face.”

via Romney’s return to public life stokes speculation about potential 2016 run | Fox News.

Blood moon eclipse on April 15 is a special event

Sky watchers are getting ready for an evening of special viewing when a total lunar eclipse arrives just after midnight on April 15.

What’s more, this begins a rare sequence of four total lunar eclipses expected over the next two years.

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Some Christians see this series of so-called blood moons as linked to a biblical prophecy of the End Times.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, Earth and moon line up so the Earth’s shadow falls on the moon, darkening it.

The one on April 15 will begin at 1:20 a.m. on the East Coast, according to Sky and Telescope magazine.

“Eclipses are one of the few astronomical events that can easily be enjoyed with the naked eye,” though a pair of binoculars brings it into even greater focus, said astronomy writer Gary Kronk.

As it begins, “the Earth’s shadow will make a slow crawl across the moon’s face, appearing as if there is an increasingly large ‘bite’ taken out of the moon,” said Deborah Byrd with, an online science magazine.

At first, the full moon will just appear to be a little darker than normal, “but eventually people will notice a much darker arc moving across the moon, with a distinct rusty reddish-brown color,” said astronomer Gerald McKeegan at the Chabot Space and Science Center in Oakland, Calif.

The bloody red color the moon takes on during an eclipse is caused by refraction of sunlight by the Earth’s atmosphere.

Lunar eclipse

A total lunar eclipse photographed by astronomy writer Gary Kronk on Feb. 20, 2008, from his back yard observatory near St. Louis.(Photo: Gary Kronk)

“It is the same effect that you see when the sun turns reddish-orange at sunset, only in this case the refracted sunlight projects all the way to the moon,” McKeegan said.

This eclipse also features an extra astronomical quirk. Mars will appear “as a fiery red ‘star’ next to the moon. Together red Mars and the red shadow on the moon’s face should be a spectacular sight and an incredible photo opportunity,” said Byrd.

The only downside to this month’s lunar eclipse is that it comes very late at night for most of America.

However, many observatories and science museums will have special events during the eclipse. For those where it’s cloudy, the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles will be streaming the event live.

The April 15 eclipse marks the start of a lunar tetrad. That event occurs when there are four successive total lunar eclipses, with no partial lunar eclipses in between, each of which is separated from the other by six full moons.

A book out last year, Four Blood Moons: Something is about to change, suggests the event could be a fulfillment of biblical prophecy.

In it, John Hagee writes that the red disks of the moon during the full eclipses are referred to in the book of Joel 2:31: “The sun will be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.”

The other three eclipses of this lunar tetrad are on Oct. 8 of this year and then April 8 and Sept. 28 of 2015.

Tetrads are by no means unknown, says Byrd. There will be a total of eight lunar tetrads between 2001 and 2100.

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