Life and Death

the topic has been swirling around in the back of my mind the last couple weeks. My good Melkite Catholic  friend at KaisersWest did an excellent entry on the same topic a short time ago.Worth reading also.

She titled it, Death Before Your Minds

BTW. I noticed some other good blog entries there i missed somehow that i need to reblog in the near future.I’m not sure how i could have missed them but i did. 😦

One time my dear mother said to me after the passing of my cousin,”We all thought you would go sooner than her.” It was NOT a cold comment. She was being matter of fact.Mother didn’t mince words. I lost 2 dear cousins at a relatively young age and the one she was referring to was a total shock.She was a wonderful person.She didn’t drink. She had quit smoking for  years. She did all she could to make a go of her marriage. She was  a devout Catholic and a good example fo me.I wish i had listened to her more and followed her example.Mom had a point. I reflect back on my life then and now;it seems totally ironic that back then I had a cavalier lifestyle and was in good health. In fact cavalier is an understatement. About the time i quit drinking(totally)one of my ‘bar buddies’ (i could not use the word would not apply)was out for the night and killed in a horrible car accident. Had i still been in that lifestyle the chances were 99.9% i would have  been with her. Now that my act is cleaned up and i no longer take life for granted It seems i am having more health issues and back then i was about as spry as a youngster. Age catches up?

I also recall when Blessed John Paul II passed away that a reporter said our beloved Pope was ‘clinging to life.’

I found that horribly offensive;of course the secular media is. John Paul II suffered until the end and left when God called him.

Jesus came to give us life and give it more abundantly.Scripture tells us in Ezekiel 18: 32o “For I find no pleasure in the death of anyone who dies—oracle of the Lord GOD. Turn back and live! “

So why would Blessed John Paul not ‘cling to life’ until the end?

I could sum up the whole topic in one sentence.Do not take life for granted.I hope i wake up grateful each day for another day.

Enjoy all that we’re given;although we have to know that what we have in this life we should have a detachment to. Meaning make nothing here the be all and end all. We can get wrapped up.It is easy to talk about and difficult to do.
Detachment sounds like a pleasant word. In reality it’s all we can do to live it. Prayer. God’s grace. The realization it’s all fleeting. When i was young i didn’t see it. We’re ready to go!

The commercials we see on tv every night coerce us to have needs we may not have and to buy,buy,buy. To look younger, to slow down aging,that the car you buy equals love and they go on and on. Our economy depends on the labor of people and the products they sell. There are necessities in life. What we purchase is an income for the person who works at that company.It is someone’s living we provide for. It comes down to priorities.

The politicians argue about this one. The Dems call the companies greedy. They could be. Let’s not forget the other vice. They bring up greed and forget we are not to covet either. I have no reason to envy the rich.I have to be content and grateful for what we have.

Like my friend at KaisersWest i look over at my husband and think about what would happen if he were left to himself.I also think a great deal about the  unresolved relationships in my life.There are a number of them.I concluded that i have to accept and leave it all to God. Human nature is such that we want to control all that happens. God gave us free will.Next to life, it’s His greatest gift to us.So we must make decisions and times we can say yes or no. He’s not the flying spaghetti monster who is disinterested in His creation.He’s not a tyrant who rules with an iron fist. Free will gives us the ability to control our lives. The saints show us how they lived their lives with their free will in conformity with God’s will.There is the key to truly living and being prepared for death but getting there? It’s definitely tough and it takes a little surrender,with God’s grace,day to day. We’re almost afraid of it aren’t we?

Speaking of family members; reminds me of a conversation i had with one of them a couple nights ago .Not a close relative but a relative nonetheless. He criticized my son for our broken relationship when he didn’t know the whole story. I figured he thought he might be taking my side but i don’t believe there is a side in this one.I also know that much of it was my own fault.He wouldn’t know that.

I set him straight in no uncertain terms. If my son is a good husband,good father and good provider then there’s nothing more i can ask for. Pretty much summed it up. TRUTH.

Any parent would be happy with that and some that would be very happy if that were true.

Death is before our minds. It forces us to live each day to the fullest, as much as some of us are able, and make the most of what time we are GIVEN. Again,read her blog.She shares her wisdom and it’s very helpful. I guarantee she will give you a great deal to think about.