How to return to the Catholic Church(6 easy steps)

1. Go to confession. nobody ever died in the confessional,not even of embarrassment. Jesus already knows what you did and so do you. Be absolved.

“As the Father has sent me, even so I send you. . . . Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained” (John 20:21–23).


2. Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church,throw in Confessions by St Augustine and Theology of the Body by JPII. All good reading! The Church has a treasure chest of great reading. Delve into the Early Church Fathers. Begin with the Catechism.If you don’t get any further than that, for now, you’re off to a good start.It’s simple.KNOW your faith.

3.Pray the Rosary. You will eventually enter into the life of Christ. It is powerful.

4. Continue to go to Confession.The Pope goes to confession.

5. Remember the words of Divine Mercy spoken to St Faustina  and say them,”Jesus,I trust  in you”


A Few Asides

Pls do not get the impression  I believe that homosexual acts are the only sin out there. Nor is same sex marriage the only NON NEGOTIABLE issue for Catholics.[Spare me the word homophobic. It’s nonsense. No such word. ]

There are several issues that a Catholic cannot support;nor can we vote for candidates who support those non negotiables. Understand; no matter how good a person may be as a candidate and how much he/she is in line with Catholic teaching on other issues if they support the NON NEGOTIABLE issues we cannot vote for them. We can debate and disagree on HOW to serve the poor. We cannot support abortion,same sex marriage, euthanasia,cloning and embryonic stem cell research no matter how well the person treats the poor. What i was trying to point out is the attack on marriage and family life is through ALL immorality and licentiousness. The ‘gay agenda’ is but one part of it.

Paul VI warned us in Humanae Vitae what it would come to when we began to ignore what made marriage…marriage. The encyclical was prophetic.

The ‘gay agenda’ is  just one such movement.It’s a result of permissiveness and moral relativism. It’s being shoved on us  and people are beginning to accept it as ‘normal.’It will be the doom of our country and all that it’s stood for.We are seeing religious persecution from the current administration and cultural institutions. We may not suffer the same persecutions as Catholics in other countries where they are being murdered on a daily basis but we are definitely under attack.

The other aside i wanted to mention is that i often mention my parents. They were not perfect people. They made mistakes-we ALL do. They were terrific parents and any mistakes they made had no bearing on my terrible decisions. I made them in spite of all their efforts to do a good job.

They were saints in the making at least and I’m sure their suffering at the end of their lives was redemptive. They carried their crosses well.

Finally,i did leave a comment about the video Muslims are in an uproar about. While i respect their religion and their fervent beliefs (we should be so outraged as Christians when Christianity is attacked)it is  not the religion of peace either.They are always angry and outraged. They go after innocent men,women and children that have no connection to the person who created the insult.IF God wanted to take someone’s life I’m sure He is powerful enough and has every right.In the same breathe  they accuse people of  not seeing them as peaceful  they murder a group of people for not seeing them as peaceful. I don’t want to give the so called artist who did the video any publicity. She’s adept at getting attention herself.She’s norespecter of any religion. It’s all about her.PERIOD.I’m definitely NOT going to defend her either.

Muslims Attack College Students And Slaughter Them “like sheep” – Walid Shoebat

This is offensive


Good Morning All


Good morning on an incredibly cold day.Hope you’re staying warm. It looks like the sun is coming out and we may have a little warm up. Here are some short morning prayers to start the day with.

My Morning Prayers

From a prayer book of dad’s, the Companion Prayers,a guide from the Companions of St Anthony. Anthony was both dad’s and brother’s middle name 🙂

A prayer to Our Blessed Mother

For people with certain disorders or the aged. My dad had Parkinson’s making him prone to falls and i have Ménière’s  making me susceptible to falls also.The prayer is very comforting.


Take my hand,O Blessed Mother

Hold me firmly lest I fall

I grow nervous while walking

Humbly on thee call

Guide me over every crossing

Watch me when I’m on the stairs

Let me know that you’re beside me

Listen to my fervent prayers.

Bring me to my destination

Safely along the way

Bless my every undertaking

And my duties for the day.

And when evening creeps upon me

I’ll never fear to be alone

Once again,O Blessed Mother

Take my hand and lead me home.

Anima Christi


Act of Hope


Oh my God,relying on your Almighty Power,infinite mercy and promises,I hope to obtain pardon for my sins,the help of your grace,and life everlasting through the merits of Jesus Christ,my Lord and Redeemer.


I also found a little home made get well card in dad’s prayer book.We must have made it for him at a time when he was in the hospital . It had the following poem:

I thank for your goodness

For your kindly thought of me

But poor is human gratitude

And so we’ll let it be

But here’s my heart’s ackowledgement

In simple speech expressed:

May the good God bless and keep you

in a way that He knows best.

We hope that you’ll be better soon

and life starts looking up

A dad as irreplaceable as you

has got to come home just as good as new.

There is no dad better in this world-I say this because it’s true.


cooltext1452044222for your living example of courage and love in the midst of incredible suffering.You weren’t perfect but you were always the best YOU could be.Miss you and mom both!