Hey,It’s ALMOST Friday!

I have to hit the hay early tonight so i tried to reblog some of the best of the other bloggers quickly.There were more but there’s only time for a few. Since this entry is going to be it for awhile-unless Time Warner gets on the ball-it has to be something special.

We’ll go with these. First is a little teddy bear someone special made yrs ago.She made one little sculpture for me and one for her great grandma Marie.

Still have it and it sits on the computer desk.


It’s a ‘little’ dark but if you look real close there is a picture of her dad when HE was a tadpole himself.
[Yes,that’s a ‘help me i’ve fallen and can’t get up button’ and the other little pictures are icons.]

The next picture was her and Yoda. She just loved the crazy pug. He was only a puppy at the time and they had a blast in great grandma’s back yard running back and forth. Boy,could she giggle. There is a movie of it somewhere. One day I’ll find it and we’ll post it up.


Here’s another photo of her as a little gal. Think this was taken in Hawaii.

Next time around I’ll post up some good photos of her brother as well as some of the family.

It’s the last night on the computer here. Tomorrow is the day. We move into our new home. I’m not sure we’ll have an internet connection.TWC is working on it. (Roll’s eyes). We’ve been with Road Runner for 20 yrs and now there’s a glitch.They’re telling me Feb 6 is the best they can do.

Will post up some pictures of the house too when we’re back up again.