“…but with true love.”

another blog that speaks to the heart of every person and for every person. Be sure to read!! She also mentioned Theosis. A topic i’ve touched on once in a blue moon. Like to run with that one sometime so i have to thank her also for pulling it out of the back of my mind.Read her blog though. She really touches on subjects close to the heart and knows how to express them. Besides,she’s Byzantine Catholic-we Latin(Western)rite Catholics aren’t the only kids on the block 🙂


Elder Porphyrios2As Elder Porphyrios reminds us, we need to remember that this war we are waging against the pull of the world, more often than not will be won with “true love.”  I admit that I am on Facebook to stay in touch.  I moved an inordinate number of miles away from all that is familiar to me, and while I settle in and make my way, I stay in touch with friends and family on Facebook.  I also belong to several online pages where we discuss various subjects, and offer prayers for one another.  And my journey of mileage has also become a journey of philosophy and theology…a journey of “theosis.”

Theosis is a term that many who study purely western theology and philosophy often disagree with.  As found on OrthodoxWiki: “Theosis (“deification,” “divinization”) is the process of a worshiper becoming free of hamartía (“missing the mark”), being united…

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