Not too late to begin! Never too late to begin the days of prayer.Be sure to tune into EWTN and watch coverage of the March for Life.To get all the info you will need begin watching on Jan 21st.Also be sure to watch their presentation of Blood Money with Alveda King. A must see documentary.

To find a channel in your locale that carries EWTN just type in your zip code

Visit to use their live stream on computer.

There’s no fool.You know the rest

You might think 61 isn’t old at all or you may think it’s waaay over the hill.It depends doesn’t it?

Few things the old fool wanted to clear up.They may be things you already assumed if you’re one of the readers that stop by here.

1. I am NOT a great writer-it’s just a passion for blogging.

2.I am NOT a great thinker-but i know a decadent and perverted culture when i see it and I know some good answers as provided by the Catholic Church and common sense. The media is trying to get us to accept what are unacceptable behaviors and make perversion and decadence normal. Another way of putting it is to say the culture has become permissive and wants to drag us along with it. It’s a shame the elites consider having standards as being radical and intolerant. Personally it’s better to be intolerant of some things.We should never accept tolerance of evil and immorality. Nobody has to tolerate anything  that is just plain wrong.The elites are the few by the way and think they know more than we do.They believe that gives them the right to remind us how stupid we are and how we need their guidance. Remember;there’s more of us than there are of them.We need to remind them. I know what is wrong from experience and there is no good end. We can’t just sit idly by and succumb to defeatism.

3.I am NOT a theologian-but the Catholic Church is not complicated if you look closely enough. It’s definitely an anchor when the ship of life starts rolling around.

4.I am NOT a saint-but i can definitely tell you God’s grace is available for the asking when you’re so far off the beaten path you think you can never come back.Recommend:

I also recommend meeting your bad self head on and going to confession.It will be the best day of your life.You will walk out a new person on a great journey.

5. I am a liberated woman-but not a feminist. Feminism in the 1960’s was the first step on the ladder to destroying the family. It had nothing to do with liberating women. Scripture tells us that we will know the TRUTH and the truth will set us free. We need  a movement called masculinity.


6. I’m a grandmother and mother -who gets to worry from a distance but it’s greatly enhanced my prayer life.All i can do is pray.Now that i’ve got at least one foot out of hell and one on the verge of purgatory; i can safely say i have realized that i’m paying what is due for the horrible consequences of a past life. I’ve learned to live with it. The more i learn to offer it up the less time i may have to spend after this life making reparation. Am fine. It’s not that i don’t have regrets.Have plenty. I read a blog by a man who lost his mother to cancer. Now I am torn after reading his personal story. On the one hand i would give anything to have had more time with my parents. Dad’s death was expected;mom’s was more of a shock.It shouldn’t have been but it was. On the other hand mom didn’t suffer greatly.The man who wrote his story had a mother who suffered greatly until the end. Dad suffered but passed peacefully in the end. I regret not appreciating them as i was growing up. This is when you have to learn to live in the present moment. You can’t undo the past and the future is in God’s hands. There’s nothing wrong with being totally sorry and having regrets.It’s my conscience telling me what i should have done and failed to do.I wish though that i had gone over to see mom the night before she passed.It crossed my mind that night but i made the wrong decision.For whatever reason i chose to stay home.

7. I will NEVER write an advice column. The only advice i will ever give anyone is go to confession and do what you know is right.PERIOD.

Other than that …this is not a dear abbey[or is it abby?] column. There’s enough lame psychology out there to choke a horse. Most of it boils down to moral relativism.

8. Anxious to move to our new home now.

happy dance 2

Little stressed the last few weeks. Moving,what a job.I am going to take my brother’s vow. Never again.Since we’ll be buying-rather than renting-it won’t be as if we can just pack up anytime and roll out.I will also be thankful when my brother can retire.He’s taught long enough. I figured it out once. He’s spent almost all of his life in school and that’s no exaggeration.He deserves a long and restful retirement. He’s been so dedicated to this profession. I admire him a lot.In my list of heroes. 🙂

When we finally  get to the house  on the 1st-maybe the 31st- will have our aide take some photos. Anxious to share.She takes good photos.Another one of the things i am NOT. A great photographer.Not even mediocre.

ImageESPECIALLY mom and dad!

Faith of the Fathers

This is just a personal story that I would like to share with all of you.

My mother, passed away in November of 1995, after a long 4 year battle with rectal/colon cancer. She was first diagnosed with this terrible disease in 1991. After what seemed like success against this disease, it reappeared in the spring of 1995, and became worse day by day. When my mother was told that there was nothing else the doctors could do, she asked that we get in touch with Howard Shockley, a Presbyterian minister whom we came to know during my dad\’s illness due to a malignant brain tumor. Howard himself had been diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was in his late teens, and he had promised God, that if He would heal him, he would go into the ministry. God heard his prayers, and Howard was healed.

So, my brothers and I contacted Howard, and being the good Christian man that he is, he came to visit my mother, and continued to do so on a regular basis, sometimes coming by as many as 5 days a week. On his first visit, he had decided that he was going to give my mother a Bible verse to memorize, and that he would give her a new one to memorize each week. That first, and as it turned out, only Bible verse, was from Philippians 4:13- \”I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me.\”

You would not believe the amount of faith my mother placed in that one verse. It became her all purpose verse, if one can claim such a thing for any one Bible verse. She placed so much faith in it, that Howard later said that it became a blessing for him, and he decided there was no need to bring her any others to learn.

via Faith of the Fathers.