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EWTN will begin their coverage of the March for Life on Jan 21st.Mark your calender! Stay tuned to EWTN for schedules of events,Masses and programming by visiting
There will be great speakers(across the spectrum,Catholic,Orthodox,Jewish,Evangelical etc) and EWTN covers it from beginning to end.You won’t hear hardly a peep in the mainstream media.Be sure to catch the documentary on EWTN “Blood Money” with Alveda King,the niece of Dr Martin Luther King.You are not going to see a more powerful documentary about abortion than this one!

You can find EWTN tv in your area by typing in your zip code on the channel finder here

If you don’t have it available (you should, it’s a free network)you can always use the live stream from their website and view on your computer:

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Pope Francis and the Illustrious Media

I watched an encore of EWTN Live last night.Fr Mitch did a program on Pope Francis focusing on a film put out by the Knights of Columbus and a biography of Pope Francis early life.I took away a few points re Pope Francis from the program.I am going to cover them briefly. Some will be stating the obvious.Some will be what we may have suspected right along.

1. Pope Francis is apolitical.

Most Popes are. It means he’s not a Republican,Democrat,Conservative or Liberal. He’s not a Marxist,Socialist or Capitalist.He is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus and to hand down the teachings of the Catholic Church. He’s Catholic. We,as citizens,can take the teachings of the Catholic Church and apply them to our political life and in the ballot box.First we must know the teachings of the Catholic Church.It’s our job so to speak.Our 2nd job is to obey them.

The media latches on to a few phrases and sentences of Francis,sees them through ideological glasses and takes them out of context. BEWARE.The secular media has an agenda.If you want to get the real scoop on what Pope Francis is saying turn to faithful Catholic media.I will always recommend EWTN.If you’re not sure what the Church teaches there is the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

2.  Some in the media and even some dissident Catholics use Pope Francis to attack Pope Emeritus Benedict. There is continuity between Blessed John Paul II,Benedict the XVI and Pope Francis . It will take more than a few sentences to point it out.I’ll save that for another entry.

For now,let’s be clear about the media’s comparison between Francis and Benedict.

They’re mistaking simplicity for humility.Simplicity is an exterior attribute.Humility is an interior virtue.It’s not something one can always see.IIf they don’t think Pope Emeritus Benedict was humble they aren’t considering the humility it took to admit his physical limitations and actually RESIGN from the Papacy. Consider it similar to what it would mean if our current President suddenly said he wasn’t up to the job and was going to let someone take over that could do better.Don’t hold your breathe.

We owe it to Pope Benedict for cleaning up the clergy abuse. We owe it to Pope Benedict for bringing us pride in our Catholic traditions.We owe it to Pope Benedict for trying to address the liturgical abuses we know are out there.It would not surprise me if the Gentle Compassionate theologian Benedict were named a Doctor of the Church.

3. Let’s keep in mind that the last 3 Popes from Blessed John Paul II to Pope Francis come from different cultural backgrounds.John Paul II was Polish.He lived through the Nazi/Communist takeover of his native country. Pope Benedict was Bavarian and lived through the Nazi takeover.

Francis comes from the South American country of Argentina. When he speaks of the poor and vulnerable, which he often does, he comes from a country that has a huge disparity between rich and poor.We see these issues through our experience in the United States.I say it often but we really have no idea what poverty is here.Take a look at his home country.Take a look at many countries around the world. See poverty through his eyes by looking at poverty in other countries.

3. Some people think Pope Francis doesn’t speak about abortion often enough. The truth is the secular media hears him when it wants to.He’s made very strong statements against both abortion and same sex marriage.He was REVILED,even PERSECUTED, in Argentina by the political elite for speaking up against abortion and same sex marriage. He’s made a number of very strong statements recently but the media ignores them. They only hear him when they want to and then they twist around what he says.Stick with faithful Catholic media.I would also expect Pope Francis to keep beating the drum about poverty too. He’s not going to give that up.He’s not talking about an ideology.He’s preaching the gospel. Again,I note: it’s up to us to take the teaching of the Catholic Church and apply it to our political life and in the public square. It’s his job to proclaim it.It’s ours to apply it.He is not going to tell us how to vote. It’s up to us to grasp who we ought to vote for and not vote for;which policies we can support and can’t support.

Our bishops and  parish priests are not going to tell us who to vote for either or which party to join.We should  hear what they teach and then  be able to discern our best choices in line with Catholic teaching. The Catholic Church is not a democracy and it doesn’t base its teaching on polls.

I will spell this out:

Pope Francis is not going to give his blessing to same sex marriage.Not going to happen.It’s intrinsically evil.

He is not going to permit women priests.It’s impossible.

He is not going to sanction abortion-it’s intrinsically evil.

The non negotiable issues for Catholic are abortion,euthanasia,same sex marriage,cloning,EMBRYONIC stem cell research(the Church does NOT oppose stem cell research.It depends on what kind and there’s more than one),

We cannot vote for anyone who supports these or support any policy that promotes them.

Sometimes we are forced to choose between 2 candidates with a lousy record on them but it’s usually obvious who does the most damage and who does the least. We can’t use this as an excuse and vote for the person who most strongly supports any of them.

We definitely can’t say this person supports abortion or same sex marriage but he’s compassionate towards the poor so that makes them ok.They’re called NON NEGOTIABLE issues for a reason.
The Catechism is clear:

Some issues allow for a diversity of opinion, and Catholics are permitted leeway in endorsing or opposing particular policies. This is the case with the questions of when to go to war and when to apply the death penalty. Though the Church urges caution regarding both of these issues, it acknowledges that the state has the right to employ them in some circumstances (CCC 2309, 2267).

I’ll sum this up by saying Blessed John Paul II,Pope Emeritus Benedict and Francis are 3 different people. They each have a different personality. They are all formed by the culture of their native countries. I should note too, be careful when the media has a translation of Pope Francis comments,speeches and exhortations. Get an ACCURATE translation. One or two words mistranslated can change the whole meaning.What one word means in his native tongue may not mean the same thing in ours.Translation matters. They are also all formed by the ONE,HOLY,CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC faith. They may present it differently.They may package it differently.They may emphasize one part or another at different times.They are still handing down the same faith.

3 Popes,One Mission




Humanae Vitae(Human Life):

pope benedict prostrate

Pope Benedict the XVI
The Pope’s highest title is,the Servant of the Servants of God

Exhausted but almost ready to move

We have most of our belongings moved out and are now down to a few large furnishings. Karen helped us out today. Just having her extra hands made a huge difference. We’re hoping she can come again.Only 2 weeks left. I will have to get some photos of these wonderful folks and of course our Mace. He is going to have a field day in the new yard. All fenced in. He will have it all to himself.Unfortunately i think it will be too cold for him to stay out there too long.On the other hand he loves a romp in the snow.
I’m already thinking of the flowers to be planted. Zinnias,gladiolas,tulips,snap dragons,lupine and sunflower. Our statue of St Francis(it was one i had given to dad for his backyard) and bird bath will be going over too-not sure where to put them. Husband can decide.

I would also like to get a statue of the Blessed Virgin someday.

There was a group in our town at one time that was going around breaking these statues. I am sure they believed with all their hearts they were serving Jesus. I know-i hear that it’s idol worship. As Catholics we venerate-NOT worship- them but we also venerate the Bible. When the priest is done proclaiming the gospel at Mass he kisses the book of gospels.I have never worshiped a statue in my entire life and believe me there are plenty around our house. I also have a large poster of the Divine Mercy of Jesus image,a framed photo of Blessed John Paul II, a painting of Jesus( a scene from Sacred Scripture we were given as a wedding present) and several crucifixes as well as 2 plaques of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

I am very much exhausted tonight.Will leave it at that and wish you a Blessed Sunday for you and your family.



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ACTION ITEM! An idea for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity! | Fr. Z’s Blog

Today we begin the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

Admit it. You forgot this, right?

I must confess that, in the past, I have been a little… what to say… lukewarm?… about this Week for Christian Unity. But we really need to get behind it, no?

Let’s work together with out Protestant sisters and brothers in a common cause!

Let us be one!

In this light, I note with interest an article at Newsmax.

Oregon: Cake Refusal Violates Gay Couple’s Rights

A bakery in suburban Portland, Ore., violated the civil rights of a same-sex couple by refusing to bake a cake for the women’s wedding, the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries said Friday.

Investigators found substantial evidence that Sweet Cakes by Melissa unlawfully discriminated against the couple based on their sexual orientation, agency spokesman Charlie Burr said.


Rachel Cryer and Laurel Bowman of Portland say they were denied a wedding cake last January by the bakery’s owners, Aaron and Melissa Klein. The women filed a complaint with the state.


Klein responded that he and his wife didn’t serve same-sex weddings and “cited a religious belief for (the) refusal to make cakes for same-sex couples planning to marry,” the complaint said. [Religious belief… get that?]

Herbert Grey, the Kleins’ lawyer, said his clients will participate in the conciliation process but maintain their original stance. The Kleins have said they weren’t discriminating against the couple, who were customers in the past. Instead, they said they were practicing their constitutional right to religious freedom. They have said baking a cake for a same-sex wedding would violate their Christian beliefs.


Who knew that bakeries would be the battle ground for our religious freedom?

Let us unite across confessional lines!

These bakers are Christians, right? They are separated brethren, right?

What better week to show our resolve and zeal for our Week of Christian Unity than for the bishops of these USA to line up behind the bakery in support of and defense of their religious freedom?

We welcome the support of Protestants in our own struggle for religious freedom, don’t we?

This is a time for robust ecumenism!

via ACTION ITEM! An idea for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity! | Fr. Z’s Blog.