Yo Liberals,Time to Wake Up

I know a lot of you were looking forward to the Obama Utopia. Heads up;the word utopia comes from a Greek word meaning not place, or put another way no place, and is exactly what Saint(Sir)Thomas More was trying to get across in his work Utopia. Mark Levin addresses the topic in his book Ameritopia. A good read btw.

We are not going to build a Utopia here. It’s impossible. Should we reach for a just and humane society. You bet. You begin with the family as the foundation.

Is life going to be totally equitable? Probably not. Should we care for the less fortunate?  It’s what it’s all about. Is the government/state the solution to all our problems. Hardly.

Has this been tried before? Yep. The Soviet Union. We know how that turned out.

First of all, why think someone in office is going to be your Messiah? Second,how can anyone still support a man who didn’t lie just to conservatives;he lied to ALL Americans to get  himself elected.

It’s indefensible. That said,it’s all due to liberalism. He wanted to build this utopian liberal state and he would lie to do it.Liberalism has controlled our schools,institutions,media,you name it.Probably since the 60’s and maybe even some time before that.

Politics is not the only answer in life. Governance is a necessity in this life though. Our country was founded on certain moral principles.They were men guided by religion. I noticed most liberals don’t want to admit it-or they think it’s outdated.I don’t know about you but having moral principles to guide the country is the only way to go.You know-thou shall not kill(murder),thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not covet.You don’t have that .all you are left with is brute force and then it depends on what kind of people are in charge.It doesn’t work out well.

Liberalism is dead but nobody wants to give up the ghost.

They want to keep trying it ,thinking this one time someone like Obama will get it right.

The American people are out of jobs and worried for their future.He’s worried about the rights of the LGBT community.

The American people have lost their health insurance and doctors-he sends his surrogates out to talk about women’s reproductive rights.I didn’t know women needed to be given that right.

When it gets really nasty he either heads off on vacation or starts another campaign. Can he please stop campaigning?

But i digress.This is about the failure of liberalism. We have one up in NYC now promoting the same garbage. It’s not going to work folks. The state sets up a program run by bureaucrats w/ their own agenda.The people that gets this so called help are then beholden to the party that hands them the goodies.Know what works? CHARITY.  The act of freely helping a neighbor in need.You have to have successful people to give a hand up and the people at the bottom need an opportunity to move up.In the meantime we Americans will be glad to help out those in need. When we can’t or it can’t be done at the local  level the state can step but under certain conditions:

1. as a last resort

2. you leave the dignity of the people you help intact.

Give it time. NYC will become Detroit. Remember Detroit.The city that Obama saved? Detriot along with 10 other major cities run by Democrats are ALL on the verge of bankruptcy.

The worst part is liberalism lies. It has to.When its defenders get up there they lie. They tell you how great things are when you’re lying eyes can see.

Liberals will throw all kinds of laws at you regulating every aspect of your life and trying to find ways to control you. On the other hand they will give you destructive laws like kids getting the morning after pill without parental consent. Abortion on demand-the end result being someone like Kermit Gosnell. It took YEARS before anyone even caught up to what was going on behind closed doors and then it took the death of a young woman to get anyone’s attention.

They’ll talk about tolerance and set up all kinds of laws to promote what they call tolerance.Yet,the same laws stomp on Christians, people w/  certain religious beliefs and conservative ideals.I wouldn’t call it tolerance.It’s permissiveness. It’s giving certain groups of people license to do whatever they please while they attack the tried and true.  You know what i call a hate group?A small group of atheists or same sex proponents trying to force upon the majority their way of life. Last i knew we lived in a republic. Now they’ve got an advocate in Obama. He doesn’t care about the economic situation.He cares about liberalism even if it destroys the fabric of the country.First he’ll destroy it and then say you need the state to save it. You will vote Democrat because you don’t want those evil conservatives to take away the goodies that liberalism has created the need for.

I know.I read  Obama’s tweets.People have given up looking for jobs and he’s tweeting to the LGBT community to stay strong.He supports their rights.Gosnell got caught and he’s tweeting about his support of Planned Parenthood.

It’s Christmas and instead of wishing everyone a Merry Christmas,like the previous occupants of the White House,he’s telling everyone to go home and talk about Obamcare.He’s screwed up our military and we have no foreign policy. It’s liberalism. He’s too busy with his social experiment to care about the consequences of his actions.Think we might be open to attack? You bet we are. BTW.The NSA didn’t stop the Boston bombing.Russia warned us about the brothers and it was ignored. We don’t need the NSA keeping track of our data.We need the intelligence community to admit their is a war on terrorism and step up to the plate.Read the warning signs for Pete’s sake.Strengthen the military;not make it a social experiment for the same sex agenda.

Rhetoric isn’t going to cut it.Obama has no foreign policy. He thinks the nice talk is diplomacy.He says a few good words then looks the other way. You can’t formulate foreign policy on a teleprompter and he’s lost without it.

We’re going to get attacked again.He’s giving Iran 6 more months to build a nuclear weapon.

The worst part of all is that liberalism controls the media. They’re going to cover for him.He is their dream come true.This isn’t journalism.It’s a campaign rally. When the scandals break they cover them for a second,ask a few questions and move on. They go up in smoke.If any of the other news organizations would have had one of their own targeted like James Rosen and AP maybe they’d wake up.Why do we tolerate it?

He talks about working together and other people coming up with ideas.In the next breathe he says he won’t negotiate. You can’t see through this? It’s totally contradictory.

Look,if you want to go down on the sinking ship with him that’s your business.The problem is you’re taking down the rest of us with you.It’s not because he’s black.It’s liberalism.It’s a failure.We have a man that lied to get elected.Does this mean anything to you?We have a man that lied to get a law passed.Does this mean anything to you?He’s lied over and over.Benghazi,the IRS,Fast and Furious.ALL lies people.I would love to give the drones credit for finally waking up and having the courage to admit it. I would even stop calling them drones.


Epiphany Sunday: Isaiah 60:1-6; Psalm 92:1-2a, 7-8, 10b-13; Ephesians 3:2b-4; Matthew 2:1-12 ~ your light has come

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Epiphany Sunday

+ In the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Opening sentence:

May the splendor of Your majesty, O Lord, shed its light upon our hearts, that we may pass through the shadows of this world and reach the brightness of our eternal home. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.

A Reading from the Old Testament: Isaiah 60:1-6 (NLT)

“Arise, Jerusalem! Let your light shine for all to see. For the glory of the Lord rises to shine on you. Darkness as black as night covers all the nations of the earth, but the glory of the Lord rises and appears over you. All nations will come to your light; mighty kings will come to see your radiance.

“Look and see, for everyone…

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