Anita. Here we go again

Maybe some of you remember the Clarance Thomas Hearings. How could anyone forget? The reputation of this good man was nearly destroyed. The day he was sworn in as a Justice of the Supreme Court should have been one of the pinnacles of his career.It should have been a celebratory moment for him and his  family.They did worse than ‘Bork’ him.

He called it a high tech lynching.Yes,it was. Now they’re putting out a so called documentary about the woman that accused him.BTW,she was the only woman and she came out of nowhere. The proof was never there but did they try to dig for it. He even had people going through his garbage cans. This is how low they would stoop.The organization called NOW was behind it too.They planned to do something to Clarance Thomas all along and they got a willing accomplice.

There’s a reason the garbage, they would even think to call a documentary, is coming out now.They are going to try and frame it into a war on women narrative. They had to use the one not so credible allegation to to frame it. Why not Bill Clinton? Why not half a dozen other people who were accused and actually FOUND guilty?

They want to go down this road? More power to them.Justice Thomas is a good man. Not this time!

If you read Andrew Breitbart’s book Righteous Indignation the Thomas hearings were the turning point for him. After he saw the injustice of it all and what they did to Thomas and his family he started to turn towards conservatism. In fact he declared WAR.

You can order from Barnes and Noble here or find at your local library:

ImageHating Breitbart stillstill from the movie,Hating Breitbart

1:31 A.M. * i know,shut it down and go to bed

We’ll be dreaming up some topics while we’re off. Maybe there will be some miracle and road runner will be able to make it over sooner. Speaking of topics i found this site that has a printable calender for bloggers.You might find it useful. I don’t take notes myself. I just run to the computer when an idea strikes and type away.Which means edit on the fly,that is when i stop back to post the NEXT entry. Then i give the last couple blogs a good going over. Sometimes they go as is(WYSIYG). Or they get a good going over with several edits.

This printable book looks like it might come in handy for bloggers who do take notes and are organized.

Another freebie for EVERYONE. It’s software i use on a regular basis to clean up puter. It’s never let me down and i’ve used it for years. It doesn’t get all malware,trojans or viruses(nor it is meant to) but it does do a terrific job if you use it every time you’re on the internet.

You can get the pro which costs,but the free download works very well.

Be sure to UPDATE too-do not upgrade unless you want to buy it.An update does just that. It updates your spyware definitions. The upgrade prompts you to buy the pro version.

Bout it. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. It’s going to be tough to sleep tonight.It’s always that way though isn’t it? Just when you really need the sleep it’s the time you have a lot going on-I’ll say my nightly prayers and probably sleep peacefully then. Three Hail Marys, prayer  to St Michael the Archangel and the Angel of God (prayer we learned as kids) and finally the Hail Holy Queen.
Till our internet service is  back up again…


Hey,It’s ALMOST Friday!

I have to hit the hay early tonight so i tried to reblog some of the best of the other bloggers quickly.There were more but there’s only time for a few. Since this entry is going to be it for awhile-unless Time Warner gets on the ball-it has to be something special.

We’ll go with these. First is a little teddy bear someone special made yrs ago.She made one little sculpture for me and one for her great grandma Marie.

Still have it and it sits on the computer desk.


It’s a ‘little’ dark but if you look real close there is a picture of her dad when HE was a tadpole himself.
[Yes,that’s a ‘help me i’ve fallen and can’t get up button’ and the other little pictures are icons.]

The next picture was her and Yoda. She just loved the crazy pug. He was only a puppy at the time and they had a blast in great grandma’s back yard running back and forth. Boy,could she giggle. There is a movie of it somewhere. One day I’ll find it and we’ll post it up.


Here’s another photo of her as a little gal. Think this was taken in Hawaii.

Next time around I’ll post up some good photos of her brother as well as some of the family.

It’s the last night on the computer here. Tomorrow is the day. We move into our new home. I’m not sure we’ll have an internet connection.TWC is working on it. (Roll’s eyes). We’ve been with Road Runner for 20 yrs and now there’s a glitch.They’re telling me Feb 6 is the best they can do.

Will post up some pictures of the house too when we’re back up again.

Catechism Thursday: The Three Holy Hierarchs

Byzantium on Brew

Today the Church celebrates the memory of the Three Holy Hierarchs and Universal Teachers: Basil the Great, John the golden-mouthed, and Gregory the Theologian.

Apolytikion of the Hierarchs in Tone 1:

The three most great luminaries of the Three-Sun Divinity have illumined all of the world with the rays of doctrines divine and true; they are the sweetly-flowing rivers of wisdom, who with godly knowledge have watered all creation in clear and mighty streams: The great and sacred Basil, and the Theologian, wise Gregory, together with the renowned John, the famed Chrysostom of golden speech. Let us all who love their divinely-wise words come together, honoring them with hymns; for ceaselessly they offer entreaty for us to the Trinity.

A reading from the Synaxarion:

Synaxis of the Three Hierarchs: Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian and John Chrysostom: During the eleventh century, disputes raged in Constantinople about which of the…

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9 (More) Things You Should Know About Roe v. Wade ~ Reblog

The Peanut Gallery


Joe Carter
TGC Blog | January 22, 2014


Today is the forty-first anniversary of the landmark abortion decision, Roe v. Wade, in which the Supreme Court eliminated the abortion laws of all 50 states, and in the companion case of Doe v. Bolton — which was released on the same day — which eliminated state health and safety regulations of abortion. Last year I noted nine things everyone should know about Roe. Here are nine more:

1. The case was filed by Norma McCorvey, known in court documents as Jane ROE against Henry WADE, the district attorney of Dallas County from 1951 to 1987, who enforced a Texas law that prohibited abortion, except to save a woman’s life.

2. In 1969, McCorvey was 22 years old, divorced, homeless, and pregnant for the third time (she had placed her first two children for adoption). An adoption agency…

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