For My Friend and Fellow Blogger

cooltext1355482514You can find her blog in the list of links in the menu 🙂 Check it out.

Am going to listen to GK Chesterton,pray rosary,watch DOGmatic theology at 10(ALL on EWTN)take a snooze and stop back later with a blog post with a few photos of our Christmas. BTW.We’re moving Feb 1st.Tomorrow is going to be crazy.I have a ton of phone calls to make.Nothing worse. Will have to pray for patience.The next month is going to be hectic as we pack up here and move in there in the dead of winter. Why does this always happen at this time of year? We are thrilled to be moving though. Our own home for a change-at 60.It’s hard to imagine but better late than never! Off to GK. BBL.