Insomnia…yep. Tonight anyway

Husband is envious of me because i could sleep on a pile of rocks in 5 seconds.


Not tonight. We had a wonderful Christmas with his sister,her son and his girlfriend.Think they’re going to get married.Would like that.Finally have a wedding to go to.We’re going to forget what they’re like if someone doesn’t get married soon.Kidding…but they have been far and few between.

Age i guess.

Her son Ryan is very nice. Impressed.

Shirley is a sweetheart herself. I sometimes wish i knew her better but it’s fine.We get along and she kids me a lot.

They went home.i went to bed with a headache and sinus infection.Couldn’t sleep. As exhausted as i am still can’t sleep.I’m anxious to get word about the house we want to buy.The realtor was supposed to get back to us except I THINK the office might have been closed for holidays. I just wish we would get news from him SET IN STONE either way.This has been going on for months.He’s really gone to bat for us but just as we were a hair away from the closing it fell through.We’re trying to get another deal.He is a good guy.Everyone is pulling for us but we need an answer here soon.On pins and needles.

i think too it’s another Christmas without mom and dad.It was always so special. I will always miss them and am sure some of the folks that stop in here know the feeling.Then you read a headline about that little girl in Pennsylvania who got her wish and passed away. First you can’t help but think how difficult that was for those parents.Then you think of all the parents suffering that kind of loss.You can realize how fortunate you are in your own life pretty quickly.

We all miss someone in our family.I was thinking about the time when our Lord will return and we will all see each other again.

You read headlines too about horrible bombings and the persecution of Christians in different countries particularly the Middle East.I don’t understand jihadists.They murder in the name of God.God is all powerful.If He wanted someone gone from the earth all God has to do is will that they die. He doesn’t need anyone killing for him.He is powerful enough.After all He is the one who gives life and it is up to him to take life.I’m sure if He wanted someone taken off the earth and sent to hell He is all powerful.He can.Maybe they’re murdering more for themselves? The Pope prays for peace.Our Church prays for peace. Our bishops pray for peace.I even saw a Muslim woman at the Basilica in Washington DC today.You could tell she was Muslim by the way she was dressed. Nobody killed her. Nobody bombed the Church.Nobody dragged her out in the streets and she was clearly outnumbered. We pray for peace and let God decide who to call from this earth.

I wish too we had peace in our own families.All peace begins with forgiveness.

Sometimes we do things that are hard for others to forgive.I understand.All you can do in that case is let it go.There is no  point in holding a grudge even when someone is angry with you.It may be a justifiable anger. It’s helped make me more humble and there are many times i need that.

You can actually hold a grudge against a person that is angry with you. You reciprocate in your heart another words, since you obviously can’t get at them because they are the angry party.

Let it go. Make peace with who you can and hope that someday they will be ready to make peace with you.

If not,then we have to live in the present.

I  will admit that there are nights,like tonight,where it bothers me immensely. Probably because it’s Christmas.

 Life has to go on.

Last but not least was this phoney offer i got for a job.It was a site looking for conservative writers. A paying job. We need the money-it was a job i COULD do(given the menniere’s)and i bit. He kept saying he was going to call and i kept getting these excuses.Similar to the dog ate my homework kind of excuses.For instance he was out of town,then he was stranded at the airport,then the office was closed(all he could was tweet,he said)and the last one was that he had a death in the family.My husband caught right on but i think my hopes were so high that i couldn’t see the scam it was.NO,they did not ask for any money but they surely weren’t what they claimed to be.I sat by the phone month after month.In the end,when i finally spoke up,he called me rude and threatened to sue me.Ok,he was DEFINITELY fake.

Also on my mind is bills.I don’t usually worry a great deal about them but this time the house is at stake-i also know the mortgage payment is less than our rent.We need that. The cost of living has gotten so high it’s killing us. I don’t usually lose sleep over something like bills but I have to admit it’s in the back of mind tonight.

Tomorrow’s another day.I guess if i did get some sleep i might be able to deal better.

It’s 2:36 a.m. Would be a good time to give it a try.



Darned Straight

ImageHow bout those 3 million ppl who stayed home because Romney wasn’t ‘conservative enough?’

How bout those 3 million ppl who would have stayed home no matter who it was.What was Obama but a Saul Alinsky radical?

Herman Cain was my first choice. Newt was 2nd. Romney came in 3rd but i finally got behind him. Anybody but the BO would have been a good choice. We can’t afford NOT to vote.PLS,let’s not do this again in 2014. I HOPE we’re waking up!


If you want to say Happy Holidays..that’s fine.Say Happy Holidays.I have the right to say and USE Merry Christmas.

You’re offended by a creche? How?

You’re an atheist and this is Christmas.Ok.No skin off your teeth.

The Christian principles that our nation was founded upon are what has protected your rights for 200 yrs.You’re not being forced to worship God,go to church,read the scripture or adhere to any religious beliefs at all. So go on about your life as we do ours.if we want to pray-we will pray.If we want to have prayer in school,we should have prayer in school. I grew up with prayer in school and the pledge of allegiance. We were fine. Again,it was no skin off your teeth.
(Agnostics i never understood.People hedging their bets maybe?)

Now we have an administration going after the Catholic Church and stomping on their freedom of conscience through laws.That’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL but i’m sure the judges are stacked now to rule against the Church.

Then we have Phil Robertson  who was asked  mind you about his pov in a magazine.He spells it out and he’s let go at the A &E network.

All because of a group called GLAAD. Add all this up and what you get is intolerance. What GLAAD thinks is that it’s going to convince the public at large to accept the homosexual agenda.Sorry-no matter how many people they bully or try to destroy that’s not going to happen.We have reasons for what we believe and no amount of bullying is going to change the TRUTH.

In fact, if i refuse to serve a same sex couple who are supposedly married then that means i don’t accept that they are legitimately married. Truth is,I don’t and to force me by law or to think you can is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Keep going people and take away our rights-the ones as actually spelled out in our constitution-and one day YOU also will wake up to a fascist government.

When you look at history-as recently as Nazi Germany-the first right a dictator takes away is freedom of religion.The VERY first.

Then it is followed by freedom of speech and right down the line-but it ALWAYS begins by taking away freedom of religion because you have to make the state god and religion gets in the way of that. In order to secularize the culture and get it away from religion and its traditions you have to stomp on freedom of religion.The goal IS  to secularize the culture so there isn’t anything higher than oneself to serve-and eventually none higher to serve than the man who represents the god of me,myself and I. It is that kind of leader we will get. I take that back.It is the kind of leader we have gotten.Trust me,it could get worse. Once you open the door to fascism you’re not going to close it.Sooner or later it comes back to bite you.It looks attractive when you think you are getting your own way.

We aren’t going to let this happen. A lot of good people will fight tooth and nail for freedom of religion.We will be silent no more.We may lose some battles and we have but once we realize how threatened we are we will wake up.


i stand with phil