Hell’s Bible and a Secular Apotheosis: another lesson in our “culture war”

At Hell’s Bible today (aka NYT) we have a good example of how twisted things are now.

There is a front page article about the death of a pornographer, Al Goldstein, with a photo, and a shot of his pornographic publication. Even with its placement, the NYT piece lionizes the pornographer.

So, for the New York Times and those who think in its sewer pipe, the exaltation of a libertine worldview trumps the male victimization and domination of women.

When a servant of God is to be named Venerable, the Congregation for Saints issues decrees about the fame of their holiness and their heroic virtues, proposing them for emulation.

When a perverse sleaze destroys the dignity of countless women and twists the minds and identities of men, the Bible of the Left, the New York Times, put their faithful servant on their front page.

But, remember, the catholic Left (you know who you are) would have us abandon the “culture war”.

via Fr. Z’s Blog | Once named: What Does The Prayer Really Say? – Commentary on Catholic issues & slavishly accurate liturgical translations – by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf o{]:¬).