The Flying Spaghetti Monster,Part I

ImageI actually like the FSM. ( Notice they put this on display in Wisconsin by a Nativity display.) Why do i like it?  It’s representative of how irrational atheism is.I’m not sure why they even felt the need to do this.I know they can and they have the right but what’s the message?How does the display make me a better,more enlightened person? How is it supposed to convince me that I should embrace atheism rather than Catholicism? Maybe it’s suppose to offend or annoy us? If that’s the case the FSM gets an F.

You see the sacred is good,true and beautiful.To be an atheist you have to ignore the truths of science. If science has taught us anything it’s that there MUST be something beyond ourselves responsible for all of creation. IF religion has taught us anything it is that good and evil really exist.Atheism can only tell us that the most powerful and strong will end up surviving. For awhile anyway. Even the powerful and strong have an end.

The sacred is beautiful because it represents in the material world everything that is good. and true. The FSM is ugly for a reason-and it’s  silly because atheism is irrational. Is God a mystery? Definitely. The Catechism tells us that “ Christ’s whole life is a mystery of redemption.”

Catholic online explains mystery as understood in Catholicism this way,

” The mind of a creature cannot, indeed, grasp the inner nature of the mysterious truth, but it can express that truth by analogies ; it cannot fully understand the coherence and agreement of all that is contained in a mystery of faith, but it can refute successfully the objections which would make a mystery consist of mutually repugnant elements.


The atheist would say that belief in God is irrational and silly. I would have to ask, why?

Next i would have to say the proof is in the pudding.

Christianity has made such a profound mark on the world and had such a remarkable influence on civilization that there is no way on earth you could consider it irrational and silly. IF you look at the affect atheism has had on the world the record is not very good.

The Catholic Church has given us some of our greatest scientists,artists,writers. It has  profoundly changed the lives of many people more often to the good. There have been times it has failed individuals because there have been people who have not actually lived up to what she teaches. Atheism has failed because there are people who have lived up to what it teaches.

You have the FSM on display in Wisconsin. Ok.

Here is the Pieta on display in the Vatican.

pieta2How about Michaelangelo’s Fresco in the Sistine Chapel?


Read this? Not Catholic and want some idea of Catholic doctrine? Lord of the Rings.Good start 🙂 Tolkien.Definitely Catholic.

lord of the rings

How about this? The Communist Manifesto, written by an atheist.How beneficial was this book to civilization?

manifestoThis? Another great Catholic writer(and thinker).


Some really really random thoughts

1. Now that the American people have stood up for Phil can we not let Obama get cover? He always gets a life line by some incident taking up the headlines.Obama thinks he’s above the law.One other Pres thought that too but he didn’t get away with it.Time for impeachment? Seriously. Obama makes Nixon look like an amateur.I don’t know why we’re putting up with this. Will list all his impeachable offenses next week.There’s plenty.

2. Why did 3 million people stay home saying Romney wasn’t conservative enough? I don’t know if these people noticed, but Obama isn’t exactly conservative enough either.

3. I thank God I we live where we do.If i were the folks in NYC I would get a whole bunch of ppl together and flash mob the city council or Bloomberg’s office.I mean a bunch of ppl.Everyone light up the E cigarette and bring along large sodas.

4. There are Christians that accept same sex marriage,relations,abortion etc. Is this the church of what’s happening now baby? It’s why I love being Catholic.God gave us an infallible scripture with an infallible interpretation. It’s not every one for himself  coming up with an  interpretation to suit themselves. The Catholic Church is an anchor. I realize though that there are dissidents-aka heretics.

5. I wish someone would explain to me what ‘gay rights’ are?

6. Yes,the Duck Dynasty flap was because people do want to suppress Christian beliefs.I hear people defending the decision of A &E and they’re right to suspend Phil.IMHO if you dig deep enough A&E is about 2 things:Attacking traditional values and making money. When Phil got too outspoken to suit them  and were pressured by a same sex advocacy group they caved..A&E is an advocate for these groups.Says it all.

7. What Phil said was not hate speech. If he called for people to harm or do violence to people with same sex attraction THEN you could call it hate speech. He was clear he respected people.You can respect people with same sex attraction.You can treat  them charitably as you should anyone;but that does not mean you condone what they do or give them rights they don’t actually have.

8. Obama rolled out of town on his tax payer funded vacation after giving a press conference where he failed to tell the truth again and spent most of the first part patting himself on the back. Same ol.Of course he let it be known that there should be a bipartisan spirit while in the same breathe saying he will not negotiate with Republicans.

9. I heard a news story about a Muslim Cleric[ on Fox tonight] who it seems is  trying to impose Sharia law in England and what they’re going to do over there.For the life of me i can’t understand why Muslims kill people. If God wanted people destroyed isn’t he able to do so? God can take our life any day of His choosing.I would think if God wanted someone to die He would definitely be able to have that person pass away.Why would God need us to murder anyone for Him?

He’s all powerful.

10.Last,but not least, the argument for same sex marriage is that it will not affect my marriage personally.Of course it won’t. Red herring.NOT the problem.Divorce doesn’t affect my marriage personally either but it does affect the institution of marriage as a whole-in the LARGER society.

Time to hit the hay soon. Cookies to bake today. A couple other blogs(i do 3 total)to edit today too.A call to the Dr office for my husband before noon.

Some great news before I roll out.We may have an arrangement set up to rent the house we had hoped to buy and then be able to purchase after we rent for 6-8 months.The realtor is working on it.He’s terrific.He’s been a tremendous help to us these past months.He’s not willing to give up at all until all options are tried. I know he has a stake in a sell and that’s one of the reasons.On the other hand he’s really knocked himself silly for us and he didn’t have to do that.

If it works out it was meant to be.If not,there’s a reason.

Final thought for the night,from the great one.

mark levin on Obama