Mitt the Movie

i saw some shots of Mitt the movie today on Fox.Anyone else see it? Have you had that feeling for a long time that the American ppl got duped and picked the wrong person? I’ve been torn myself. It’s gotta be Mitt or Allen West.I would definitely love to see Gov Romney run again and i would DEFINITELY vote for him again.This is from someone who was lukewarm as a supporter at first. IN fact i’ve said it a dozen times-or better-he wasn’t my first choice.I have to admit now that i didn’t know enough about him.I did take the ABO pledge.

I know this with absolute certaintyi will NOT vote Chris Christie.PERIOD.This time i’ve taken the ABC pledge.There is no way on earth i can even convince myself it is something i would have to do.

It’s a little early to be picking out candidates. Now am thinking that we need to get good ppl elected in the 2014 mid terms and we can worry about 2016 right after that.Once those are out on the way I’m going to get on the ball.

BTW.Mia Love from Utah has a shot this time and she’s one person we have to get behind.Mia is terrific.You may recall her from the RNC Convention.She’s young,bright,likeable and has a terrific background.There ya go.We have to get good ppl like her elected.
I also know this-Obama needs tossed out on his behind.He makes Nixon look like a choir boy.

Let’s be honest here. We  knew a few things were a given when Mitt ran.

The Dems and black community were going to support Obama no matter what.

i have never seen a Pres with such a lousy record ever win a second term.

Women got behind Obama because Romney was going to take away their birth control.Yeah,right. Another Obama  lie and practically impossible anyway. (DUH)

So all that was a given.Maybe include in that most young people.

This message isn’t for them.We KNEW they’d vote Obama no matter what.The ones that REALLY got Obama elected were the ones who didn’t vote and stayed home.Something about the Gov not being conservative enough.If those people had voted we wouldn’t have Obama now.The people we  knew would vote Obama didn’t really matter as much as the people  we needed to vote Romney.

I don’t know about this not conservative enough rap on Romney.Was a Progressive/Socialist with Marxist ideas conservative enough? You know.Things like we need to redistribute wealth. We need to get Obamcare passed and have the Fed gov’t take over 1/6  of nations economy.Someone who kept saying a video caused the Benghazi attack. That guy-he was conservative enough?

What really got me were the 50% of “Catholics” who voted Obama. What happened to the Evangelicals? Did they vote Romney? Or did they stay home?

I hope this time around women,blacks,young people,Catholics and evangelicals have woken up and smelled the coffee.I hope Democrats are taking the blinders off by now.

If Romney runs again;how bout we correct the first mistake we made and get him elected this time.
If he doesn’t run let’s get someone with integrity like Allen West.He has a background NONE of the other potentials could come close to.

When it gets down to it and we see who is going to run…then i will spell out the Dream Team.

For now,we have to take care of 2014.