Somtimes It’s Difficult

I know sometimes it’s difficult to have faith in God,to believe He really exists.With sadness and pain in our own lives and seeing the news from across the world you can sometimes wonder.

How could God exist and permit so much suffering? Isn’t He interested? Could He not stop it? We know one day He will.
We also know He taught us. To some it’s a stumbling block.How could a MIGHTY God become so small,humble and low?
How could He become man and come into the world as a baby?

God who is so great could stoop this low?

If it’s not true then all the suffering of the world is for naught.He shows the way.

It is by becoming small that HE allows us to approach Him and it is by becoming man that He becomes humility.It is HUMILITY that makes us great. If we don’t have humility then we have pride. Jesus becomes man because God is truly humble and that makes God as great as any being could be.It also means God is Love. True Love. Jesus shows us that we can endure and offer up suffering because if we don’t then nothing makes sense.The world wouldn’t make sense.He permits it because we would not know what real evil is otherwise.Then He calls us to be martyrs.

Martyr means ‘witness’ .It is the definition of martyr.It doesn’t mean killing yourself or murdering other people-it doesn’t even mean being murdered ourselves.It means God calls us to be witnesses to Him and we can witness to God by our lives-although we may be called to witness to God by giving up our lives.

God would never sanction being a witness to Him by committing murder.He never said kill other people to become a martyr.He calls us to be a witness to Him-a martyr-by our lives and giving our lives if it comes to that.

Jesus never taught anyone to murder for His sake.In fact He said to love,even our ENEMIES.

This is why some of the horrendous acts we see in the world are vile to us. God PERMITS evil but calls all of us to be holy(good). If God didn’t permit evil then He would not have given man the second greatest gift next to life itself-FREE WILL. He sent Jesus to show us the way but not by force.It’s not God that creates evil. It’s man. He will judge all these evil acts at the end if we do not repent. He showed us that He will forgive by the greatest act of love any man has ever given.He willingly suffered and gave up His life-no one could take it from Him.He had to give it up Himself.An innocent for the guilty.

This is why Christians know God is great. He was truly humble and truly loving and without Him we cannot make sense of suffering in the world.

He also expect us to alleviate the suffering of others. He shows us because He was willing to become man,to lower Himself for us. For this He was glorified or as He said that the humble would be exalted.We know this because He sits at the right hand of the Father and will return-not as He did the first time-but in GLORY.

It is why I would not dismiss the teachings of Christianity and the truth of the Catholic Church.

It is the ONLY way to make sense of the world we live in.

Otherwise we just question without answers.

ImageA religion that does not teach its followers to love-to aspire to love as much as Jesus did-creates followers who become animals.Those who do not believe in God-atheists-will never have an answer for the good and evil in the world.They will question how Christians can believe in God but will never make sense of the world when it appears to be, more often than not, senseless.It’s why the cross of Christ is a victory. He didn’t die for a few-He died for EVERYONE. Why would God create a world and man if it not for love? You can’t put a limit on God’s love and say;He could not do this.