Little Less Politix(till 2014)

We’ll have plenty of political topics then. No doubt.Since politics is not the answer to everything(not by a long shot)we are going to focus on Christmas themes,the Catholic faith and personal matters.

A nice change. I would like to delve into iconography here too.The minds eye has a picture of Jesus and Mary’s physical appearance.The artist renders them as he/she sees them from their culture and background.It may not even necessarily be how they looked in history. It is how we see and relate to them.As evidenced by the many images posted in the blog.

Icons,on the other hand, are not meant be reproductions.They are not the minds eye of what we perceive Jesus and Mary to have actually looked like.Each part of an icon has a spiritual meaning. This is how we should see Jesus and Mary and icons focus us there. Icons are a window into heaven. They are the artists rendition of the spiritual realm in the physical world.We,as Christians,are icons.

My good friend Kaiser West can tell you a great deal about Byzantine Icons-she’s a Byzantine(Eastern)Catholic.When you get a chance read her blog.

When I first ran into Catholic icons i was taken aback.We are so accustomed to Western or Americanized art that icons can throw you for a loop. They seem strange at first  glance but over time the beauty of them keeps drawing you back. So we’ll talk about icons over the Christmas season as well as various rites of the Catholic Church.

Monday I’m going to add another recipe.The frosting for the cookies we just made. I’ll have the aide get a photo of them when they’re decorated.

It’s a simple shortening recipe.

We’re thinking about making chocolate turtles minus the peacans.Nuts are just too expensive and they’ll taste just fine without them.

If we end up making those will post up a recipe and photo of course.

If you have any special prayers this Christmas let me know.I’ will be glad to include your intentions in my daily rosary.

Any questions re Catholicism? Be glad to respond.

Finally, please,please,please be sure to visit this website.Our aide is searching for her sister and we’re hoping they reunite for Christmas.All the info is there as well as a contact form.

Share it with everyone. The further out the word goes the more likely the message will reach here.Here’s the link=>

it’s been a long day and I’m sure you’ve had one too.For now,

Good night,God bless and