Challange to HHS Mandate (priests for life)hearing Dec 9


Another challenge to the Health and Human Services contraception mandate landed in federal court Monday in a case brought by the group Priests for Life, along with some individual plaintiffs.

They argue that being forced to provide no-cost access to all forms of contraception, including those they believe actually induce abortions, would violate their religious freedom.

After Monday’s hearing, Father Frank Pavone, National Director of PFL, said, “What we just saw in that courtroom is of Biblical proportions.”

The Obama administration doesn’t see it that way. Government attorneys have argued that there are exemptions for entities that are truly operating as religious organizations and can prove it.

However, the plaintiff’s attorneys argue that even if they are able to qualify, they are still under an unacceptable burden: facilitating employee access to the contraception via a third-party vendor.

Pavone said the options are unacceptable, and warns the group will drop health insurance altogether if forced to comply with the mandate. “Where are the brakes?” Pavone asked, adding, “Where does it stop for the government to tell the church what it can and cannot do?”

Supporters of the mandate say the administration has worked to find balance.

“The Obama administration has, I think, made a very strong compromise trying to accommodate religious liberty interests while at the same time protecting the health of women,” said Elizabeth Wydra, chief counsel for the Constitutional Accountability Center.

There are now more than 80 similar lawsuits pending across the country. Just last week, the University of Notre Dame and the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS), both filed suit, as well.

“I think the Obama administration’s attempts to take religious freedom away from anyone are bound to fail,” said Matthew Bowman, the senior legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, which is representing FOCUS.

The lower courts considering the dozens of challenges to the HHS mandate may wait for guidance from the Supreme Court.

The justices have agreed to hear the cases of two for-profit organizations whose owners say their rights will be violated if they’re forced to comply. Though the newest lawsuits stem from faith-based organizations, that Supreme Court decision — due by June 2014 — could provide enormous legal precedent.

Newt Gingrich Flap over Mandela

I have a tribute post in my blog for Nelson Mandela.Was Mandela a flawless man? Nope. Was he perfect? Nope. Did he play a huge role in ending apartheid in Africa? Darned straight. Did he become the nations first black president through peaceful means rather than a violent overthrow of the government? Yep. Did he encourage forgiveness and reconciliation to ensure his country moved forward? Yep. I will not apologize for the blog entry. It stands. Not for Mandela’s flaws but his accomplishments. Is our nation perfect? Nope. Did we have a violent past that at times murdered innocents? Yep. Has it overcome it’s mixed past? You bet.

Does that mean the United States is a terrible country? Definitely not. It only means it has a past that is a mixture of failures and accomplishments and has overcome a great deal.

Nelson Mandela met with Pope John Paul II, a staunch opponent of communism. Blessed John Paul II lived under 2 oppressive regimes in his native country of Poland.First the Nazi’s and then the communists.He could have been killed for becoming a priest. He stood up for Poland when he was elected Pope.He supported the Solidarity movement against the communist leadership. More so than any person at the time-even more so than Reagan himself-Pope John Paul II played a major role in taking down the communist regime. He was nearly killed by an assassin that has long been suspected of being set up by the KGB.Now if Mandela were all that people are claiming i doubt John Paul II would have had the time of day for him.

Again,he was not a perfect man but he did a great deal of good.He is a major historic figure for the good he did for Africa and the example he set after his prison release.Give credit where credit is due.

Apartheid was ugly and evil itself.

To me,the flap is from a handful of people. A tempest in a teapot.

Meanwhile the liberals are now going berserk over at the Huffington Post.

One comment was someone quoting scripture; lecturing that Christians should read their own scripture. Everyone should read scripture,not conveniently quote it when it suits them. We don’t selectively pick and choose scripture. Yes,Jesus did teach care for the poor. Scripture also speaks out against homosexuality-and reaffirms marriage as being between one man/one woman for life. It’s teaching is also very clear about fornication(premarital sex).

If we’re going to fall back on scripture let’s not conveniently by pass what we don’t want to use.Yes,Christians could read scripture more. Everyone could read scripture more. Even the person who posted the comment.

The comment was mild though compared to the other comments I read.


Huff Post Comments:

“Why would anyone be surprised at the Klu Klux GOP? “

Someone doesn’t know their history.BTW,It can ALL be verified.Don’t take my word for it.


grand wizard

Last but not least this doozy:

“it was formed by the Koch brothers and named the Tea Party.”

The Tea Party actually started when George W Bush was still President in response to his approval of the stimulus package and the bail outs. The Koch brothers aren’t even remotely connected to the Tea Party.It stands for taxed enough already and was a protest against out of control government spending-begun under Bush-and large government.PERIOD.