Obama quoted Pope Francis(the world has gone mad)

 Yes he did.Obama quoted Pope Francis. I’m not going to take the time to look up this quote-or waste the time would be more accurate. People who attack the Church or the Pope or even her teachings don’t find it beneath themselves to conveniently find religion time to time. How many times have we heard the argument that Jesus was a socialist? Or someone asks would Jesus be a Democrat or Republican? Needless to say I doubt Jesus could have been any too pleased when the mention of God at the DNC set off boos or when Obama felt he had to have a symbol of Christ covered up at a Notre Dame speech he gave. However, we miss the point.Jesus would have been neither. He was singleminded;the Kingdom of heaven. I love how progressives ignore the teachings of Jesus when it comes to sin but embrace a few words of Pope Francis if it suits THEIR agenda. When the current administration along with the progressive minions begin embracing the culture of life then we can talk. Until then it’s phoney as far as I’m concerned.PLS Obama do not use the words of the Pope to sell YOUR agenda.
It was bad enough when you outright lied to the American people and deceived them to get elected and then lied again to pass Obamacare. Of course now you’re calling it the Affordable Care Act. It was Obamacare when it was feeding your ego.It suddenly transformed into the ACA when it started going down the tubes.I heard Obama  speaking and for him it’s obamacare all the way NO MATTER WHAT..Even if it destroys the economy,nobody wants it or people lose the health care they want.He keeps telling us we will want it(eventually)because he wants it for us. So much for the office of President being in the service of the American people and following our Constitution.

Hypocrisy doesn’t end there though.I heard a news commentator calling Laura Ingrham a slut. You can hear all   kinds of nasty comments against Sarah Palin.Martin Bashir was just one of many;he just happened to be one of the worst. These are the same people who said Romney (hence the Rep party)was waging a war on women.These are the same people who pretend they are standing up for women and women’s rights. Celebrities do it too. They will bash the daylights out of women. The more bizarre,crude and immodest these celebrities are the nastier the bashing. If you’re not as ‘sophisticated’ as they are then you must be stupid,right?

The truth is they don’t REALLY stand up for women. If they examined their own thinking and were honest with themselves they might discover the other motives they have.

I guess we’re supposed to be shocked by some of their behavior. Nope. Not shocked at all. I don’t buy their music,go to their movies or follow them in the news. They’re not shocking at all. They’re just trying to make a dime on the lowest common denominator they can find. Each one trying to outdo the other in ‘shocking’ behavior. The most [supposedly]shocking celeb  gets the most celeb coverage so the race is on to be the MOST bizarre. The rest of us have to deal with life. They look silly and like all of us eventually get old.They’ll be the first to stand up for women’s rights and in the same breathe call a decent woman a slut.

The Huffingpost ran a story on Martin Bashir and Sarah Palin. On the very same page they ran a section called Palinisms. When they start posting Obamaisms(the utterly stupid things he’s said)let me know. What about the words from one Hillary Clinton about the Death of 4 Americans? “What difference does it make? “Crickets. And they cut Palin down?

I want people to take note of some words from Father Z’s  blog. He was speaking about Pope Francis and his recent exhortation. Father Z rightfully points out:

 I, like Joseph Card. Ratzinger before me, don’t believe that the Holy Spirit chooses Popes.  I do believe that Holy Spirit prevents the elevation of a man who would be a total disaster for the Church.  As Catholics, we know that one of the marks of the Church is her indefectibility.  No attack on the Church, from within or without, will completely bring her down.  There is no guarantee from the Lord that Hell and hellish minions won’t bring down the Church in certain places, but the Church is indefectible.