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Jul 08


A Prophetic Look at National Health Care

07-8-2010 Dale Ahlquist

G.K. Chesterton considered himself a member of the Liberal Party until 1912. As he would later say, he did not leave the Liberal Party. It left him. He believed in something called liberty, the idea that people should be able to make most decisions for themselves, especially the most basic and most important decisions, and not have such decisions made for them by anyone else, especially by the government. He believed, as a liberal, that the State’s role was to preserve liberty, not take it away. What happened in 1912? The Liberal Party, which held power in Parliament, passed The Health Insurance Act. Every working man was required to have part of his wages withheld to pay for a national health insurance. The funding was to be further supplemented by a tax on every employer. Sound familiar?

Chesterton’s objections to the Insurance Act were threefold. First, it was anti-democratic in practice. The vast majority of the English population was against it. It was being passed against their will, but—so the argument went—for their own good. Second, it was anti-democratic in principle. It divided the populace into two permanent castes: those who labor, and those who pay for the labor. Chesterton called this what it is: slavery. Third, Chesterton saw the Act as paving the way to the State seizing more power, more influence, more interference in everyone’s daily lives. Sound familiar?

About a century later, here in America, we are looking at essentially the same thing that Chesterton was looking at. We watched as a National Health Care program was passed in utter defiance of public support, rammed through the legislative process by one party rather than by any sort of consensus. We have also watched the reinforcement of a system comprised of employers and employees, of wage-earners rather than independent, self-sufficient and truly “self-employed” citizens. And we have also watched the unimaginable growth of government as it has insinuated itself into every aspect of our lives.

One of Chesterton’s strongest objections to the Insurance Act was the increase in taxes to those who could scarcely afford to have any of their income taken from them, even if it was to be used for something specific like health care. The tax prevented a man from paying for other needs he had that might be just as important as medical care. He was being forced to pay for medical care that he might not need. What other things that he did not need would the State decide he must also pay for?

Chesterton pointed out that a compulsory Health Insurance Act was first passed in Germany. It followed another compulsory act that was also first passed in Germany: compulsory education. Chesterton was a vocal opponent of state-sponsored compulsory education, for the same reasons he was against a national health insurance. It was an attack on freedom. It gave the government too much power, and it took away a basic freedom from the citizen. The liberal argument was that the State was providing a valuable service. Chesterton’s counter-argument was that though the State was providing education, it was the State’s education. Though it was providing medicine, it was a forced medicine. With a compulsory insurance, he argued, people were being forced to pay to be protected against themselves.

People are often willing to trade freedom for security. But the problem is that it is usually someone else trading our freedom for our security.

Although Chesterton found himself allied with the conservatives on the issue of health care, he might point out now that one of the reasons we have gotten into the present mess was that health care became an industry, controlled by large corporations rather than independent practitioners, and every industry tends to grow till it forms an alliance with big government. When health care started becoming too expensive, the solution was supposed to be health insurance. But insurance quickly made health care even more expensive. On the one hand, the medical industry stopped worrying about being affordable; on the other, a new layer of private bureaucracy and overhead was added that also needed to be paid for.

Is there a solution? Yes. There is one drastic solution. But sometimes issues of health require drastic measures. The health care system needs radical surgery. The honest thing to do is do away with health insurance. Doctors and hospitals and clinics should start selling a product that people can afford, and that they should not have to buy unless they actually need the product. It should not cost a thousand dollars to treat an ingrown toenail. But it does. It should not cost $30,000 to set a broken arm. But it does. Ours is a system that cannot be sustained. That is why the government feels justified to step in.

Chesterton prophesied this very scenario. He warns that the State cannot become a Universal Provider without becoming just another big shop. The one thing we’ve seen about big shops is that they collapse. We can avoid the big collapse if we start getting small again. We might even get healthy again.

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First Friday

Aunt _____came by today to bring us Holy Communion. We prayed the act of contrition and I rec’d. Husband isn’t well.He was in bed so we let him sleep.Sorry he missed her.She asked about him.

Had good news today too.Friend from Florida called and he’s in the process of buying a very nice home for his family. He’s been approved but has one step to go.i have to pray for him.It’s a very nice home,a good price and move in ready. His wife is very excited. I know it would be a huge let down for them if the final step weren’t taken.

We’re still jumping through hoops for a long shot on the home we’re hoping for.I have the feeling we are going to be turned down. We’re still sending in documents.Seems like a ton of them.

This is why i say we are jumping through hoops.It would take a miracle for us to get approved.

I just hope it isn’t all for naught. 
Friend and i talked some politics. Mostly about his home this time.

I also hope Aunt _____will bring communion again.It is  the one chance i have had to see her.The last time i saw her was when her husband passed away.

I’ll be back tonight for another blog post.When the aide goes home for the day and husband is settled in(out of my hair).

Next Tues i go in for an eye exam.I will be so glad to get glasses again. It’s hard to see anything and my eyes get so tired on the computer especially after reading some.I also haven’t figured out how to adjust the monitor.It’s far too dark.I will have to give the mfg a ring.

(Lost the manual).



the body,blood,soul and divinity of Christ

“..the child grew and became strong.”


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Allen West “Obama, Americans are seeing you as an incompetent, unethical, manipulative, lying tyrant”

Allen West Republic


by Allen West on December 5, 2013

Yesterday, President Barack Obama showed once again his desperation regarding Obamacare. In a completely unnecessary speech, he attempted to shift the nation’s attention and re-stoke the fires of economic divisiveness which he defines as “inequality.”

Instead, all he managed to do was solidify his image as a Marxist/socialist whose only goal is wealth redistribution. It’s as if Obama sees himself as the school principal, angry with the kids who are excelling and making good grades.

He feels it’s his calling to punish those earning A grades, regardless of the long hours of studying, discipline, and hard work they’ve invested. Principal Obama wants to be popular with kids making D and F grades. Instead of promoting a new school policy of tutoring and mentoring, he just wants to redistribute the grades. In the end, he believes he’ll be able to create an entire school…

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The New Obamacare Red Herring | Fox Business

Beware of the new argument from backers of health reform that people are seeing policies canceled due to “ordinary turnover in both individual and small group plans before there was an Obamacare law,” as one pundit put it recently.

Those arguments are incorrect. The law and its enactment are fueling the cancellations of millions of policies across the country. Here’s what’s going on.

The Federal Register on June 17, 2010, noted an estimate that says “a variety of studies indicate that between 40% and 67% of policies are in effect for less than one year,” referring to individual policies that turn over.

But the Register went on to say that “the percentage of individual market policies losing grandfather status in a given year exceeds the 40% to 67% range.” That means those policies will not be compliant with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and therefore won’t be grandfathered because their cost-sharing items like co-payments are out of whack with the new law’s standards.

via The New Obamacare Red Herring | Fox Business.

Special Request

Special Request

I would like to ask those who stop here to offer up an intercessory prayer to Bishop Fulton Sheen.This prayer is for a little boy who has a very aggressive brain tumor and has been sent home to hospice. Here is the message.The names are removed for their confidentiality:

The family is hoping desperately for a miracle. They are getting set up with hospice to come to the house once he’s released from the hospital. I believe in miracles,____, but they seem to be rare occurrences. But yes, we’ll continue to pray, of course. They do happen.

One thing to add to your prayers please is that if God does not grant a miracle,____ does not pass on Thanksgiving or Christmas or until after the season is over, for the sake of his parents and two younger brothers. God Bless You

I also have 2 other prayer requests. Here I would ask you to ask for the intercessory prayer of St Joseph. We are trying to get financing for a home.It will be our very first home. It’s smaller than the rental we live in;but there are only 2 of us and it’s all we need. There is still a guest room for company. It’s in great condition and has a terrific back yard.Yes, we have SOME yard here but most of it is cement and a driveway next door. It’s a commercial residence; the parking would be mostly for customers. It’s nice to have the extra parking space but not necessary.Plus we have a boxer. I think he’d like the yard better. The mortgage payment would save us financially.It’s less than the rent and that includes the taxes and insurance. It will take nothing short of miracle for us to be approved. I would be content to stay where we are if we have to. On the other hand it’s a terrific deal and less monthly payment.

The other prayer request is for our aide. She is searching for her sister.They were separated at a very young age.I am hoping they can be reunited for Christmas this year. Her website is here with her story->http://boxerpaw6.wix.com/search4sister-susan

Image(animated gif.click to view)

Please say a very special prayer for my family. We have a lot of old wounds that have never healed.We all need prayer.I will keep all of you in mine.