Yes,definitely inspired.

What a day. Dr appointment.Think the world of the man but he spelled it out for me. Go with the flow. This laissez faire treatment plan is not going to work well.He said to go to bed,take tylenol and sleep for awhile.OK. I can do that. I was hoping for a medication they recommended from the ER but he’s one of those physicians that is not big on meds.I normally balk at the mention of pills but I was making an exception today.The one time I would actually comply he decides he doesn’t want to treat menneire’s with pills. Good man but i have to admit i was disgusted.I put on a happy face.I like him too much and he’s one of the better doctors I have met. He did say I could find a doctor that would give me this particular med.I will give that a go. The taxi was a half hour getting there to bring me home.Husband was out of town getting his leg lanced or his aide would have taken me to the appointment.He had knee surgery some time ago.Then he had a treatment for his DVT.The DVT laparoscopy was a piece of cake.It seems that the bump on his leg was not caused by the DVT treatment but it set off whatever happened during the knee surgery he had previously.Now we have to get in touch with THAT doctor. I would recommend the DVT treatment he had to anyone. Will go through the procedure another day-it’s amazing what they can do now. 

When I got home ordered my brother’s Christmas gift. I won’t even get into that nightmare with the bank Thankfully,It all worked out.He will be getting Killing Jesus for Christmas. Next on the list today was a ton of papers to fax over to a mortgage company that is working on our application for a home. Agent recommend her.I take it there must be a reason.I don’t think it’s going to fly even after all these hoops we’ve jumped through but we’re going to keep jumping for now.It’s the LAST attempt. I would be content to stay here.The banks are too picky anymore.There are houses all over our town for sale and they sit for ages.It’s a shame.

Long day to say the least.

Tomorrow i have to have eye exam and get glasses(again). Thankfully that is all the appointments for the week on my end.Husband has a few more to go.He never gets a break.One day-Tues.A few phone calls to make tomorrow too. I can hardly wait(sarcasm).You know the routine press 1 for English. Then they tell you their menu options have changed.Not that it matters because you are going to go through the same list of 6 different dept none of which are related to what you are actually calling about.They put you on hold-play that atrocious music,interrupted by “thank you for your patience” every few minutes.When it’s all said and done one of two things have happened: there is a miracle and you talk to a live person.The other is that you have to leave a voice mail. It’s even better when you can’t understand the person on the other end and they obviously can’t understand you either.Can we hire some folks from America? You know;our native country that speaks our native language.



GOOD NEWS:Brother got back from his trip safe and sound.Always A relief to hear that.

I still have to send him an email tonight.I’ve blogged so much I hate to say i really don’t feel like writing another word but we press on. I wrote a  couple blog entries at blogger re the Pope being called a Marxist.Am furious.

Well has been a long day.I should write that email and call it a night.Go in the room and lay down just like the doctor ordered.


ACLU Sues, Claiming Catholic Hospitals Put Women At Risk : Shots – Health News : NPR

The American Civil Liberties Union has decided to go directly to the source of its unhappiness with the way women are treated in Catholic hospitals. It\’s suing the nation\’s Catholic bishops.

The and the have filed suit in charging that the forces hospitals to deliver what amounts to substandard medical care.

Directly at issue are the bishops\’ \”,\” which among other things forbid Catholic hospitals to perform abortions, even if the pregnant woman\’s life or health is at risk.

via ACLU Sues, Claiming Catholic Hospitals Put Women At Risk : Shots – Health News : NPR.

NOTE: It’s  an article from NPR.I’m going to take the next few days and get BOTH sides of the story before I make any comments.

If the ACLU is going to sue Catholic hospitals just to further their agenda there may come a day when Catholic Hospitals will close down. We’ve already lost Catholic adoption agencies.Believe me,this is only the beginning.