Sent Email To A Supposed Job Offer

wrote the gentleman as follows:

“no calls,no replies. I checked your site out again.Nothing is up so far.
You were going to send me a blog i wrote that needed correction. Didn’t come.
You were going to call. Didn’t.
Then you said you’d be in touch.Haven’t heard a word since then either by phone or email.
I asked about salary.You told me. I said that was fine.
You haven’t said whether I was hired or NOT.
I’ve really been left in the dark here and very anxious. My husband and I had all our hopes pinned on this,especially with Christmas but even the bills.It would have been fine if you had just told me I was turned down. Nothing.
We’re not well people here.The job was a life line to two people who are limited in what they can do.
The last time my husband made a comment re the job you seemed angry he said anything and the email i sent you re what he thought. Sorry,but he sticks up for me when it comes down to it.
I explained to him that you were very busy and had a lot on your plate but you WOULD be getting back to me.
I don’t know how long Opera will permit ppl to use their email account here.Pls use the live address. has been having some serious problems lately.
You can reply here though:__________(new email address i won’t publish here)
I will assume that if this does not get a response from you that I may as well hang it up and we’ll see where we can go from here. I’ve put so much of my hopes on the job that I’m not angry.Just crushed.”
More on the little saga tomorrow. For today I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt but it smells just a tad fishy.I never trust anything on the internet.It’s seldom legit. The person in question here looked above board. Checked out what I could and this one time I went ahead and contacted the person.No money involved(that’s dead)so it seemed like a legitimate job offer.It’s a good rule of thumb that if any ‘company’ requests money up front that it’s a scam. The gentleman made it clear they weren’t asking for a dime. As i said,everything about the offer seemed legit and I like to think the best about people.