How DID we get Obama?(someone asked on Twitter)

actually the tweeter asked how did we get the Marxist,meaning Obama?

People voted for him because they ‘liked’ him.

Obama said he was going to fundamentally transform America

He said it was good when you spread the wealth around(income redistribution)

He said he didn’t know William Ayers.He threw his preacher under the bus,Rev Wright. Obama said he never heard a word(after 20 yrs).
Then he was re-elected after he said if he didn’t get the unemployment rate down  to vote for someone else.He didn’t but let’s be honest. That was all talk. As we now know the Census Bureau fudged the no right before the election so he could tout his accomplishment. Anyone with a lick of brains knew it didn’t add up.
Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear KNEW the media was covering up for him.In fact you could tell they were campaigning for him.How did ppl miss it?

What about the scandals BEFORE the election? Fast and Furious and Benghazi were right out there. Voters gave him a pass.

They bought the stories. So how did a Marxist-at the least a lawless,corrupt or inept President-get RE elected? People vote for candidates now based on whether they like them or not;cult of personality.The more celeb a candidate has the more likely it is they will get elected.It’s like American Idol now. Forget character,integrity, competence,honesty. Doesn’t matter.As long as people “like” you.How did Obama get elected the FIRST time?
He was the NOT Bush.People hated Bush and even though Obama was not running against Bush(his term was up.DUH)he used Bush to run against. It obviously worked.

It was a historic election.He played that up.

His little foot soldiers played the race card.I know.They were told to “get in our faces” and call us racist if we opposed him.They did.

BTW.They STILL do.

I still believe there was voter fraud involved but the main reason Obama got elected is because voters don’t do their homework.They’re spoon fed. Some ppl didn’t get out to vote.People who stayed home got him elected. People bought his LIES.I can’t fault them too much for that because he’s good at it and he had the media help him. Still,all semi good excuses aside, people should question and look closely at a candidate whether the mainstream media is doing their job or not.(As we know with the state run media, it’s most likely,NOT)When they start praising the person that’s running; red flags should go up. It’s their job to investigate,not promote.If the media looks like their campaigning for a candidate…

wake up

Here’s a heads up. It’s ok to like a candidate but it’s not the main or only reason we should vote for a person.It’s one quality among many.