Monitor Arrived,Computer Didn’t.

I checked with Wal mart and it looks like the computer that was supposed to arrive on Friday will now be here Sat. Probably due to the weather. I have been planning to write a blog entry called the Rabid Feminist but with the computer sharing schedule being what it is-It will have to wait until Saturday. Haven’t forgotten. Still have it all wrapped up in the old noodle.

I’ll be off for a couple days unless by some MIRACLE the computer comes Thur or Fri.


Allen West “The health insurance industry is being decimated due to Obama’s intentional incompetence”

Allen West 2016. He’s been right out there about Obama from the beginning and had his Senate seat stolen away from him. The service the man has given to the country is remarkable.He deserves better(and so do we)

Allen West Republic

AW Cavuot

Written by Allen West

When a policy is failing how do President Obama and his acolytes solve the issue? Fabricate positive press, of course. The Obama campaign machine is desperately kicking in overtime to combat the truth, or as they classify it, “bad press” on Obamacare.

First of all, Organizing for Action has received marching orders to “get into people’s faces” and talk about Obamacare over Thanksgiving dinner. That approach will give new meaning to the term food fight. (Oh, and by the way, during a conference call with supporters, Obama claimed 100 million people have signed up, which is only off by a factor of …um…a thousand or so)

Apparently event the AARP has been sending out “Evites” to have parents and grandparents guilt-trip the younger generations to sign up for Obamacare, as families gather for turkey day dinner.

Can’t you just see this image, “Bobby and Susie, Grandma made her…

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Last night on this computer

Husband has asked me to wait until my own computer is delivered. I have to wrap this up quickly then. I checked the tracking no and at first it was going to be delivered Friday. Now it’s saying Sat. I think there is a weather delay.The monitor arrived today.Not that it does me much good.

What I could use is some patience for husband. He has none.

Sometimes he doesn’t have any heart either.

I need to mention something very important here and I hope you will share. My husband’s aide is searching for her sister.They have been separated for 35 yrs.I set up a website for her and she put in her info. PLS share this with as many people as possible.

Maybe someone-even her sister-will recognize who she is talking about and get in touch.


Back on Sat!