Random Assaults

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You might find something in this analysis you believe is wrong. Like to hear your comments. I’ve been known to be wrong. I do something assinine at least a few times per month. I sometimes do things with the best of intentions and it turns out to be fairly stupid; after i go ahead and do the idea realize it wasn’t thought through well enough. Always open to honest criticism.

That said, here’s the analysis up for consideration. We need to talk about these random assaults on innocent people we’ve been seeing in the news lately. I will not call it by it’s street name because it’s not a game. It’s a CRIME.

Greta Van Sustren called out to the President On the Record and asked him to step in and address it. I’m not holding my breathe but i agree with her. Howvever,i think the solutions are going to come locally not top down.

People need to get involved. I don’t know much about law but it seems to me there should be a category for this type of crime. Sometimes it ends up with a murder charge. I also saw one of the  perpetrators on another news report. He talked very frankly about what he did. He’s serving 1 yr. for the assault. I was a little bit taken aback by his answer as to why he did it. I didn’t get the expected answers. He said several things. One was his drug involvement and the bad group he ran with. He wasn’t putting off the blame. He was only pointing out the factors. He also said he was pressured and ended up going along.Something that happens with a group or mob mentality.After that he said events took over. He got caught up. I suppose it was to look like the big shot in front of his peers too. I think i even heard him mention boredom. They weren’t any reasons i would have surmised. The drug part i get and it’s infuriating(don’t even mention legalizing marijuana to me). Drugs have taken a terrible toll on our country and legalizing them will not make things better. Our society has become permissive enough.

The other solution is to teach kids values. We all have to learn to stand up for what is right even when it’s difficult and not make what our peers think the be all and end all. Maybe we need to teach young males what it means to be a man. We all have to be able to go to that inner voice that says this is wrong even when 50 people are saying go for it.

We also have to show youth that celebrity is not everything. I think part of this rash of assaults is the n it gets-and the internet helps that along. They post the incident on you tube and get millions of hits. I wonder what that says about the people who would want to watch this?

Somebody gets hurt-even killed-and the kid that does it goes to jail. That’s not entertainment.

Maybe better role models would help?

Crime is nothing to be proud of.

My next question is;why aren’t these ppl in school? Why aren’t they volunteering to do community service? There’s a lot of hurting people out there they could help. They might not get the notoriety  they get on you tube or being in the news but that’s the point. We do good things even when no one is watching.We really do need to have the discussion and get something going.

That’s just my .02 worth and i’d love to hear yours.Maybe we should look at the affect of video games,music(what’s the messages they’re getting)and gratuitous violence in films. Maybe we need to  get some real commitments from the producers  if they share some of the responsibility.Money talks i guess.

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