Millennials (watched Hannity’s live audience)

I watched Sean Hannity’s live audience show the other night-they’re always great btw. Don’t miss them. He had an audience of a group of young people referred to as Millennials on.I personally don’t see the need to give groups of people from a particular generation a name but it seems to be the way it goes lately. Anyway it was a lively group of young adults. Sean gave them a wide range of issues but the emphasis was  on economics for the better part of the show.

He used a lighting round to bring up the social issues. I want to focus on those social issues. He mentioned birth control,abortion,same sex marriage and legalizing marijuana came up too.

What i didn’t hear from  even one of the people was the idea of waiting for marriage. I was hoping to at least hear how these relationships were not good for young people or for our society at large.

I thought maybe some of the female members would mention how birth control and abortion has hurt women.

One of the women did mention she was not pro abortion but choice. Verbal engineering. You can name it what you like but it’s still pro abortion. They made it sound like fun-there were plenty of giggles-but i didn’t hear much discussion about the consequences these behaviors have.

I wish these young adults would learn how moral values played a part in the founding of our country.  Our founding fathers relied heavily on their religious beliefs,if not moral principles, to write our founding documents. The Constitution,The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights are all based on moral principles.
They were definitely guided by them. It’s undeniable thought some people still try.

Once you bring this up you usually hear about how conservatives(almost always)are trying to shove moral values down people’s throats. Nobody is trying to shove anything. i believe we need to have the discussion because we’re looking at immoral principles guiding our country today.

When you don’t present the citizens with a foundation of right and wrong. When you don’t socialize the citizens with a recognition of good and evil for the country at large you lose your way. You get corruption from top to bottom.

We’d have to have blinders on not to see it. Then you end up with the small meaningless laws like banning soda pop,foods, long standing traditions and things we would normally do in our every day lives. While the corruption infiltrates so many institutions large and small and then it creeps into our every day lives. It becomes a matter of what people can get away with.We begin to accept it.

Has our country always lived up to the ideals that were spelled out in those documents? Of course not. Does that mean we throw them out the window? Never. The founding documents are SACROSANCT.

We at least need to have the discussion.  Our colleges and universities are open to every crazy idea out there anyway. How did this one become off limits?

A good point that came up was how these new laws are affecting people who conscientiously object. For instance Catholics-who in good conscience-have the freedom to reject the laws that violate their conscience.

A soldier who conscientiously objects to a certain war based on religious beliefs does not have to participate in battle. He cannot be forced.It ‘s a violation of freedom of conscience to force by law other people to pay for something,  accept something or even provide something  that they consider  gravely immoral. Other people are free to accept or pay for what we consider a gravely immoral act.We need to have that discussion too.