Kinda late,don’t you think?

I hear reports that people are saying had they known they would lose their insurance they’d have voted Romney. Kinda late,don’t you think?
What did people think he meant when he said he was going to “fundamentally transform America”?

Right there should have been it. Then  he told Joe the Plumber it was “good to spread the wealth around.” (Income redistribution).What better way to do that than grab 1/6 of the US Economy.

IF the first Obama comment didn’t send shivers down  your spine the 2nd one should have caused one to pause and think.

I don’t know how we could do it but it’d be a great idea to get Obama out of office legally. Besides elections that is and long before the 3 yr is up and he totally wrecks our country.He won by fraud. I think LYING to get elected comes under the heading of fraud doesn’t it? There must be a legal way. Impeachment would help.

Here was a great President.He wasn’t flawless but at least he had some grasp of what it means to be President.


Too bad Obama doesn’t get that.

PLS people. Do NOT stay home in 2014(BEGGING) This is going to be THE most important election of our lifetime. I wouldn’t even worry too much about the Pres election in 2016 yet. We have to get the LAWLESS Obama administration under control. It’s too consequential. We can’t stay home!

pledgeAllen West could be our next Kennedy. I can hope.

When Insane men control Nuclear Weapons | Walid ShoebatWalid Shoebat

When Insane men control Nuclear Weapons

By Shoebat Foundation on November 24, 2013 in Blog, General

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has termed the Iran nuclear deal as an ‘Historic mistake’. Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton calls the deal one of ‘abject surrender’ by the United States. Israel’s Foreign Minister calls this deal the ‘biggest diplomatic victory’ for Iran in years.

This insane man ain\’t got nothin\’ on the Iranian Mullahs.

This insane man ain’t got nothin’ on the Iranian Mullahs.

Moreover, you know something is amiss when Saudi Arabia and Israel are becoming allies over this deal.

In essence, insane men are being empowered to develop nuclear weapons and use them based on their ideology, which leads us to a scene from the 1983 film The Dead Zone, based on a novel by Stephen King.

For some backdrop… The character played by Christopher Walken is named John Smith. After an automobile accident that kept him in a coma for five years, Smith awoke with the power to see the future by touching another person’s hand.

That leads to Greg Stillson, the character played by Martin Sheen. In the film, Sheen is an ambitious politician who is running for a seat in the U.S. Senate. With his curiosity piqued, Walken walks over to a scheduled campaign stop for Stillson. When the candidate walks by on his way to the stump, Walken shakes his hand and sees Stillson at Camp David in the future as President of the United States, plotting to launch nuclear missiles to fulfill his twisted vision.

The Iranian Mullahs who have just been given the green light to pursue nuclear weapons are even more insane than Stillson because of their religious beliefs:


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The Alarms should be going off

this is a quick post and it’s going to be short but i have to bring it up. No doubt. Obamacare is a nightmare.Get that. The Democrats went nuclear in the Senate.Get that too.

The one that REALLY alarms me is that the media has had to file a complaint with the Obama administration about being denied access to White House events. Why? The White House is putting out propaganda. There’s a word for that…STATE RUN MEDIA. This should scare the daylights out of everyone regardless of party.I don’t care if you’re the most liberal Democrat on the planet. State run media spells trouble. Besides,what was the claim Obama made about his was going to be THE most transparent administration in history. They’re definition must be different than ours. What they mean is you can see everything that is going on from our paid journalists-but not from INDEPENDENT sources. Sorry,pal. There’s nothing transparent about it.

Think about it ppl. We should ALL be up in Washington with pitchforks.

If voters knew they’d lose insurance, Romney would have won | The Daily Caller

If voters had been aware last year that they might lose their health-care plans when Obamacare went into effect, Republican President Mitt Romney would be sitting in the White House today, according to a poll released Friday.

A Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research survey conducted from Nov. 18-20 asked voters who supported President Barack Obama in 2012: “As you may know, millions of Americans have lost their insurance plans despite President Obama’s promise that, quote, ‘if you like your plan, you can keep it.’ If you knew in 2012 that this promise was not true, would you still have voted for Barack Obama?”

In response, 23 percent said they would not have voted to re-elect Obama, while 72 percent said they would still have voted for him. The largest number of defections were among female voters ages 18-54, 31 percent of whom said they would not have supported the president.

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The Bottom Line Is This

stay the hell away from drugs if you want to have a life.

It’s not cool-it’s stupid. It’s not fun-dying isn’t half as fun as doing all the things young people can do.Life is short enough.

Do not legalize ANY drugs except those prescribed by a doctor and use as directed.

Permissiveness has gotten us here.

If a celebrity is doing drugs or getting into trouble they’ve got huge problems. Maybe a better role model is in order. They’re sick.

Deadly effects of synthetic drugs masked by innocent-sounding names | Fox News

Designer, synthetic drugs such as bath salts, Spice, and Molly are all highly dangerous and addictive but manufacturers of these drugs would have you think otherwise. They often give the drugs harmless, even humorous, names to lure the unsuspecting customer.

Synthetic marijuana or ‘Spice’ can be found on store shelves labeled as “K2,” ‘Scooby Snax,’ and ‘Mr. Smiley.” It’s marketed mostly to kids and teens in packages that sport cartoonish images like The Joker, smiley faces and even Scooby Doo. Many think ‘Spice’ isn’t dangerous or illegal because it can be purchased in tobacco shops, convenience stores and gas stations.

Harmless herbs sprayed with deadly chemicals, the drug can leave patients catatonic or in some cases, dead. Psychotic episodes, extreme agitation, anxiety, and difficulty breathing have also been reported. And making matters worse, very little is known about synthetic marijuana or how to treat an adverse reaction or overdose. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, the number of calls to poison centers related to synthetic drugs soared from about 3,200 in 2010 to more than 13,000 in 2011.

“I can’t let another child overdose. \”

– Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi

In Colorado, “Fox Files” sat down with Stephane Colbert, whose 19-year-old son Nicholas died after smoking ‘Mr. Smiley.’

“I\’m so surprised at how many people have not heard of this,” she said. “It boggles my mind.”

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi told “Fox Files” that she first heard of these synthetic drugs soon after being sworn into office. She received a disturbing letter from a local Sheriff. “Two months into office, I got one from Sheriff [Frank] McKeithen in Bay County, a small county in the Panhandle. And he started talking about this thing called bath salts, and I had never heard of it. And he said, ‘These things are a hallucinogenic. Kids think they can fly.’ And he was scared to death because spring break was coming up, and you have got teenagers in high rises who are hallucinating.”

Attorney General Bondi immediately sprang into action. She said, “I can’t let another child overdose. I called the sheriff the next morning and he drove three hours straight over to my office. And we sent two FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) agents into the Tallahassee Mall. They bought this stuff legally. They took it back to the lab, they tested it, and they said, ‘Pam, this is synthetic heroin, LSD, acid.’”

This began her fight to make synthetic cathinones, chemical compounds found in bath salts, and synthetic cannabinoids, found in ‘Spice,’ illegal in her state. As attorney general, Bondi has the ability to create an emergency order and, with a stroke of a pen, make these substances illegal. Around February of 2011 she did just that.

“So we signed an emergency order, and outlawed around 20 compounds,\” Bondi said. \”They got it off the shelves in the Panhandle before spring break hit. But then, sure enough it’s such a money maker for these drug dealers wearing white coats, these chemists, that it infiltrated our state.”

Since that first emergency order, Bondi has since outlawed more than 127 compounds. Her fight against these drugs seems to be working. In October of this year, Bondi outlawed only two new compounds. She explains, “Instead of having to go in and outlaw hundreds of them, we only had two more here in Florida. So, we’re catching up with them. So what we’re doing is we are driving them underground. So instead of selling them on top of the counter, which they were legally doing, now they are having to sell them, under the counter, by unscrupulous store clerks. “

Bondi took “Fox Files” correspondent Heather Nauert on a raid of a convenience store in Zephyrhills, Florida that netted over 200 packets of “Spice.” But Bondi’s fight is far from over however. The FDLE, along with other law enforcement agencies, continue to work to keep these illegal drugs out of the hands of children, teens and adults.

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Random Assaults

i posted this one over at my good friend’s(and terrific person)Conservative Junction site. (Consider joining…beats facebook)

Am re-posting here:

You might find something in this analysis you believe is wrong. Like to hear your comments. I’ve been known to be wrong. I do something assinine at least a few times per month. I sometimes do things with the best of intentions and it turns out to be fairly stupid; after i go ahead and do the idea realize it wasn’t thought through well enough. Always open to honest criticism.

That said, here’s the analysis up for consideration. We need to talk about these random assaults on innocent people we’ve been seeing in the news lately. I will not call it by it’s street name because it’s not a game. It’s a CRIME.

Greta Van Sustren called out to the President On the Record and asked him to step in and address it. I’m not holding my breathe but i agree with her. Howvever,i think the solutions are going to come locally not top down.

People need to get involved. I don’t know much about law but it seems to me there should be a category for this type of crime. Sometimes it ends up with a murder charge. I also saw one of the  perpetrators on another news report. He talked very frankly about what he did. He’s serving 1 yr. for the assault. I was a little bit taken aback by his answer as to why he did it. I didn’t get the expected answers. He said several things. One was his drug involvement and the bad group he ran with. He wasn’t putting off the blame. He was only pointing out the factors. He also said he was pressured and ended up going along.Something that happens with a group or mob mentality.After that he said events took over. He got caught up. I suppose it was to look like the big shot in front of his peers too. I think i even heard him mention boredom. They weren’t any reasons i would have surmised. The drug part i get and it’s infuriating(don’t even mention legalizing marijuana to me). Drugs have taken a terrible toll on our country and legalizing them will not make things better. Our society has become permissive enough.

The other solution is to teach kids values. We all have to learn to stand up for what is right even when it’s difficult and not make what our peers think the be all and end all. Maybe we need to teach young males what it means to be a man. We all have to be able to go to that inner voice that says this is wrong even when 50 people are saying go for it.

We also have to show youth that celebrity is not everything. I think part of this rash of assaults is the n it gets-and the internet helps that along. They post the incident on you tube and get millions of hits. I wonder what that says about the people who would want to watch this?

Somebody gets hurt-even killed-and the kid that does it goes to jail. That’s not entertainment.

Maybe better role models would help?

Crime is nothing to be proud of.

My next question is;why aren’t these ppl in school? Why aren’t they volunteering to do community service? There’s a lot of hurting people out there they could help. They might not get the notoriety  they get on you tube or being in the news but that’s the point. We do good things even when no one is watching.We really do need to have the discussion and get something going.

That’s just my .02 worth and i’d love to hear yours.Maybe we should look at the affect of video games,music(what’s the messages they’re getting)and gratuitous violence in films. Maybe we need to  get some real commitments from the producers  if they share some of the responsibility.Money talks i guess.

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Millennials (watched Hannity’s live audience)

I watched Sean Hannity’s live audience show the other night-they’re always great btw. Don’t miss them. He had an audience of a group of young people referred to as Millennials on.I personally don’t see the need to give groups of people from a particular generation a name but it seems to be the way it goes lately. Anyway it was a lively group of young adults. Sean gave them a wide range of issues but the emphasis was  on economics for the better part of the show.

He used a lighting round to bring up the social issues. I want to focus on those social issues. He mentioned birth control,abortion,same sex marriage and legalizing marijuana came up too.

What i didn’t hear from  even one of the people was the idea of waiting for marriage. I was hoping to at least hear how these relationships were not good for young people or for our society at large.

I thought maybe some of the female members would mention how birth control and abortion has hurt women.

One of the women did mention she was not pro abortion but choice. Verbal engineering. You can name it what you like but it’s still pro abortion. They made it sound like fun-there were plenty of giggles-but i didn’t hear much discussion about the consequences these behaviors have.

I wish these young adults would learn how moral values played a part in the founding of our country.  Our founding fathers relied heavily on their religious beliefs,if not moral principles, to write our founding documents. The Constitution,The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights are all based on moral principles.
They were definitely guided by them. It’s undeniable thought some people still try.

Once you bring this up you usually hear about how conservatives(almost always)are trying to shove moral values down people’s throats. Nobody is trying to shove anything. i believe we need to have the discussion because we’re looking at immoral principles guiding our country today.

When you don’t present the citizens with a foundation of right and wrong. When you don’t socialize the citizens with a recognition of good and evil for the country at large you lose your way. You get corruption from top to bottom.

We’d have to have blinders on not to see it. Then you end up with the small meaningless laws like banning soda pop,foods, long standing traditions and things we would normally do in our every day lives. While the corruption infiltrates so many institutions large and small and then it creeps into our every day lives. It becomes a matter of what people can get away with.We begin to accept it.

Has our country always lived up to the ideals that were spelled out in those documents? Of course not. Does that mean we throw them out the window? Never. The founding documents are SACROSANCT.

We at least need to have the discussion.  Our colleges and universities are open to every crazy idea out there anyway. How did this one become off limits?

A good point that came up was how these new laws are affecting people who conscientiously object. For instance Catholics-who in good conscience-have the freedom to reject the laws that violate their conscience.

A soldier who conscientiously objects to a certain war based on religious beliefs does not have to participate in battle. He cannot be forced.It ‘s a violation of freedom of conscience to force by law other people to pay for something,  accept something or even provide something  that they consider  gravely immoral. Other people are free to accept or pay for what we consider a gravely immoral act.We need to have that discussion too.

America’s longest-married couple to celebrate 81st anniversary –

John and Ann Betar eloped on Nov. 25, 1932, fleeing their close-knit Syrian neighborhood in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and driving as fast as they could to Harrison, New York, to avoid Ann\’s father\’s plans to marry her off to a man 20 years older.

Now, as their 81st wedding anniversary approaches on Monday, the couple, named on Valentine\’s Day by Worldwide Marriage Encounter as 2013\’s \”longest married couple\” in America, can only laugh as they look back on the commotion they caused.

\”Everyone was hopping mad, and my wife\’s aunt consoled my father-in-law by telling him not to worry, the marriage won\’t last,\” chuckled John Betar, now 102 and still driving \”though not quite as fast as the day we got married.\”

Ann Betar, 98, said she \”had no choice but to elope because my father was set on me marrying a much older man, and I was 17. John was not the boy next door, but the boy across the street who I loved,\” she said.

\”He was 21 and used to drive me to high school in his Ford Roadster,\” she added.

\”That\’s why she married me, she loved that car,\” joked John Betar, as he sat on a couch holding his wife\’s hand in the waterfront house they have shared since 1964.

The day the couple tied the knot, the Great Depression was in full swing, \”King Kong\” had yet to shake up the silver screen, and future U.S. President John F. Kennedy was just a high school student.

\”We have watched the world change together,\” said John Betar. \”The key is to always agree with your wife.\”  [Yep,he’ right]

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