I came across a lovely photo of our mom right from the internet.(Sometimes i type in her name to see what comes up.Good thing I did) It was published in an article a local website did about our hospital. They took a picture of mom the day she was discharged. She spent a month there. The photo is copyrighted so I sent an email to the photographer and made a request for the picture. If he won’t send it to me then I will go ahead and buy it.

i can’t say I was thrilled with the way the particular hospital cared for her.Mom had a few words of her own about that. They really let her down.

After her discharge she passed away 3 months later. I wish now we had sent her to the American Cancer Treatment of America facility. She may have survived.

I also wish that i had gone over to see her the Monday night before I got the phone call. Regret that terribly. When i get the photo I am going to do a blog entry about her. She was a wonderful person.

The picture is awesome. It has to be the very last photo ever taken of her to my knowledge.Here’s a family photo that goes back a few years to a better time 🙂

678787420207_0_BGMom,Dad,Alexa & Matthew

Obama goes Nuclear

ImageEvery American-regardless of party-should be outraged by this move. However,the Republicans better make sure they win the majority in 2014 and do the happy dance. You see if they do then the Dems will have done something that Congress has never done-gone for the nuclear option and eliminated the only real power the minority has,the filibuster. IF they should win the majority in 2014 the Dems will have handed THEM the nuclear option Of course,the Dems will cry about it. Too bad. They asked for it,they got it. I don’t like being mean spirited but i think it’s time to fight back and fight hard. This is our country we’re fighting for. They play down,dirty with no ethics. All that matters is winning and imposing Obama’s will on the people.We do not need to go down the unethical path they have but we better start putting our dukes up.So far we’ve let Obama and the media steam roller us almost into oblivion. The country is gasping for air. Let’s drain the swamp the swamp for real and if they hand the Republicans a tool they should use it. So it bites the Dems in the butt.Who cares? Did Obama and the Dems listen when the people overwhelmingly rejected Obamacare? Did Obama use the IRS to target American citizens? Did Obama get the Census Bureau to fudge the employment no. for him? Did he LIE to the American people so he could win an election? Darn right he did.Why should we care what they think?