The “War On Women”

Let’s spell it out here people. The war on women? Let me see. Could it be all these young teenagers and kids getting pregnant and being left to fend for themselves or have an abortion? Could it be the media prodding them into uncommitted relationships telling them what ‘fun’ it is. Only to have them put in dire circumstances no youngster should have to face? Could it be telling the young men to  use these young women? There’s your war on women.

Here’s the solution. No government program necessary:

If you get her pregnant you marry her and raise the family. If you can’t do that then keep it in your pants like a real man.

Girls…unless you think having a guy tell you that you may as well stick your head in the oven and turn the gas on-that is, RUIN your life-maybe a BIG FAT NO would be helpful. Tell him you’re worth it. Say YES to yourself and have a fairly decent life ahead of you.

Otherwise you’re going to end up raising a kid by yourself,living in poverty or having to take the life of your unborn child that you know you could love but he doesn’t want.So much for the love.

Finally gals remember.A guy like this (not all guys are like this)will walk a mile for a piece and you just happen to be handy. Think he’s going to stick with you? In your dreams.

Have some respect for yourself and tell him to take a hike. You’ll meet a decent guy that way. It may take longer but you’re  worth it. He will treat you like you SHOULD be and at the least you won’t be left out there to fend for yourself.Your parents will help you through the tough times  but it won’t be as tough as it could end up being.

There ya go.That will put an end to the war on women.All you have to do, to avoid getting in trouble, is not put yourself in situations where you will be pressured. Enjoy being young and learning about life first. There is no rush.

You know all those sexy and trashy celebrities that look like they’re so ‘hot’ & seem to be so popular and famous? Don’t worry about them. There’s no reason to emulate them. It’s usually fleeting. They almost always,with a very few exceptions, end up miserable or worse,dead. Off to the rehab,  mug shut  or divorce court for them.In time they  get older[we ALL do] and lose all those looks.In about 20 yrs they’ll be has beens.