Maybe it’s time to shut off the world…and pray

Our country is going through a lot of upheaval right now. We have a president in free fall,of his own doing. Let’s be honest we elected him. Yep,the people who stayed home and didn’t bother to vote at all.You can almost blame them more than the Democrats.  Three groups got Obama elected.The people who didn’t care enough to vote and thought Romney wasn’t conservative enough. I guess a Marxist is. The aforementioned Democrats who fell in line.Last but not least low information voters who have no clue what is going on and don’t bother to look into the people they’re voting for.Now Obama is destroying the country. We better hope we get some decent people in Congress 2014 and stop the fools like Harry Reid.

Then there’s the Tragedy unfolding in the Philippines. I read Father Z’s blog and it’s so bad people are walking around like a movie of zombies except it’s very real and very horrible. As bad as things are here in the United States we have no idea how bad things CAN be. We need to pray for and help these people. There’s no way on earth we can abandoned them. IF you can’t donate,pray.

We all need prayers but these people especially.

Maybe spend some time saying Thanks and being grateful. I know lotts of little things bother me more than they should. Things that in the scheme of things really don’t matter as much as i think they do.If i were there and not fortunate enough to be born in the United States they wouldn’t matter at all.

Finally, I am sick of the overkill on Chris Christie. Ok,he’s the flavor of the month (Bernie Goldberg said it).He’s not the nominee yet and  I honestly am balking against another coronation when the process hasn’t begun yet. We’ve seen this movie before.I have one response GO WEST.

Now i was thinking about a vastly different scenario than the usual.Let’s suppose Christie does get the nomination(God forbid-although i’m certain God permitted Obama to be elected to get the American ppl to wake up).Then, let’s suppose my pick doesn’t run,that’s Allen West as in GO WEST 2016. There’s one way out. Cruz runs on a Tea Party ticket. Guess who gets my vote.

Not the Democrat which is crowned already too.Clinton.

Definitely NOT Gov Christie.

(I do hope West decides to make an announcement soon.)

It was all a very peculiar scenario that did cross my mind.It would be out of the ordinary but can’t say it would never happen.
All that said,it may be time to shut off the world and pray.Our country needs prayer.The people of the Philippines need prayer. The Catholic Church in the United States surely needs prayer with 4 or 5 Catholic governors embracing homosexual marriage-and 50% of Catholics saying they’re ok with it. Did these people ever get catechized? Have they even bothered to read the Catechism of the Catholic Church? Do they just not know what the Church teaches and can claim ignorance or they don’t care what the Church teaches? Add these people to the list that Pelosi,Biden, Sebelius and Christie are on(to name a few).

Pray for these people too AND try to inform them. Bishop Sheen warned us about acquiescing to evil.

I may not even turn on the news today.

There’s a light snow outside and it’s quite chilly in here …going back to bed. I didn’t even feel like writing today. It was not an especially good Monday and I was in no mood to write.Ended up writing a few blog posts anyway. Nothing about the reason for the grumps.No need to.Who wants to hear someone go off on a rant about a mundane matter? I don’t even like to hear myself rant about an inconvenience most people wouldn’t think twice about. Another good reason to pray.


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