bamboozled again? I don’t think so

Why do I get the feeling the GOP is going to shove another one of their slam dunks on us. Yes,Gov Christie has made quite a splash. Yes,the left will try to get us to turn against him. They will do that to everyone that might end up as the nominee. It doesn’t mean we can’t be honest about another coronation. Don’t let the left fool you-they crown their nominee too and the left falls in line like little sheep being led off to slaughter. They just turn it around on us more often than not. I have a newsflash for the GOP. I have made up my mind-thanks anyway-to support Allen B West if he decides to run for President.Christie has never been on my long or short list of possibilities. In fact he was on my list called NEVER.

I can see it coming a mile away.The nominating process hasn’t even begun yet and they’ve already planned to shove Christie in the forefront. As I have said several times,i have never missed voting since the voting age was dropped to 18. At 61 it would  be the first time in my life that I didn’t vote. My parents impressed on us kids about being good citizens. The Catholic Church teaches that we should be good citizens and that means voting with an informed conscience. i just figured the system would be more honest.

I have made up my mind and I hope we give the GOP the message loud and clear this time around.Let’s speak up. We don’t have to settle for scraps and just go along. I know we badly want a win. If we get the person best suited for the nomination we will.I happen to believe that person is Allen B. West(if he runs) If we settle again like we did the last 2 times we’ll be in the same boat.

Sorry GOP. Not falling for it this time.

Let me share the words of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. Think about them.


An Open Letter To Pres Obama

thank you for taking down the economy you promised to turn around,destroying the reputation of our country around the world and dividing the country with your nasty partisan language.Thank you for allowing us to be a country with more people on food assistance than it has been in years.Thank you for your lack of respect for our military.You could have been a great President and at the least gone down in history as our first black President.

Instead your are USING the office of President to fulfill YOUR dream of fundamentally transforming America.

I remember when you are on the campaign trail and ran into Joe(the Plumber)from Ohio.I heard you as plain as day that it was good for  the country when you spread the wealth around.

I knew exactly what that meant;the redistribution of wealth.It’s a Marxist concept.

Two problems with the concept Mr President:

1. you took an OATH when you were sworn into the office that the American people elected you to.The oath was to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

2. It is NOT your wealth to do with as you see fit. You did not invest one dime,one shred of equity or effort into creating that wealth. You did not risk anything to create it. You have no right to take what belongs to someone else and ‘spread it around.’

You divided the country more than it was too by  constantly reminding the American people of who won the election and your partisan rhetoric.You talk out of both sides of your mouth.In one speech you will talk about how the 2 parties should get along and then rip into the very people you pretend you want to get along with. I’ve never heard a President stoop so low.Most respect the office and try to rise above partisanship. The way you do this is unbecoming and divisive.

The American people are hurting for jobs.You ran for the White House because you wanted the job not because you inherited it.

Yet,instead of focusing on jobs, you attempt to change the greatest healthcare system in the world.Worse you LIED to the American people to do so,even the people who voted for you.

You lied so you could get elected and continued to lie so you could get it passed.

It is all about YOUR vision of America and what YOU think it should be. Obamacare is worse than we thought it might be-it’s not just the intended consequences (WHICH YOU KNEW)that are harming our country.It’s the unintended consequences  of playing with a complex system in a 2k page bill loaded with taxes and regulations.You took away choices Americans had because you believe that you know better. Where did you get the right?

You don’t tell the people of our country what you think is best FOR them.Good,bad or ugly it’s their RIGHT to make these choices for themselves.

Does the health insurance system need fixed? Of course it does.It wasn’t an excuse for you to shove a massive government program that undercuts our rights.

I don’t know how the country is going to survive this but our next President is going to have a lot on the plate. He will have to undo the damage you have done.We can only hope it can be undone.

 I doubt we’ll get a President who will waste precious time blaming the predecessor. We need someone who will take responsibility and get the country moving again. For me Mr President it takes hubris and arrogance to think that you have the right to tell people what you think is best for them.I bet most Americans would agree with that.

Finally,Mr President,the worst thing you have done-besides look the American people in the eye and lie to them-is  that you trampled on the rights we have as Americans. Freedom of speech,religion,press and assembly.

All we ask of you Mr President is to respect the office for which you were elected to SERVE. 

I hope in the next 3 yr of your term you will grasp that idea.Then you will have a legacy to be proud of. (Tell George Soros,who does not have America’s best interest at heart,to take a flying leap. Good start.Valerie Jarret(who got self admitted communist Van Jones into your administration) along with him.Also, when you say you will hold people accountable,pls do.It’s a sign of leadership)


The Life of Fr. Vincent Capodanno – The Grunt Padre

Over here [Vietnam] there is a written policy that if you get three Purple Hearts you go home within 48 hours. On Labor Day, our battalion ran into a world of trouble- when Father C. (Capodanno) arrived on the scene it was 500 Marines against 2500 North Vietnamese Army Regulars. Needless to say, we were constantly on the verge of being completely overrun and the Marines on several occasions had to advance in a retrograde movement. This left the dead and wounded outside the perimeter as the Marines slowly withdrew. Casualties were running high and Father C. had his work cut out for him. Early in the day, he was shot through the right hand which all but shattered his hand- one corpsman patched him up and tried to med evac him but Father C declined saying he had work to do. A few hours later, a mortar landed near him and left his right arm in shreds hanging from his side. Once again, he was patched up and once again he refused evacuation. There he was, moving slowly from wounded to dead to wounded using his left arm to support his right as he gave absolution or Last Rites, when he suddenly spied a corpsman get knocked down by the burst of an automatic weapon. The corpsman was shot in the leg and couldn\’t move and understandably panicked. Fr. C. ran out to him and positioned himself between the injured boy and the automatic weapon. Suddenly, the weapon opened up again and this time riddled Father C. from the back of his head to the base of his spine- and with his third Purple Heart of the day- Father C. went home.

via The Life of Fr. Vincent Capodanno – The Grunt Padre.

Caritas supporting Philippines relief following Typhoon Bopha – Yahoo Sport New Zealand

Catholic aid agency Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand has pledged $5000 to relief work after Typhoon Bopha hit the Philippines this week, and is accepting donations.

At least 310 people are reported dead, and 160,000 people were evacuated on the southern island of Mindanao. Winds of up to 250 km/hr caused flooding and damage to homes, businesses and farms.

‘We are working through our sister agencies NASSA and Catholic Relief Services on the ground who have sent joint teams to the affected areas,’ said Caritas Director Julianne Hickey.

Visiting the area of Suriago del Sur, NASSA (Caritas Philippines) Director Fr Edwin Gariguez said damage has been substantial.

‘Most of the coastal area has been affected. In the town of Nigig, only three out of 50 family homes are still standing,’ he said.

‘We have started to provide some people with rice and basic non-food items but we will need more time and effort to be able to help many affected people.’

However, transitional shelters built by NASSA following a tropical storm last December withstood the latest onslaught.

‘The low death toll is the result of lessons learned from previous natural disasters,’ said Fr Gariguez. ‘Pre-emptive evacuation and early warning system worked.’

Donations to Caritas for Philippines typhoon relief can be made by:

Phoning 0800 22 10 22 to make credit card donations or

Donating online using a credit card at or

Posting to Caritas, PO Box 12193, Thorndon, Wellington 6144, New Zealand.

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand is a member of Caritas Internationalis, a confederation of 168 Catholic aid, development and social justice agencies active in over 200 countries and territories.

via Caritas supporting Philippines relief following Typhoon Bopha – Yahoo Sport New Zealand.

Catholic News | Catholic Aid Groups Help After Typhoon In Northern Philippines | American Catholic

MANILA, Philippines (CNS) — Catholic aid agencies worked to provide shelter and emergency relief to hundreds of people forced to flee their homes after the strongest typhoon in four years battered the northern Philippines.

\”We appeal to kind-hearted people, organizations and institutions to share donations for the victims,\” said Sister Perpetua Bulawan, coordinator of Caritas Filipinas Foundation, the church\’s relief and rehabilitation program in Manila. She spoke Oct. 19, a day after Typhoon Megi hit.

She said the program had appealed to Caritas Internationalis partners around the world for assistance as well.

Sister Perpetua said toiletries and food are most in need.

\”If the people get hungry, they\’ll become ill,\” she said.

Churches in northern Luzon prepared to assist people who lost their homes after the storm made landfall in Isabela province, the Asian church news agency UCA News reported.

The storm left at least 13 people dead and nine injured, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council said. Crops throughout the region were destroyed by the storm\’s 140-mile-per-hour winds.

The Philippine government\’s Department of Social Welfare and Development welcomed more than 8,000 people forced from their homes in 57 villages across seven northern provinces.

Caritas Filipinas was sheltering at least 200 people in six evacuation centers in Baguio City.

Overall, the Philippine government reported relatively little damage because the storm hit sparsely populated areas.

Catholic Relief Services, the U.S. bishops\’ relief and development agency, was working alongside Caritas Filipinas in assessing damage from the storm, meeting immediate needs and planning long-term assistance.

\”We will channel aid through the dioceses in affected areas,\” said Laura Sheahen, CRS information officer.

\”We\’re focused on getting assistance to these areas as quickly as possible,\” added Joe Curry, CRS country representative in the Philippines.

via Catholic News | Catholic Aid Groups Help After Typhoon In Northern Philippines | American Catholic.

EGYPT – ISLAM Cairo, Muslim Brotherhood violence targets Church of Virgin Mary in Zaytoun – Asia News

Cairo, Muslim Brotherhood violence targets Church of Virgin Mary in ZaytounIslamists tear down banners and spray insults against the patriarch, Copts and the Armed on its walls. An attempt to storm the building is stopped. The church is a place of pilgrimage for Christians and Muslims because of an apparition of the Virgin Mary

via EGYPT – ISLAM Cairo, Muslim Brotherhood violence targets Church of Virgin Mary in Zaytoun – Asia News.

Planned Parenthood Directs People to Obamacare Plans That Include Its Services | The Conservative Papers – Planned Parenthood Federation of America is directing visitors to its website to sign up for health insurance plans through Obamacare that include the nation’s largest abortion provider as “in-network providers.”The home page at features the headline: “Find a health plan in the marketplace that includes Planned Parenthood.”Visitors can enter their zip code to find out what health care plans in the “marketplace” include Planned Parenthood and its services.When you type in a zip code for Washington, D.C. – 20002 – the site locates three plans that include Planned Parenthood services: Aetna, United and Carefirst DC Blue Cross Blue Shield.“The health insurance plans in the Marketplace listed on the right include Planned Parenthood as an in-network provider,” the text states. “That means you can use your insurance to cover health care services at Planned Parenthood if you have any of the insurance plans listed here. And with your new insurance, birth control and annual well-woman exams will be covered for free, with no copay!”The “Plan Finder” portion of the site also tells visitors that there are other ways to get Planned Parenthood services through federal entitlement programs and private insurance plans.“If you find out that you qualify for Medicaid, it’s important to know that Planned Parenthood health centers are also providers in many Medicaid Managed Care plans,” the text states. “In fact, under Medicaid, you can come to Planned Parenthood for birth control and annual well-woman exams — covered for free, without a co-pay — even if Planned Parenthood is not included as an in-network provider in your Medicaid plan.“If you already have health insurance and don’t see your plan listed here, you should know that Planned Parenthood is included in a wide range of insurance plans,” the text states.None of the information on this portion of its site lists abortion as a provided service, but according to a report by American Life League in 2011 Planned Parenthood had 322 facilities that performed abortions.

via Planned Parenthood Directs People to Obamacare Plans That Include Its Services | The Conservative Papers.

What A Shock

Bill O’Reilly, host of Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor,” says New Jersey GOP Gov. Chris Christie is ducking his program.

“He won’t submit to an interview with me,” O’Reilly told “CBS This Morning” Friday.

“Christie just won’t do it. So I can’t tell you policy-wise how versed he is, because I’ve never seen him under that spotlight.”


He’s going to be another celebrity candidate just like someone else we know.Watch him go on Leno and the entertainment circuit though.O Reilly asks tough questions. Christie won’t go on unless he has to.

Ok. Let’s get this over with and find a good candidate. Like,Allen West perhaps?

Read my blog post “The Buzz”from earlier today for analysis.
Read full article on Bill O Reilly’s comments at
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