now that everyone has their .02 worth in( Re Republican Party)


The Va Race:

MONEY,MONEY,MONEY.the Dems outspend by a gazillion dollars. The Republican party is supposed to be the party of the rich. Seems like the Dems raise more $.

Are we not donating? Do we not see what we’re up against?

Evidently Christie and McCaulliffe appealed to the young women who in the midst of economic collapse and marxist ideas think sleeping around is the most important part of being on the planet. ObamaLIED. Insurance policies are being cancelled left and right.The IRS is targeting Obama’s enemies list. Four men died in Benghazi &so did one border patrol agent because of the Fast & Furious program(Eric Holder).A journalist was almost investigated by the DOJ. The NSA is dating mining American citizens.Scandal after scandal but we must have our birth control and abortion.Not that Ken Cuccinelli was taking away anyone’s birth control. Young ladies nobody is going to take away your birth control. Let’s be honest with ourselves,Cuccinelli did pretty darned good. The race was VERY close. Enter one Robert Sarvis and the people who thought if they just got out to vote he would win. He didn’t have a snow balls chance in hades but don’t let that stop people. He would win according to his supporters. I warned them. You vote Sarvis,you get McCauliffe. It happens time and time again and people keep doing the same thing. Then they’re angry when the other guy wins. Far be it from them to figure out that they may as well have cast their vote for the other guy.

I hate to say this too and I’m sure some will be tremendously offended and jump on my case;The Gov’t shut down got shoved on the Republicans. They knew they’d get blamed and went ahead with this absolutely crazy idea you could defund Obamacare. I want to stop it as much as they do. Let’s look at this defund effort in the real world where we live.

The bill goes to the Senate and of course dies. Let’s just suppose it got through the Senate. Now it goes to Obama’s desk. He’s going to pass a law against his own Obamacare law?

Does the word FUTILE come to mind? The only way in the real world to get rid of Obamacare-get Republicans elected to Congress. We shot ourselves in the foot.

The shut down hurt Cuccinelli even though he didn’t have anything to do with it. Hear that Virginians? He got blamed for something he wasn’t remotely involved with.We’ll talk about that shut down another day. The Democrats skated out of that one.No blame at all.

However,the Republicans and tea party should have seen that one coming.

Now that Cuccinelli lost-barely, which the pundits won’t mention-and Christie won two things will happen.

Christie will get big headed and think that translates into the nomination in the Republican party. Sorry. I’m NOT voting for him and i bet dimes to dollars I’m not the only one that feels that way. I’m going to support Allen West. He stands THE best chance of winning and he’s got a lot going for him.

( I can’t believe Romney is singing the praises of Christie. I thought highly of Gov Romney).

Republicans will scramble to try and get the platform changed so we look a little like the Dems vis a vis Christie. HUGE mistake. Christie is in a very liberal state.I can summarize Christie in one sentence.Long on ambition,short on principle. I’m supporting Allen West;a man who comprehends service to country and integrity. Besides, if we’re going to look like the Progressives may as well vote Progressive.

There’s a few things we need to do to win and if we don’t learn these lessons we’re going to get more Dems in Congress and maybe a Dem potus again.

1. DONATE. It’s a shame its come down to money but the big money wins.

You’ve got a huge Democratic slime machine to run against and they will demonize the Republican candidate before he or she gets out of the gate. Remember the media is on their side putting out propaganda.

2. Drop the word Rino. No name calling. The enemy is the progressives. We keep attacking our own we’re done. They let us and stoke the fires. Don’t we get it? We are not going to find the perfect candidate who agrees with us 100% of the time.Not going to happen.The problem is trying to please every single group to win. Can’t do that. Spell out a few principles,get on message and stick to it.The Democrats play this stuff up and USE it to their advantage.Don’t let them. Ignore them and get moving.

3. Bring in the tea party. They’re not the enemy.Find common ground with them.If they have a great candidate, take a look and put the party behind them.

4. Finally,the gloves are off. We don’t have to be unethical like the other side. We don’t have to be afraid to sell conservative ideas either. Get the message out. There’s a lot of clatter to talk over but it can be done. Somebody had better start.

5. Ronald Reagan was himself. He didn’t have to turn into silly putty to get elected.

6. Remember the man the Democrats got elected to the White House. Great rhetoric,short term in the Senate,a rise to the top like a rocket.

Let’s not get a Republican candidate on that order,k?

We don’t need an Obama candidate for the Republican party.

Allen B. West is going to start looking like a very  viable candidate as we get closer to 2016. Remember I said that. 🙂

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