The Role of Government

it is to govern and in our country it was formed for the people by the people.

It’s supposed to represent the people. I don’t recall government having the role of health care insurer,running businesses or school administrator. Sorry…not in the Constitution. They were never considered the role of government,except in the USSR.  If they would just do the things and ONLY the things they are supposed to rather than doing things they don’t do well all of us(Dem,Rep,Independent)would be better off. Although the Progessives(aka the Dem party these days)think government should be in control since, we the people,are clueless when it comes to making our own decisions.We need mommy and daddy bureaucracy to tell us what to do. Bloomberg is a classic example.

I would never live in NYC. Love being free and not having big brother bloomberg deciding he doesn’t like the size of my soda, that i can’t smoke on the street and  O care is a delivery from heaven.

GK Chesterton had it right, “When you break the big laws, you do not get liberty; you do not even get anarchy. You get the small laws.”

Obamacare is the encyclopedia on the small laws.

LOTTS of them.

ImageWish teachers considered GK required reading. We might get a generation that was not taught what to think,but HOW to think. GK admired what we take for granted.

[but i digress,kind of]

Public schools are not really public. Public would mean the folks at large. They’re government schools and now more than ever with Common Core.

Common Core is nothing more than one of Obama’s lame schemes in his plan to fundamentally transform America. Obama really believes his vision for the country-not ours-needs to be fulfilled. It doesn’t matter if his vision is realisti, practical or if it works at all. If he wishes for it then it comes true. Unfortunately that IS the progressive/socialist/marxist mind set.We’ve been going down this progressive road for awhile and it doesn’t seem like anyone noticed. Close your eyes and hang on,right?


It seems that some of the American people decided we would better off on a flat tire and now we’re going 100 mph on that tire.Not a good outcome people.Can we say crash and burn? We get the government we ask for especially when we don’t get involved, don’t do our homework, don’t bother to vote.There were red flags everywhere with Obama. Wasn’t anyone paying attention? I hear people say they voted for him because they liked him. You mean to tell me his having a marxist background wasn’t relevant? Both his parents were communists.His mentor was a communist. Van Jones-his green czar-is a self admitted communist. You voted for him anyway? Did you not bother to connect his background to his comment on how he was going to fundamentally transform America? I have one thing to say.

cooltext1268840810If you happen to be from Va. PLS get out the vote and vote for a decent person.Ken Cuccinelli,K?

We’re counting on you. Word is voter turn out is low.It can’t be. The weather looks gorgeous down there!

#Va #VaGov