We’re there

We're there

The grocery store wasn’t a nightmare.You had 3 boxes of cereal to choose from. Maxwell House Coffee.Now you need a GPS system to find your way around. You had but a few tv stations to choose from but the programs had stories we could all sit around as a family and watch.Bonanza,Gunsmoke,Ed Sullivan…mom and her Lawrence Welk. “And a one and a two and a three”.There goes the bubbles. Ok,I had one crazy show I could never miss.Dark Shadows. I ran home from school every night so I wouldn’t have to miss a single episode.I have to give two thumbs up to Bishop Sheen’s Life Is Worth Living too.A Catholic bishop who spoke about morality and communism. He even won an Emmy.It would never happen today. Thankfully we have EWTN.We actually had some good journalists back then.We didn’t have the thrill up your leg commentators like we have today.I think some might have been biased but it wasn’t so obvious. They tried to keep their biases in check when reporting the news.

As Catholics,we went to Church every Sunday with the folks. In fact we went to Catholic school so you went every day but Saturday.God forbid you were ‘sick’ and couldn’t go to school or church.The rule was,you’re too sick to go to those you’re too sick to play outside. They meant it.

After Mass,we would go to the local bakery store and the aroma was killer. In a good way. We always got those homemade donuts with the rich dark chocolate frosting. Mom had to have her cinnamon bread. After that stop we went to a store that had newspaper and comic books. I will say this for mom and dad.They always got us comic books. They may have said no for a number of things but not the comic books. My favorites were Superman,Supergirl,the Legion of Superheroes, Aquaman,the Flash.Heckle and Jeckle were a riot. IF we had every single comic book we had bought then NOW we’d be rich. They were tossed out long ago. We never thought they’d be worth a dime.

I don’t think the comic books today hold a candle to the ones from the 50’s and 60’s.Sorry,am partial.

We played outside till the cows came home and got into trouble for not coming in when we were called. Punishment was,go to your room. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

I do appreciate the remote though especially since we’re way beyond 3 or 4 stations.Our first tv was black and white tv.In fact we were the first in the clan to have a tv and all the relatives came to watch.At least until the day it caught on fire.My dad and uncle carried it out of the house.I was terrified. Just a kid at the time.

I also appreciate the computer. Back then a computer was the stuff of science fiction really. i could never have imagined such technology.On the other hand I do miss the handwritten letters we would send back and forth.

I had pen pals from everywhere. I wish I could recall the place in NYC you got these through. These were letters I treasured.I still have many of them to this day.

An email is more convenient.I will admit that.

(Husband and i went to packet when  we were “ham” ,aka amatuer radio, ops. It was as close to the internet as you could get at the time).

It’s amazing how quickly time flies by you as you get older. One day you’re a teen and the next you become your parents.

It was a great time to grow up.Our parents were terrific people.The best. Life was slower,nicer,quieter.

Maybe we didn’t have all the conveniences back then or a zillion food stuffs to choose from but my heart is often back there.









How to beat the Democrats and win elections

Before we go on  a few caveats. First,although i used the word Democrats in the title they are not Democrats.They’re progressives/socialists.The Democratic Party does not exist anymore. Democrat is a familial term with the average American so we’ll go with that. The other caveat is that this blog entry might offend some. I hope not. Think of it as being a critique,not a criticism. IF you do find anything you think is offensive feel free to rant. I’ll reconsider any statement.

With those caveats in mind here we go.

1. Do not call other Republicans “RINOS”. You never hear the Democrats use the term DINO.

I don’t agree 100% all the time with people I vote for. Sometimes that’s just impossible. I hold the line when it comes to pro life issues but the rest of the time I give some slack. If we agree on MOST issues that’s usually the best one can do.The idea that we’re going to have people that vote the way we want on every single bill that goes through Congress 100% of the time is not exactly realistic. So even if we think someone is a Rino let’s cut out the attacks. IF someone IS voting w/ Obama more often than not then show them the door.Don’t vote for them. Get involved and get them out of there. Support a better candidate.

Bill O Reilly mentioned getting a ton of email where ppl called him a Rino.He’s an INDEPENDENT. I don’t always agree 100% of the time with Bill either.

Sometimes he’s right and I’m willing to say that. Sometimes he tries giving people the benefit of the doubt when it’s obvious where they’re coming from-nobody’s perfect.

2. Let’s not vote third party or a protest vote. I voted for Herman Cain in our primary. That was a conscience vote. He was the candidate i REALLY wanted to vote for.First choice.When it came to the general election i was not about to throw a vote to Obama by voting for someone who didn’t stand a snowballs chance in hades of winning. We see how that worked out.Don’t stay home!!! Worse than voting for someone who doesn’t have a prayer is not voting at all.

This is our republic at stake. Get ppl out out to vote too!!! There are countries where you could be shot or bombed for voting. We have the freedom to vote for and we stay home?

The Iraqi people went to their polls in higher numbers than we did here. They risked their lives to vote.

What is wrong with us? So 2 is simple.Vote and get out the vote.The Dems get us on that one every time. They know how important it is and they get out the vote. What they care about is their ideology. It is everything. Like Obama they want to ‘fundamentally transform America’ and they will go to great lengths to get it done. They know exactly what  those votes mean to their cause. We have to have that same tenacity.They sink to fraud and intimidation though.We don’t have to do that but we do need to be more aggressive in getting voter turn out

3. Do not circulate stories from the other side. We circle the wagons and shoot our own. They don’t have to attack our candidates.We do it FOR them. This definitely has to cease and desist.The enemy is liberalism/progressives.Keep in mind who the enemy is.  If we have a choice between their terrible candidate and our terrible candidate find something good about our candidate.Remember too-they will support their candidate no matter what. Look at Obama.I ask myself a 1k times a day how on earth did this guy get elected? Listen to the Obama drones.No matter what he does or how egregious it is they stick up for him.They put blinders on to defend him. They even defend him when they KNOW he’s lying. We don’t have to go that route.We are not going to take our standards down to theirs but we’ve got to stop stabbing our candidates in the back. Herman Cain got ACCUSED of  ALLEGED indiscretions in his marriage and some in upper echelons of the party dropped him like a hot potato. That’s nonsense. Bill Clinton had an accusation every other week and they stood by him. I don’t approve of adultery.PERIOD. On the other hand these were ALLEGATIONS.  The minute a rumor starts we help them out.

4. Remember who the enemy is and attack them. Our candidates are attacked by the Lame Stream Media relentlessly.Hollywood is behind the Progressive/Socialist movement. Then we attack our own candidates.I’ll own up to being guilty of that and learned the hard way.

They’re  attacked by the Progressive machine and George Soros. There’s big money behind the Progressive/Socialist movement. Our candidates get it from all sides.It’s an enormous machine to battle against. Look what they did to Romney. Pathetic. Ask yourself how any President with the economic record of Obama could win? Romney got it from ALL sides,including ours.Next time let’s remember who the enemy is.There’s too big a hurdle for our candidates to overcome and aiding and abetting the enemy doesn’t help.Everything out there is stacked against them. We’re all they have. Keep in mind no candidate can do it on their own. They’re out to win of course and will fight the good fight but they CAN’T do it alone.They can’t possibly carry all the weight even in a good campaign. We have to fight for them. The odds are against our candidates from the start. We’re it people.

5. Let’s try to reach Low Information voters. That may be the big one but we have to find a way. Further let’s not buy into the class warfare of the other side. Conservatives are painted as uncaring,hating the poor and less fortunate etc etc. You’ve heard it before. Language matters;that is, HOW we talk about these issues matters. One thing we don’t want to do is begin by defending ourselves-it plays into their narrative.  What we do want to do is speak to the issues in a different manner than we have been. We don’t have to give up principles. The problem with defending how compassionate we really are plays into their hands. We sound like we need to defend ourselves.Once we do that,we’re done. I wouldn’t go the other route either.When they defend the poor and less fortunate we attack the poor and less fortunate. I know there are people who game the system.I know there is waste,fraud,abuse.I also know that there are people who have absolutely no choice.The problem is we generalize. We can’t fix the system if we can’t get elected.We can’t fix the system if the message is crass. The Progressives get it and  pit the poor and rich against each other.Don’t get sucked in. We can’t  forever be defending how compassionate we really are.

6. Not worked up about a candidate? We don’t always need excitement with candidates.Again, we aren’t going to find the perfect candidate we agree with100% on every issue 100% of the time. VOTE.
Plug your nose if you have to.The progressives usually  have to wear a gas mask. I know we need to get good candidates,but we are not going to find perfect candidates.