Repeal the darned thing

Let’s get it over. Obama lied. It’s a pattern. We get it.

Repeal Obamacare and get it over with.Then we need to get this guy in front of Congress and for Pete’s sake TRY to impeach him. Seriously.i can’t imagine a Republican President getting away with 1/4 of what Obama’s managed to pull off. Do people really believe him?

Benghazi-a spontaneous demonstration about an obscure video on the date of 9/11.

IRS-the DOJ was going to go after James Rosen,Fox news isn’t really news and the tea party are anarchists and terrorists. You’re darned right he knew. He wanted to win the election by shutting down opposition.He’s still trying. He has an enemies list.You know he does.

NSA-again,no idea?

He reminds me of the kid who says the dog ate his homework.

Repeal obamacare and let’s see if someone can get the economy going. Harry Reid and Obama have been tweeting about the rights of the LGBT community and the big celebration in NJ over same sex marriage.

I don’t make this up.So if you’re out of work-you’re on your own according to this so called President He has more important things to focus on.Image