Be Careful,Pay Close Attention

if you listened to the speech by Obama out in Mass the other day you may have had some hope he was actually taking responsibility for a change.

If you pay careful attention and listen to EXACTLY what he said,not a chance.

He begins by saying I AM RESPONSIBLE. Holy Cow! You mean he is actually going to admit he might have done something horribly wrong and own up?

Nope.Not a chance.

I AM RESPONSIBLE for fixing up the mess and he adds the word asap.

Typical Obama. Again, he as much as says he can do no wrong but he’s going to be the one to either get to the bottom of it(which he NEVER does)or be the one to step in and save the bad situation. Here, he’s the savior of course.

You have to listen carefully to Mr Obama and catch what he means. It’s like slight of hand except he does it with his mouth.