You have now entered the(Drum Roll)


An alternate universe where 3×4=11 and  nothing adds up. Once you enter you will leave reality behind and encounter a world bound only by your own imagination.
It may be a dimension you will never escape. There’s a sign post up ahead. It reads. Obamacare,the damned thing doesn’t work.

Rod Serling couldn’t write a nightmare like Obamacare.

We have to go back to the Senate vote to see how Obamacare actually got passed. The Bill did not have one single Republican vote.

Before we go there let’s recall the infamous words of Speaker Nancy Pelosi  from March of 2010. We should give her a plaque forever engraved with the words, “But we have to pass the [health care] bill so that you can find out what’s in it….”

You would think that statement would have thrown red flags all over this puppy;but not with the Obama drones in the Senate.

Fearless leader Pelosi was counting on the sheer stupidity of sheep to fall in line for Obama.

There were a few hold outs on the Senate Democrat side.Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska was promised the “Cornhusker kickback” . Senator Mary L. Landrieu sold her vote in the “Louisiana Purchase” for $300,000,000.00.Senator Jim Matheson’s  brother[ Utah ], Scott M. Matheson, Jr, was suddenly appointed  to the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit as a judge.

In Washington DC that is business as  usual. The regular folks would call them BRIBES.

However, there was one hold out.Would the last remaining obstacle to the 2k page monstrosity sell his soul to the devil too?.Stupak led a group of pro life Democrats-there are a few-that weren’t  on board with voting for the Bill because of the abortion language.Obama issued Executive Order 13535, reaffirming the principles in the Hyde Amendment.The Hyde Amendment ensures that abortion is not covered in the comprehensive health care services provided by the federal government through Medicaid.Anytime Obama promises anything you know you are in Obamazone.

Does Obamacare cover abortions? Sure does but Stupak was already duped.

“Obamacare did mark a significant expansion of abortion. It violated one plank of the “Hyde Amendment principles” (Hyde itself does not apply, since Obamacare is funded outside of Health & Human Services appropriations): no federal funding of insurance plans that provide abortions. The state exchanges established under Obamacare will certainly include plans that cover abortion. These plans will receive federal subsidies, thus violating Hyde principles. The meaningless “restriction” in the law is that the subsidies go to the insurance provider, not the individual, and that the abortions are paid for from a pool established by mandatory monthly payments by insurees. And even this restriction lapses if Hyde itself is not renewed (it is subject to yearly renewal).

Beyond this, there are virtually no restrictions on abortion in Obamacare. Funding streams such as those through Community Health Centers were thus unaffected. And while that particular problem was addressed in Obama’s executive order, the order failed to address anything else.”


Rod Serling could have called the episode on Obamacare “The Devil is in the Details.”

It explains why Pelosi wanted the 2k page bill passed with nobody reading it.

 The House passed the Senate bill with a 219–212 vote on March 21, 2010.There were 34 Democrats and all 178 Republicans who voted against it.
The following day, Republicans introduced legislation to repeal the bil and they’ve been trying to spare us ever since. Obama signed the ACA into law on March 23, 2010 and on Oct 1,2013 the website was ‘launched.’

Enter into the Obamazone one Kathleen Sebelius head of HHS and the CEO In charge of the Obamacare launch.(The launch itself  would make another great story for a show called  the Outer Limits.)

In the 3 yrs they had to get this roll out ready they came up with a Canadian firm.

“The Obama administration awarded the U.S. subsidiary of CGI Federal a $93.7 million contract to construct the website But that figure was only part of the $678 million total in health care services contracts that was awarded to the company.”


Not to be outdone in brain dead the same article cites these little gems,

“According to a 2007 article by The Canadian Press, the Canadian government ended the CGI contract after realizing that they had spent too much on it with no end in sight, so it decided to suspend all contracts related to computer programs. The Canadian government paid $81 million to CGI leading up to the cancellation and another $10 million upon cancellation.

As for the U.S. government, once a company is in, it’s in, according to The Washington Post. The Feds already know the quality of the work a it’s already contracted, so it often looks to that company for future contracts. In addition, companies that have already scored a contract with the government will lobby to keep it, which is part of the case now.

CGI is still contracted to get the up to speed.

it could only happen in the Obamazone. It may be hard to believe but the unworkable website is only the least of the problems with Obamacare.

The Senate Democrats ignore the facts about the consequences of Obamacare.

Remember all those promises? You can keep your insurance if you like it.You can keep your doctor. It will boost the economy. Sure and there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with the 3 little elves Pelosi,Reid and Obama ready to hand out the gold.

Florida Blue kicked off 300,000 Floridians off their health insurance plans because the plans do not comply with Obamacare.

Yet is STILL saying that if you like your insurance you can keep it.Only in Obamazone does the  rhetoric not match reality.

Are you willing to trust the rest of the promises made by a group of Senate Democrats who didn’t bother to read a bill they passed?

Are you willing to trust Obama who bribed his own bill into passage?

Are you willing to trust HHS when they can’t get a website up and running after 3 yrs?

Finally,are you willing to  hand over your PRIVATE info to a program that is going to be ENFORCED by the IRS?

Maybe in the Obamazone.In the real world?Not a great idea.