Mr Bill,It’s NOT personal

A response to The O REILLY FACTOR and Mr Bill’s analysis of Obama.

First of all we better define extremism.

There’s a word that gets tossed around [along with radical.]
Up front (again)I will tell you:

1.i am NOT a birther. The facts don’t match reality. If Obama were not eligible to be potus i am 100% certain Hillary,McCain and Romney would have dug that up a long time ago.

Hillary would have definitely dug it up.The Clintons are known for getting the dirt on ppl.She wanted to win and Obama’s ineligibility would have clinched it for her.

Obama was born in Hawaii and to say his BC was photo shopped means everything from a-z could be photo shopped. There would be no way on earth to tell if anything is legit.Anything ppl would question we could say was photo shopped.It’s nonsense.

2. Obama is NOT a Muslim.He’s a secular humanist.He supports gays,the LGBT community,abortion and as far as i can tell he eats certain meats. He does everything a Muslim is not permitted to do. Yes,he did support the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi but that was very poor judgement. If he were a  Muslim he would not have given the go ahead to take out Bin Laden.

Obama doesn’t have the time of day for ANY religion and that is a sure sign he’s a secular humanist.The state is his god.It’s why he’s arrogant.

The birthers and ‘Obama is a Muslim’ crowd are a minority-they may be good people but they’re too into conspiracy theories.They’re no different than the 9/11 truthers.Same type of thinking.

I wouldn’t call either group extreme or radical. Fringe,yes.Entitled to their opinions.Sure.They truly believe that Obama has a fake bc,that he was born in another country and that he’s a Muslim. The 9/11 truthers really believe the US government was behind the 9/11 attacks. They can’t be convinced otherwise.People can be sincere,but wrong.People can be TOTALLY convinced of something even when it flies in the face of the facts. I don’t argue with them.It doesn’t get anywhere. I would not necessarily call them extreme or radical. It depends on what kind of actions they’re willing to take to support their ideas.

I oppose Obama as much as they do;i just don’t buy the conspiracy theories surrounding him.

If he takes these accusations seriously then he has a huge ego problem. (Bush would have shrugged them off and moved along.)

2. Extremism/radicalism? That’s Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dorn. That’s Obama. That’s OWS. Extremism and radicalism are not just fringe groups.They’re people who actually take up actions to support their world view. They’re people who would resort to violence and/or anarchy to achieve a goal.They would also use what Mark Levin calls ‘soft tyranny.’  Qualify it but it’s tyranny all the same.

3. Are there people who oppose Obama based on his race? You bet. Racism isn’t dead in the U.S. yet. There will always be people who are actually deep seated racists. However,disagreeing with Obama on his policies and his radical view is NOT racism.

You can have legitimate reasons to oppose Obama that don’t have to be personal or based on race.

Obama makes it personal-it’s always about him.There’s the problem.Another problem; the media covers up for him.They wanted him elected. In my book that’s extremism because these ppl are SUPPOSED to be objective. It’s all propaganda. It’s state run media from WILLING participants.

I don’t think he cares a whit about the birthers or  people who think he’s Muslim.I think he opposes the tea party and conservatives for one reason only.They stand in the way of his agenda and oppose his policies. ANYONE who stands in the way of his agenda and oppose his goal of the’ fundamental transformation of America ‘are his enemy. Those are the people he loathes.He thinks anyone who opposes his agenda has to be stupid and backwards. He just can’t picture it and that’s why it seems like he’s taking it personally.How dare we? It’s exactly how he thinks.


can we wake up now? better late than never

» Obamacare Fines to be Seized From Bank Accounts? Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

Obamacare Fines to be Seized From Bank Accounts?

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Man who attempted to sign up claims he was threatened with drivers license being revoked, federal tax lien on home

Paul Joseph Watson

October 2, 2013

A man who attempted to sign up for Obamacare online was told that a fine of over $4,000 dollars a year for refusing to take out mandatory health insurance could be taken directly from his bank account, and that his drivers license would be suspended and a federal tax lien placed against his home, according to an entry on the Facebook page.


If true, the implementation of Obamacare is going to be a whole lot more draconian than Americans have been led to believe.

Will Sheehan claims that when he tried to sign up for Obamacare and then register to opt out, he received an ominous warning. Sheehan’s full Facebook post reads;

“I actually made it through this morning at 8:00 A.M. I have a preexisting condition (Type 1 Diabetes) and my income base was 45K-55K annually I chose tier 2 “Silver Plan” and my monthly premiums came out to $597.00 with $13,988 yearly deductible!!! There is NO POSSIBLE way that I can afford this so I “opt-out” and chose to continue along with no insurance.

via » Obamacare Fines to be Seized From Bank Accounts? Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!.

Obama’s Twitter Account

With the US economy on the skids and a dozen other serious problems in our country we can turn to Obama’s Twitter feed to see where his priorities are.You would think jobs right?

Let’s see what’s been over there so far today. The #loveislove hash tag touting same sex marriage. A few  hints of illegal immigration reform on the horizon.

A tweet here and there about the wonderful benefits of Obamacare probably Re Tweeted by someone working for the administration. If you doubt what i say just follow his account.@BarackObama with the blue checkmark(means it’s legit).

obama's plan

If you check out my twitter account you can see who I’m supporting for President in 2016.

You can follow me herespaceship-icon@boxerpaws60

.I also have an alternate account  @theratzpack. The boxerpaws account spent a lot of time in the Twitter gulag. I have several other accounts because even the ratzpack account ended up in the gulag. . Let’s put it this way; i have enough accounts that they will never stop me from tweeting.

Here’s a hint:

hold upWe need a Republican House and Senate to do this Mr. West but it’s an excellent point.

Bill O Reilly is actually wrong

on a couple points anyway.

Not everyone who opposes Obama’s policies is a “birther” or believes he’s a Muslim.Obama is a Socialist.He’s also a secular humanist who believes the answer to our life is the government and that man himself is God.

O Reilly doesn’t believe Obama is a Socialist. In his quest to be fair he’s missed the boat on this one.

He’s trying too hard to be fair.Sure Bill can give Obama the benefit of the doubt BUT you look at what Obama does and says and it’s easy to conclude he’s a Socialist.Progressives are. Progressive just sounds better than Socialist.

Bill doesn’t seem to think what Obama does is intentional. I disagree totally. Obama always has a motive and  a goal in mind. Consider the things Obama said on the campaign trail.

Redistribute wealth.Fundamentally transform America.

How about Obama’s view of the Constitution?



O Reilly also thinks it’s personal with Obama.It wasn’t for me at first.i didn’t have the time of day for Obama-there’s no way on earth I would have voted for him given his associations and world view..Now-some 5 yrs later- it is getting personal.I hate what Obama and his minions have done to our country.

I don’t hate Obama but it’s hard to stomach him either.
Finally, I MAY disagree with Mr O Reilly because his book Killing Jesus, as he explained himself, claims that Jesus could not have spoken the 7 last phrases recorded in the Gospels.

Jesus spoke Aramaic. The Scripture was translated to Greek and then into English.Jesus is not speaking English on the cross.Aramaic pronunciations, as i understand, are shorter than English pronunciations. Did Bill consider the language of Jesus when he posited the idea?

BTW.I don’t always disagree with Bill.Sometimes he’s right and occasionally he’s wrong. It’s not personal about Obama. It’s that he’s corrupt. I don’t care who’s in the WH. Corrupt doesn’t fly.




I’ve figured all along that the IRS targeting was directed by the White House. Why? The way the Obama admin has always talked about its opponents and critics is one reason.It  didn’t shock me when the DOJ was going after James Rosen of Fox news. We’ve seen the corruption and the cover ups by the WH in tandem with the complicit media. They cover up anything he does, no matter how terrible it is.

There was an election coming and they wanted all their opponents trampled on. Obama would win at all costs.Whatever it would take. You would have to deliberately ignore it to deny it.

 I was disgusted when Nixon did it but at least the Republicans called him out and the media pursued him relentlessly.They uncovered the corruption when it was Nixon.Unfortunately there is no such thing as objective journalism. They look the other way when it’s Obama. Someone in the media  should start doing their job. Someone in the WH needs to start being honest and blow the whistle on the corruption. They owe it to the American people.

All you have to do is look at what Obama calls phony scandals. Anyone call him out? Look at how Jay Carney stonewalls when he’s asked a question.Lois Lerner didn’t plead the 5th because there was nothing going on.She pleaded the 5th to cover for herself and the WH. She knows she would incriminate both herself and the White House so better to say nothing,get shifted around and then RETIRE.NOBODY in the Obama administration is ever held accountable for anything. You bet I’m mad as hell.We deserve better.(thank God i didn’t vote for the guy).

Now that i’ve mentioned election decided on the person i am going to support for 2016.Someone with INTEGRITY,ALLEN B WEST.More on that soon. The short list got very short 🙂