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After the Obama administration locked approximately 50 Catholic priests out of saying Mass at U.S. military facilities around the world for the second Sunday in a row, Father Ray Leonard, who serves as the Catholic chaplain at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay in Georgia, has filed suit against the Department of Defense, Defense Secretary Charles Hagel, the Department of the Navy, and Navy Secretary Ray Mabus.

DOD locked out Father Leonard and the other priests even though two weeks ago Congress passed, and President Barack Obama signed, a law that instructed DOD to maintain on the job and keep paying contract employees who were supporting the troops.

DOD took this action because Hagel determined that the Catholic priests did not, among other things, “contribute to the morale” and “well-being” of service personnel.

“Father Leonard was told that if he practiced his Catholic faith on the Naval Base, even on a volunteer basis, he would be subject to arrest,” says the lawsuit. […]

However, according to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese for the Military Services, Father Leonard and about 50 other Catholic priests serving on contract at military facilities were not allowed to return to serving military personnel.

At Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, the DOD went so far as to lock up the chapel and sequester the Holy Eucharist inside it. Catholics believe the Holy Eucharist is literally the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

“The doors to the Kings Bay Chapel were locked on October 4, 2013, with the Holy Eucharist, Holy water, Catholic hymn books, and vessels all locked inside,” said Father Leonard’s lawsuit. “Father Leonard and his parishioners, including Fred Naylor, were prohibited from entering.”

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The Catholic Knight: Catholic Prophecy

THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: Sit down my readers, grab a cup of tea and I\’ll tell you a story about your future. Actually it\’s our future, and the future of our children, and their children. You\’ll want to pay close attention, because if you\’re under the age of fifty, you\’re likely to see these events transpire within your lifetime.

If you\’ve been watching the news lately, you\’ve probably noticed that it seems like the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Well, you\’re a very perceptive person, because it truly is. You see the bad news is that for the short term, things are only going to get worse, much worse. Oh sure, we\’ll probably have some brief respites when things settle down a bit, but they\’ll be followed by calamities even worse. I\’m talking about the man-made kind actually, not the natural disasters, as we have always had those. I\’m talking about such man-made disasters as economic crisis, civil unrest, wars and famine. You\’re probably wondering what went wrong? Why is the world so screwed up? What ever happened to the good ol\’ days?

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the ‘You Have To Be Kidding Me ‘Category

I happened to be watching The O Reilly Factor Mon night(14th)and caught the Watters World Segment. When one lady from NY state(Hillary’s home town)was asked who was responsible for the shut down she,with a hint of anger,blamed the tea party. I hadn’t realized they had a vote in the Congress. She was an obvious Obama can do no wrong supporter.Dimes to dollars she watches a lot of state run media.That’s most of the LSM (especially msnbc) who happen to be the propaganda tool of the administration.I bet if she had been questioned further she’d claim the tea party was a terrorist group. Watters didn’t get that far. I actually thought a woman her age(she was an older woman)would be better informed. Almost everyone-with the exception of just 1 person if i recall correctly-thought Hillary would make a terrific president although they couldn’t name even one accomplishment.One other woman blamed it on having to go too far back in her memory.As if she could have come up with something Hillary accomplished if she could only remember.Let’s put it this way;she was stumped and the baloney meter was in the danger zone.

It didn’t help me gain much confidence in the American voter. Brainwashed maybe?

I was also disgusted by Juan Williams questioning Ted Cruz’s  right to run for President tonight on Hannity. I haven’t settled on a candidate yet but Cruz* is on my list. He was trying to be coy because of the ‘birthers’. For one,I am not a birther.Never have been.I don’t argue with the birthers i run into. They are a minority but entitled to their opinion(even if wrong).They are truly  convinced Obama was not born in the United States.It’s not very productive trying to persuade them out of it.They’re free to believe it and believe me they do. Why argue? We both wish Obama were not in the WH; just for different reasons.The media is also  opining that the WWII memorial protest was racist, just as they paint all tea party people as racist.For that matter, as they paint anyone who disagrees with Obama as racist.

I wouldn’t care if Obama were purple.I wouldn’t care if he were white and I mean as in both parents were white.It’s NOT his race.Never has been. In fact if Mitt Romney had been black and Obama white,i would still have voted Romney. Race has nothing to do with my TOTAL opposition to Obama. I can think of a gazillion good reasons to oppose him and race is NOT one of them.

Are there people who loathe a black family being in the WH? I’m sure there are. I’m not naive enough to think racism in our country is dead. I also know that MOST people who can’t stand Obama in the WH do not base it on his race for a second.

It bothers me that people who oppose Obama based on his race make the legitimate complaints against him less credible and gives these people ammo to attack all of us.They don’t need the help.

It bothers me that there are ppl who support Obama no matter what and they happen to be in the media influencing people who can’t think for themselves. Objective journalism is dead. You can’t trust the news. They’re not reporting. They’re covering up for the administration and campaigning for him both. Candy Crowley flat out lied during the Romney-Obama debate.She did everything she could do to help Obama.

We have no journalists anymore. I’m not sure what these people even bothered to go to school for. I do know the folks should hold them accountable.We’ve put up with it long enough.

obama semds

*Senator Ted Cruz is on my maybe list of candidates I could vote for.Chris Christie-Gov of NJ-is on my NEVER list. I’m happy for him that he won the 1k points of light award but it’s not going to cut it.