Grandson credits faith after Ohio couple married 65 years die 11 hours apart | Fox News

A grandson of an Ohio couple who died at a nursing home on the same day after 65 years of marriage credits their faith in God for the “shocking” timing.

Jeff Simon, 20, of Russia, Ohio, told that his grandparents, Ruthie, 89, and Harold “Doc” Knapke, 91, met in the third grade and continued a torrid love affair until Aug. 11, when the devoted pair died just days before their 65th wedding anniversary in the room they shared on a nursing home in Versailles in western Ohio.

“It was very hard to see them both go at the same time, but it was a good thing in the end and to see the miracles God can do.”

– Jeff Simon, grandson

“In the last couple of days before their deaths, we kind of saw it coming,” Simon said. “My grandfather has always kind of been in not very good health, but the fact that he went that morning was very shocking.”

Simon said his grandparents — who had a joint funeral Mass, with granddaughters carrying Ruth’s casket and grandsons carrying Harold’s — loved each other “very much” and enjoyed playing cards together for countless hours.



Grandson credits faith after Ohio couple married 65 years die 11 hours apart | Fox News.

Dear Dumb Americans by Cathy Hernandez

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