Critical Thinking

In Response to Common Core Curriculum:

You want critical thinking? Here’s a concept. There are truths.

Objective and real.

3×4=12 and 2+2=4

The purpose of education? To seek truth. Sometimes the right answer is just the right answer.Math works that way.

What we need in our schools is an environment for learning.

Other than that i say pull your kids out of school and home school.

I used to say pull your kids out of the crappy schools and put them in good ones or home school,but now this Obama Math may be infecting all schools,even good Catholic schools.Why would you let the Obama administration even get a toe in the door? I think we have seen enough of their social experimentation on the country and their failed economic agenda. We’ve almost handed over our health care system to them.He [Obama]has a total of 3 more yr to do the total transformation of America;the cornerstone of his campaign. 

Have you heard about the history books of late?

The textbook, World History, is published by Prentice Hall, which is owned by the company Pearson Education, and is used in 9th grades, not just in Florida, but in public school districts across the United States.

World History not only slights Christianity, although Western civilization is a Judeo-Christian civilization, the textbook clearly favors Islam both in the quantity of pages given to Islam, as well as its characterization of Islam and its founder.

  • There is a 36-page chapter devoted to Islam, but there is no chapter on Christianity or Judaism.
  • In that 36-page chapter on Islam, in reference to Mohammed spreading Islam with the sword, no mention is made of the tens of thousands of people who were massacred. Instead, the book says “people happily accepted Islam as their way of life.”
  • Prentice Hall reportedly hired a Muslim cleric to write the chapter on Islam. On, a reviewer of the textbook, brian sanborn, identified the cleric to be Shabbir Mansouri, who wants sharia law for America.
  • The book says Jesus “proclaimed” himself to be the Messiah, but states as fact that Mohammed was a prophet.
  • Christian battles are called “massacres,” whereas Muslim battles are called “takeovers.”
  • When someone contacted Pearson Education about the textbook, their spokeswoman Susan Aspey insisted that the textbook is not biased against Christianity and in favor of Islam. On the contrary, “a review of the book shows there is balanced attention to the beliefs of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.”



Obama Math is Coming(from Father Z’s Word Press blog)

ObamaMath is coming!
Remember in the 1960′s when the pointy-headed nitwits tried “New Math” on kids? I sure do. It was a total failure so… hey! Let’s try it again!
Get this.
Obama math: under new Common Core, 3 x 4 = 11
Quick: what’s 3 x 4?
If you said 11 — or, hell, if you said 7, pi, or infinity squared — that’s just fine under the Common Core, the new national curriculum that the Obama administration will impose on American public school students this fall.
In a pretty amazing YouTube video [below], Amanda August, a curriculum coordinator in a suburb of Chicago called Grayslake, explains that getting the right answer in math just doesn’t matter as long as kids can explain the necessarily faulty reasoning they used to get to that wrong answer. [This was the New Math notion tried in the ’60’s. I was actually punished once for using “long division” (which my grandmother taught me) … even though I was the only one in class to get the right answer.]

“Even if they said, ’3 x 4 was 11,’ if they were able to explain their reasoning and explain how they came up with their answer really in, umm, words and oral explanation, and they showed it in the picture but they just got the final number wrong, we’re really more focused on the how,” August says in the video.
When someone in the audience (presumably a parent, but it’s not certain) asks if teachers will be, you know, correcting students who don’t know rudimentary arithmetic instantly, August makes another meandering, longwinded statement.
“We want our students to compute correctly but the emphasis is really moving more towards the explanation, and the how, and the why, and ‘can I really talk through the procedures that I went through to get this answer,’” August details. “And not just knowing that it’s 12, but why is it 12? How do I know that?”
For more about Common Core infecting Catholic schools, check this out. HERE,0,6624862.story
Dave Herman wanted to enroll his daughters in a Catholic elementary school so they could learn in an intimate, traditional setting, where parents had as much input as possible.
He found that at Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Roseto, where his daughters learned about faith and morality as well as math and English. The girls loved the school, and Herman considered the more than $3,000 annual tuition per student money well spent.
But three years later, as his oldest daughter is entering sixth grade, Herman is at odds with the school of about 140 students.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, along with the 42 other schools overseen by the Allentown Catholic Diocese in the Lehigh Valley region, is adopting aspects of the controversial Common Core standards, which emphasize critical thinking and career and college readiness.
In response, Herman and his wife, Cheryl, have decided to pull their daughters from Our Lady of Mount Carmel and teach them through a Catholic home-school program.
“As long as there is any Common Core in the diocese, we will not be going back there,” Herman said, adding that other parents he knows also are considering home schooling because of the new standards.
Across the country, Common Core is causing the same concern among parents, who fear the standards — endorsed by the Obama administration — will dumb down Catholic school education and replace it with secular lessons no different from those at public schools.


My question is this: why is the federal government involved  in education at all? How about putting it at the local level where parents have more say in their children’s curriculum. Why do we have a Dept of Education at all?