If Obamacare is Defunded, Why Would Obama Shut Down the Government? – The Rush Limbaugh Show

If Obamacare is Defunded, Why Would Obama Shut Down the Government?

August 19, 2013



RUSH: This is Saturday. The White House YouTube channel, President Obama and the Saturday address. This is the old Saturday radio address that now goes out on YouTube, and in this address, Obama accuses Republicans of gumming up the works on Obamacare. Never mind that it is Obama blocking implementation of this plan more than anybody else. I mean, can we agree on that? It’s the regime that is blocking implementation. It’s the regime granting waivers. It’s the regime that is delaying all the mandates.

And yet — and this is right here, this is Limbaugh Theorem. This is Obama not governing. He’s not the president. He’s on vacation. He’s campaigning. He’s hoping that the country gets fixed. He’s working very hard. He wants everybody to have cheap, affordable health care, and the Republicans, damn it, they just don’t want you to have health care. The Republicans don’t want you to have anything. They don’t want you be happy. They don’t want you to have anything, to be able to buy anything. They don’t want you to have health care. They’d be happy if you just die. And here’s how it works.

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Speaking of Catholic Culture and Secularism

remember this man? He was more often than not prophetic. What do you think?


Archbishop Sheen,you were right and you saw it coming.Only if we had. I would say that now is the time for fence sitting Catholics to learn their faith,live it,defend it!
We had a profound affect on the culture at one time. Back in the day. Miss you.
The Cause for Canonization of Archbishop Fulton J Sheen, a “faithful son of the Church” ,Blessed John Paul II http://www.archbishopsheencause.org/the-cause

From Wikipedia:

Fulton John Sheen (born Peter John Sheen, May 8, 1895 – December 9, 1979) was an American archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church known for his preaching and especially his work on television and radio. His cause for canonization for sainthood was officially opened in 2002. In June 2012, Pope Benedict XVI officially recognized a decree from the Congregation for the Causes of Saints stating that he lived a life of “heroic virtues” – a major step towards beatification – so he is now referred to as “Venerable“.[2][3]

Ordained a priest of the Diocese of Peoria in 1919,[1] Sheen quickly became a renowned theologian, earning the Cardinal Mercier Prize for International Philosophy in 1923. He went on to teach theology and philosophy as well as acting as a parish priest before being appointed Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of New York in 1951. He held this position until 1966 when he was made the Bishop of Rochester from October 21, 1966 to October 6, 1969, when he resigned[4] and was made the Archbishop of the Titular See of Newport, Wales.

For 20 years he hosted the night-time radio program The Catholic Hour (1930–1950) before moving to television and presenting Life Is Worth Living (1951–1957). Sheen’s final presenting role was on the syndicated The Fulton Sheen Program (1961–1968) with a format very similar to that of the earlier Life is Worth Living show. For this work, Sheen twice won an Emmy Award for Most Outstanding Television Personality, the only personality appearing on the DuMont Network ever to win a major Emmy award.[clarification needed] Starting in 2009, his shows were being re-broadcast on the EWTN and the Trinity Broadcasting Network‘s Church Channel cable networks.[5] Due to his contribution to televised preaching Sheen is often referred to as one of the first televangelists.[6][7]

Further reading: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fulton_J._Sheen



Books and writings of Fulton J Sheen. A comprehensive list:

(The following is a list of the books written by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.  This list is taken from an article on the Internet called “Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen – – Catholic Media’s Greatest Star” by Thomas Reeves.)


Works by Fulton J. Sheen


God and Intelligence, 1925

Religion Without God, 1928

The Life of All Living, 1929 Rev. Ed. 1979

The Divine Romance, 1930

Old Errors and New Labels, 1931

Moods and Truths, 1932

Way of the Cross, 1932

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Hymn of the Conquered, 1933

The Eternal Galilean, 1934

Philosophy of Science, 1934

The Mystical Body of Christ, 1935

Calvary and the Mass, 1936

The Moral Universe, 1936

The Cross and the Beatitudes, 1937

The Cross and the Crisis, 1938

Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, 1938

The Rainbow of Sorrow, 1938

Victory over Vice, 1939

Whence Come Wars, 1940

The Seven Virtues, 1940

For God and Country, 1941

A Declaration of Dependence, 1941

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The Divine Verdict, 1943

The Armor of God, 1943

Philosophies at War, 1943

Seven Words to the Cross, 1944

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Love One Another, 1944

Seven Words of Jesus and Mary, 1945

Preface to Religion, 1946

Characters of the Passion, 1946

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Communism and the Conscience of the West, 1948

Philosophy of Religion, 1948

Peace of Soul, 1949

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Three to Get Married, 1951

The World’s First Love, 1952

Life Is Worth Living, Vol. 1, 1953

Life Is Worth Living, Vol. 2, 1954

The Life of Christ, 1954

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Life Is Worth Living, Vol. 4, 1956

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The Power of Love, 1965

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Christmas Inspirations, 1966

Footprints in a Darkened Forest, 1966

Guide to Contentment, 1967

Easter Inspirations, 1967

Those Mysterious Priests, 1974

Life Is Worth Living, First

and Second Series Abridged, 1978

Treasure in Clay, 1980

(Thomas Reeves is Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. He is the author of Twentieth Century America: A Brief History.)



Catholic Culture.Let’s Talk About It

According to Wikipedia  there are more than 77.7 million registered members of the Catholic Church in the United States ,comprising 25 percent of the population.There was a time when our Catholic faith was a huge influence on the culture of the day. Today-not so much. Are we that secularized? Can you imagine the affect of 77.7 million people on our country-yet we voted THE most pro abortion pro same sex marriage President in our history? Make no mistake Obama’s antipathy towards the Catholic Church is up front.

Yet we have probably a little over half of the 77.7 million Catholics that would tolerate this?

We have a voice. Why not let it be heard?

We can affect the culture for the good just by living our Catholic faith and not tolerating all the destructive forces of our present day culture.

I know what we would hear.I’ve heard it often.
“Don’t shove your morality down my throat.”

How about our reply? Don’t shove your IMMORALITY down ours.

All you have to do is open your eyes to see the detrimental affect on people from mistaking licentiousness for liberty.

You don’t have to be religious,much less Catholic,to understand natural law and the common good.

Look,nobody wants a theocracy here.i’ve heard that so many times it’s getting dusty. (Heard this when Bush ran and Obama is more about imposing his will than Bush ever was but that aside…). What we want here is decency. We don’t need kids killing kids,kids beating up other kids, gangs,teen pregnancies where girls quit school or live in poverty and the boyfriend who learns nothing about responsibility. We don’t need child porn,sky high divorce rates and contraception for kids.

We need strong communities that care for their neighbor and that is dependent on strong families.

I read a news story yesterday where some teens shot a man and killed him “for fun.”

Some people blamed the gun. It could have been a knife-the weapon didn’t matter.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out we’re looking at a breakdown in social mores.So to say to anyone “Don’t shove your morality down my throat” is a red herring.
What we need here is a REALITY CHECK and fast.

As noted,no one wants a theocracy and it’s not necessary.

Catholics have the Pope for moral guidance but there’s nothing wrong with living a morally right life in American culture and letting our voice be heard. Afterall, no one  is  shouting that we permit murder-because to have laws against it might be shoving a moral code on our country.

What am i getting to here? Stand up Catholics and BE Catholic and don’t be intimidated for an instant.

Too long we have let the secular culture take the moral good and the decency of the American people and shove it in a corner while they’ve run rampant.

They’re not afraid to speak up even when what they support has taken our country  over a cliff.

The truth is if  we don’t stand up and let the moral good rule the day,the STATE will.More freedom?

There are plenty of us if we stop being intimidated and bullied into a corner until we become an invisible people who can’t even live our own moral lives without being under attack.Our Children included.There was a time when our Catholic faith had a tremendous affect on our surrounding culture for the betterment of the culture as a whole.It was when we knew what we had and weren’t ashamed of it.The mistake was becoming more secular and less Catholic.


Catholics & the Vote


Catholics have a duty to vote. As Catholics we know the state is not the answer to everything.God is and He has the final say but we must participate in our republic for the common good. We are responsible for what is good being done in our country but we’re also responsible for permitting evil being done in our country. Of course there are policies we can disagree on.For instance we know we must take care of the poor. On the other hand we are free to debate about how best it is done.

Catholics must  follow the teachings of the Church that is the Pope in union with the Magisterium. I did say in one post that a Catholic must agree with the Church. I feel I should clarify this statement. A Catholic may have some problems with the teachings of the Church.

We may even have legitimate questions. There may be teachings where we disagree;that said we must FOLLOW  those teachings(actually submit to them)and inform our conscience correctly.That is,inform our conscience with the teachings of the Church. I also know that once some teachings are understood they make perfectly good sense. If you must, ask questions,read Catholic teaching,get a good spiritual director.Whatever it takes. There are what are called NON NEGOTIABLE issues.  These are behaviors that are INTRINSICALLY EVIL. There is no way on earth the Church can make some leeway for those actions. The Church cannot take an evil act and then permit the people to follow them even if it’s the popular opinion of the day. The country may accept it.The culture may accept it.Our society may accept it. The Church is to shepherd the flock.It is their responsibility. She is not going to change her teachings to suit popular opinion on matters as grave as these.

INTRINSICALLY EVIL  carries a lot of weight and we have to take it seriously. There’s no room for disagreement.We don’t co-operate, appease, participate  or submit to evil acts.We don’t sit idly by either.

The Catechism explains the Catholic duty to vote as follows:

2239 It is the duty of citizens to contribute along with the civil authorities to the good of society in a spirit of truth, justice, solidarity, and freedom. The love and service of one’s country follow from the duty of gratitude and belong to the order of charity. Submission to legitimate authorities and service of the common good require citizens to fulfill their roles in the life of the political community.

2240 Submission to authority and co-responsibility for the common good make it morally obligatory to pay taxes, to exercise the right to vote, and to defend one’s country [Rom 13:7]:

Pay to all of them their dues, taxes to whom taxes are due, revenue to whom revenue is due, respect to whom respect is due, honor to whom honor is due. [Christians] reside in their own nations, but as resident aliens. They participate in all things as citizens and endure all things as foreigners…. They obey the established laws and their way of life surpasses the laws…. So noble is the position to which God has assigned them that they are not allowed to desert it. [Ad Diognetum 5: 5, 10]

The Apostle exhorts us to offer prayers and thanksgiving for kings and all who exercise authority, “that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life, godly and respectful in every way.” [1 Tim 2:2]

A priest or bishop-any leader in the Church-is not going to tell you who to vote for. A priest or bishop-any leader in the Church-is not going to tell you which party to register with.They are going to tell the laity[ if they are worth their salt]the moral teachings of the Church when it comes to the issues of the day.

We should understand what these teachings mean and if we don’t then we should inform ourselves;but we cannot sit back.

I also wondered how on earth any Catholic could vote for Obama. Here is THE most pro abortion President we’ve had that  i can remember. He’s a strong supporter of Planned Parenthood and they were a strong supporter of his.They donated plenty of money to his campaign.

He’s supportive of the LGBT community and stood by when DOMA was struck down. He has done nothing to protect traditional marriage.He’s undermined the military to accommodate his social agenda.

He made sure that the morning after pill can be given out to children over the counter-no parental consent.

So no matter how much good one thinks Obama does for the poor-and that’s arguable-he supports,promotes and signs into law policies for INTRINSICALLY EVIL acts. Add to that the fact he has attacked freedom of conscience and the Catholic Church in particular.

No person who lacks a moral compass like this can actually care much for the people he is supposed to serve.In fact a person who lacks a moral compass is apt to be corrupt.

I know that no priest or bishop-or any Church leader-can tell you who or what party to vote for but common sense and knowing the faith should be enough to tell you that there was no way on earth one could vote Obama or people who support policies like his. Pelosi comes to mind. They are on the same page.

Don’t let someone like Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden fool you.They may claim to be Catholic but unless they following her teachings they are Catholic by baptism and the rest is a ruse.Pelosi made the claim to know Church history.She was dead wrong and that was a false claim.

We don’t look to politicians for teachings of the Church.We look to our Holy Father and the teachings she has already laid out.Again, as always,i HIGHLY recommend the Catechism of the Catholic Church. You can’t go wrong there.Dissenters make the news. The faithful could make a huge difference in our country if only we would realize we are Catholic at ALL TIMES even when we walk into a polling station and vote privately.We don’t drop our faith off at the door and call ourselves Catholic. Jesus didn’t tolerate evil or the powers in authority that  practiced evil. He was put to death and asks us to follow Him. Jesus is NOT a social worker and as Pope Francis said,the Church is NOT an NGO…He is GOD and this is HIS Church. Any questions?



Most important thing in a campaign

We were discussing this question on Facebook.You have to wonder how Obama won and Romney lost. No doubt the Obama campaign was corrupt. We now have a corrupt administration. What a shock.Obama was a terrible candidate but you have a cult of personality here.A celebrity candidate.

A man totally dependent on image,teleprompter,speeches and photo ops.

Substance? Not much.I’m not sure why Romney lost.He shouldn’t have.

Let’s look at the message the media has given the Republican party.

The Republicans are for the rich,hate the poor,look down on the lower classes, don’t have the time of day for Hispanics;another words they’re biased against them and support the rich white class. What’s truly ironic about this is that the Democrats always raise 5x the money the Republicans do and have a lot of friends in high places with tons of money to donate. [The Dems are for the little guy? ]The Republican voter needs to raise more money. The Dems want to win.PERIOD.Their agenda is everything to them. They will do whatever it takes. We don’t need to go down the road of corruption(like Obama) but we have to have that same attitude. What we value is important and we will fight for it.Donate. Do whatever it takes.We look to the candidate too much. The ones that need to do the fighting are out here.US. The candidate cannot do it all while we sit back and hope for the best.

We don’t want a wishy washy conservative  either but Bush DID win 2 terms didn’t he?

He called himself the compassionate conservative.

Let’s not go down that road again but let’s be honest. The message of the Republican party is negative.

We know better that conservatives ARE decent caring people but it’s not the image the Republican party has.Romney was a decent man who was demonized by the Obama campaign,the Democrats and the media.

How hard could it be when the image of the Republican party is so devastating. Then you have conservatives who get up in arms if there’s even a hint of a Republican candidate appearing liberal.  I wouldn’t vote for a liberal Republican candidate either-if that’s what the party has to offer you may as well vote for the other guy. Let’s try to make a distinction between being liberal and having an ear to the people.

Still,a choice between Romney and Obama? Romney hands down. Did anyone think Obama was conservative? What good did it do to let him get elected?

So what we probably have to do here is sell the Republican message.

Reagan did it.

It may be a tougher sell because the demographics have changed since then but some things are worth fighting for.

Keep the message simple and stick with your values. People may not always agree with them but don’t give them up. They will respect someone who fights for what they believe.Articulate it well.

Reagan was pro life but people knew what they were getting. He was honest and simple.

Don’t let the other party demonize your candidate early on.You write the narrative and have the jump on it.

You don’t have to be a wishy washy conservative and lose the conservative vote.Watch how you refer to the poor,minorities and the average voter though. You can be a conservative but the way you speak to these issues matters. I would point out what the Democrats have done to these groups. I would demonize them early on and then offer an alternative.How you frame it is everything.

There is a libertarian bent in the country now especially with the corrupt administration of Obama. Focus on the values the party has in common with them. I wouldn’t rule out taking on government agencies like the EPA,The Dept of Education,IRS etc.  Sometimes the Republican party looks like the Democratic party when it comes to the status quo. Government programs with a Republican name on them are no better  than government programs with a Democratic name on them.

I would make the opponent the status quo.At this point every voter can relate to that. There is a place for government-a candidate can make that clear but there is no place for a huge bureaucracy that is 1 inept 2 answers to no one 3 is politicized. The libertarian can relate to that message.

Don’t promise what you don’t mean. If you’re going to take on these agencies and get rid of them  by gosh you take on these agencies and get rid of them.

Don’t let the other campaign write the narrative. You write it and you have people out there to go on the offensive for you when you’re attacked.

Obama did. I watched. As soon as some truth about him popped up his people were right there on Fox news, They were nasty of course,but they were there to tamp it down.
That’s going to be my final point. The Republicans don’t have to run a nasty campaign like Obama did. Use your head. Watch your message. You say something that the media can run with and they can make it out to be something you didn’t even mean.

Here’s the clincher and it’s us.The voter-when a candidate does goof up don’t bring out the circular firing squad. The Democrats stick by their candidate no matter what.We  don’t have to stick by our candidates no matter what but we do need to stick by them when they make mistakes.

Finally, keep an eye on that electoral college & take into account low information voters as well. Obama won by a very few states. The low information voter doesn’t do a lot of research. They hardly care about much background. Sometimes these people vote strictly party and if Satan were the top of the ticket they would vote him. The low information voter was easily persuadable by Obama.

IF you look at the map-and i have several times-Romney actually won MOST of the country and Obama very little but his campaign did what it needed to do to get the electoral votes.They realized which states they could win with and there were 2 ways to do it. They looked at BOTH.

For a minute there i was sure Romney had it and then Obama wracked up the electoral votes with a few states.Didn’t see that coming. You have to.


“..not theory, not philosophy…”

a must read!


Icon wallToday it has been raining almost all day. It rained most of the night, too.  It was the sort of day where you want to wrap yourself in a cozy blanket, hold a cup of tea, and sit before a warm fire.  But we rarely do that on Sundays.  First of all, my husband is a Deacon and so we are obligated to attend Sunday Divine Liturgy.  But more than that, our Sunday would seem hollow if we did not get ourselves out and off to Church.  So off into the rainy day we went.  I have often posted photos of the interiors of Churches and I tend to favor those with candle-lit scenes.  The one above is one of my favorites; the Icon wall.  In our parish we are blessed with an amazing array of icons and our Iconostasis (the Icon screen that goes across the altar area) is…

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