Rand Paul/Barack Obama,BOTH wrong

the problem with Obama was his apology tour. His blaming America for everything that is wrong with the world. He bowed to the Saudi King and told the Muslims how terrific they were but to our detriment. He decided to back the Muslim Brotherhood. Now wait a minute…this IS a terrorist organization? Can we say appeasement? Mubarak was horrible but he [with the military]kept the country intact and tamped down the brotherhood.

Now we’re calling it a coup.Nope.It’s not a coup. The PEOPLE of Egypt took to the streets and demanded Morsi step down and a better governing body step up to the plate. The military had a choice to go either way. Back the people or crack down.They backed the people and met their demand for Morsi to go. I didn’t see a coup. I also saw this. Obama approving military aid for Morsi. I am aware that it went to the military-get that.However, the aid propped up Morsi as much as the military.Now that the Brotherhood has been given the boot i hear Rand Paul and others say cut off the aid. Wrong time people. Should have done that when Morsi was in power. Do it now? Stupid.

Now let’s look at the flip side of Obama who believes in appeasement. Appeasement:(just a few examples) stabbing our friends in the back-declining the missile defense shield in Poland. His telling Russia he’d be more ‘flexible’ after the election(traitor). Hillary handing Russia the reset button(sheer stupidity btw).

His backing the brotherhood etc. Everything he does spells appeasement.As we know that doesn’t work.Rand Paul is the opposite.If we just ignore them and pretend they-terrorists and jihadists- don’t exist they will leave us alone.

WRONG again.They will still want to kill us whether we appease or ignore them.

So what should the Admin do? Back the people of Egypt-although it may be too late for that.I don’t think they trust him.Don’t feel bad-neither do we.

Aid the military. Call the  Muslim Brotherhood what it is. A terrorist organization. If you can get Obama to use the word. Now it’s too late though so he may as well bury his head in the sand.The Egyptian people feel betrayed and rightly so.


Here’s another NICE mess you’ve gotten US into.