St Therese and Suffering

The image of St Therese must have been posted at just the right time. I’m too dizzy today to spend much time on the computer. At least for now. I managed to get some housework done at least. I saw this image of St Therese today  with the quote of her words and it definitely gives us much to consider.It jarred me around to consider how to accept what may seem unbearable and how to  face it. I am too much a baby when it comes to feeling ill.

She was a cloistered nun who died at the age of 25 from T.B. Long before there was ever a cure.

Her words suggest to me she was suffering a great deal-in much pain-but the grace of God gave her strength to endure until the end.


Suffering unbearable pain because of her Tuberculosis:

“Pray for those who are sick and dying…If you only knew what goes on! How little it takes to lose control of oneself!…What a grace it is to have faith! If I had no faith, I would have inflicted death on myself without hesitating a moment!… I’m surprised that there are not more atheists who commit suicide!”

~St. Thérèse of Lisieux~

There is nothing i can really add to those words. Will try to get back later and spend some time writing the next entry.